Son Dominates is Slutty MotherI got home from school and heard my mom laughing. The way she'd been acting lately this wasn't normal. I had no clue just how un-normal my life was about to get as I headed toward the living room to see what was up.When I turned the corner and saw my mom on the couch I got the strangest feeling--like my whole body suddenly went numb, except for a weird tingling in my balls. She was totally naked, her legs spread wide apart and she was pulling her ***** lips open so much that I could see right into her hole. It took me a second to realize there was someone else there. A naked guy was kneeling down and pointing a camera at my mom's gaping ******. And this guy was definitely not my dad. The flash went off and Mom laughed again just the way I'd heard when I first came in. My mind was doing spins and my body was locked in place. I should have been thinking about getting the hell out of there or at least getting out of sightbut the only thing dominating my brain was that I was actually seeing my own mother full-on naked for the first time in my life"Let's get some shots with my **** in your mouth" the guy said "Mmm, I thought you'd never ask" My mom's voice was all seductive and playful in a way I hadn't ever heard before.The guy stood up. He seemed like about the same age as my parents. This whole situation didn't make any sense at all. Mom put her legs down, slid off the couch and got onto her knees in front of the guy. I couldn't see because the guy's butt was facing toward me but I heard the sucking sounds of my mother giving this stranger a *******. I wanted to be disgusted by it all but I was too distracted by my mom's big boobs swaying slightly as she worked his **** with her mouth. I had no idea she had such huge nipples. There was a new sound all of the sudden. I realized too late that it was coming from my backpack. My stomach did somersaults when I saw my mom peek around the guy and spot me standing there trying to make my phone shut up. The look of instant horror on her face was painful to see"You're supposed to be at soccer practice!" she screamed as she tried to cover her boobs and ***** all at once. By the time I got my stupid phone shut off she was already running out of the room. Even in my panicked state I couldn't help noticing the way her butt jiggled as she ran off.The guy watched her go and his shoulders slumped. He knew his fun was over for the afternoon. He turned to me with a half-smile and shrugged. I probably should've punched him in the nose or something but I just stood there like an idiot.He went over to where his pants were and took something out of his wallet. He came toward me, his pale **** stiff and shining wetly from having just been in my mom's mouth. There was some kind of black leather ring around the base of it that made his balls sick out in a tight bulge. He handed me a business card"I have a web site" He winked in a way that gave me the creeps "Check it out if you like MILFs" The guy backed away and pulled his pants on "I should have today's updates done by around ten o'clock tonight if you're interested" He nodded in the direction that my mom went in case I missed his meaning.It was about then that I finally got some amount of control over myself "**** you, *******" I said and screwed out of there as quick as I could. I was half a mile from my house before I even noticed where I was. The shock of it all made it so I didn't know if I was angry or grossed out or excited. And I knew that excited shouldn't be on the list of possible things. But the problem was that I couldn't stop picturing my mom there all naked with her legs spread wide and how damn happy she looked doing it. Mom was usually an upbeat person and always used to like to do fun stuff with me and my little sister Becca. I don't know when things started changingmaybe more than a year ago. She still takes care of the house and all of us pretty good but she's mostly been kind of 'blah' about it. I never thought, she would cheat on Dad. Especially with a douchebag like that guy!I couldn't make any sense out of it. It was too unreal. It almost seemed like it didn't really happen. Right there in our living room. ***** spread wide open for some pervert taking pictures. Me standing right there. A **** in her mouth. She was liking it. She wanted it. I stopped dead when it hit me.My mom was a total ******* ****.The second that thought came into my head my **** started to get stiff. I had that funny feeling in my balls again and in three seconds flat I was hard enough to cut diamonds. I looked down at the huge bulge in my pants. Could it be? Was I actually hard for my slutty mother? It wasn't possible. How could a person be so sick that they get a ***** over their own mom? Even if she was some kind of cheating sex freak, there was no way I should be popping wood at the thought of my mom's naked **** and ***, no matter how ridiculously sexy they looked.I shoved my hands in my pockets and walked around trying to think of something else until my hard-on went away. An hour later I walked into the house having no idea what to expect. It was weird. It didn't even seem like my own house at all.Nothing was the same but it was like I was the only one who knew it.My dad was home from work and sitting at the kitchen table looking through some catalog. He loved doing that for some stupid reason. We didn't even have a ******* garden but he still studied every page like it mattered"Look at this" he said as I walked in "Heirloom tomatoes? I didn't even know how he expected me to respond. The poor dummy had no idea that his wife had another guy's **** down her throat a few hours ago under his own roof. I should've felt bad for him but I was more pissed at him than anything and I didn't even know why "Where's Mom?" He pushed his glasses up from the end of his nose and looked at me with a goofy grin "She had a headache so she went up to lie down. How was school?" "Learned a lot today" Dad smiled and nodded "Good" He turned back to his catalog "What do you think of these? Miniature cucumbers. I'll say..." left him there with his dumb vegetable **** and headed for my room. Becca was in the living room watching cartoons on TV. I got an igged-out feeling when I realized that she was laying on the sofa in the exact spot that Mom's naked *** was earlier this afternoon. She was only in sixth grade and had no clue what a *****-spreading ***** her own mother really was. I hurried past without saying anything. I closed my bedroom door and flopped onto my bed. I had to get this out of my head. It was going to drive me crazy! I wanted to go down to the basement and just lose it on my drum set but I knew my dad wouldn't let me with Mom supposedly sleeping off a headache. She was really just trying to avoid me. I put on my headphones and cranked the music up as high as I could stand it.This worked for a few hours. The loud beats were enough to keep me from being able to think of anything else. Only thing was that I couldn't spend the rest of my life bombarding my brain with noise. I finally took off the headphones and listened to the ringing in my ears for a few minutes then decided to try to go to sleep. Before I took off my pants I emptied my pockets. There in my hand was the crumpled up card the naked guy had given me. It really had happened for sure and there was the evidence. I chucked the card away, pulled off my pants and shirt and got into bed. Seconds later I was thinking about my mom's luscious nipples. My **** was hard again. I squeezed it through my underwear, wanting it to go away but liking the way it felt. I gave it a few tugs and then forced myself to let go. There was no way I was going to do that. Not to thoughts of my **** ***** of a mother. The image of her bouncing rear end running out of the living room popped into my head. I fondled my ballsmaybe it would be okay to just do that much. I remembered the way her hands were grabbing the back of that guy's thighs and how she was pulling him toward her like she wanted to get his whole **** down her throat. I realized I was stroking **** and let go like it was on fire. This was ******* insane. I thought about the business card. MILF. Mom I'd Like to ****. No way I wanted to **** my own mother. But I could see how other guys would want to do her. Even though it's not a thing I pay any attention to my mom is very pretty. She looks better than most moms I see. She has such big boobs makes her seem chunkier than she actually is. Seeing her naked it was obvious that she has a little bit of a tummy and is carrying a few extra pounds around her butt and hips but to be honest it looked good on her. I don't know anything about how boob sizes work, but I would probably need both hands to completely hold one of them. There was a small wet spot soaking through the front of my underwear near the tip of my ****. I couldn't take it anymore. I got out of bed, dug the crumpled up business card out of my wastebasket and snuck downstairs. I crept to the corner of the darkened living room to where our family computer was and turned it on. There was an account that my sister and I were supposed to use that had all the bad internet stuff blocked and tracked what we did but I logged into my parent?s account. I watched my father sign in once about four months ago and he never changes his password ?Loser? My hands shook as I typed in the address of the web site from the card. I was hoping there was nothing there but at the same time praying there was. The site came up and my balls did that weird tingly thing again. There was my mom, front and center as 'MILF of the Week' The picture was the top part of her. She was smiling right into the camera and pulling down the edge of the black bra she was wearing so I could see most of one of her nipples. According to the information next to the photo her name was Donna which it wasn'tand it said loves the taste of ***. I had no idea if that last part was true or not.It was totally twisted but I had to see more.I clicked on gallery link under her pic and two dozen thumbnail photos appeared. I started at the beginning. Mom posing in a black bra and panties. The background was blurry but I could tell it was our living room. Next mom with one *** out of her bra then both ****.Then Mom squeezing her big boobs together between her arms and licking her lips trying to look sexy.Next Mom sucking on one of her own nipples while pinching the other one. I paused for a second to pull my hard **** out when I saw that. She was such a horny ****.Next her back turned, leaning forward, black panties barely covering her ***.Then the panties pulled down to her thighs and her naked *** in full view. I jacked myself harder. This was too sick to even think about. Mom facing front again standing with legs tight together, hips cocked and holding up her **** with both hands. For the first time I realized she was completely shaved down there. I shamelessly clicked to go to the next photo.She was posing on the sofa. **** she looked hot. I stroked faster. Turned on her side, legs still together. Next one knee up and I could see a hint of her ***** lips. Faster on her hands and knees on the couch, *** in the air, back arched, **** hanging down so her nipples almost touched the sofa cushion under her. Click. Sitting up, knees apart, I can see between her legs. Faster, click. Legs wider, her hand touching her *****. Next spreading her lips with two fingers showing wetness. Fast as ever. Click. Close up, my mom's pink **** poking out from the folds of her mature ****!I felt dizzy and blew my load. *** shot from my **** and splattered all the way up on the computer monitor. More flew out and landed on the keyboard. I couldn't stop jacking it. Drops of sponge got flung everywhere as I stared at my mom's juicy ***** filling the screen and continued to pound my **** until I couldn't take it anymore. I slumped back in the chair. My **** oozed down over the glowing image of my mom's ****. I was warped beyond anything. I'd just whacked off to my own mom. I had to be the lowest form of pervert on the planet. My **** was twitching, *** still leaking from the tip. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I was feeling sick about what I just did. I reached for the mouse and clicked. NextMom with a finger in her hole. Mom with legs wide, spreading herself open. Mom with her legs up in the air. Mom with her legs in the air, pulling her ***** lips apart. A tingle ran up my spine. It was the picture I saw the guy taking when I walked in on them. I was stroking again. Click.Mom was kissing the head of a pale, veiny ****. I was repulsed. And more turned on than ever. My hand was moving up and down at full speed again. Next Mom licking the shaft.The tip between her lips.Next half of it in her mouth. Click. Mom, my own mother with a stranger's **** all the way down her throat. Only the black leather ring was still visible. That filthy ******* *****! My **** exploded again and more *** spit out from deep within my balls and sprayed everywhere. It was going to take me forever to clean up the mess but I didn't even care.I felt queasy. I couldn't wrap my head around my mom doing something so vulgar. And I couldn't believe I just beat off to pictures of her doing it. How could I live with myself knowing that I was that messed up? I made a vow to myself to never think about my mom like that again--ever! I quickly downloaded each of the photos, moved them into a folder named 'homework' and changed all the file extensions that way no one would find them on the computer if they were searching for picture files. I wasn't sure why I needed them since I was never going to look at them again but I didn't want to lose them if that web site went away for some reason. I cleared the browser history, cleared the cache, erased the recent documents list then spent the next twenty minutes making sure I wiped up every spot of *** in the area.When I finally got back into bed I couldn't fall asleep. I had to jerk off one last time to the mental images of my **** mother that were burned into my brain. That was it, I promised myself after I came once again, no more.The next couple of days were awkward. Mom avoided me. That was always her way of dealing with problems. She didn't like to talk about stuff that was even the smallest bit embarrassing. I don't think I've heard her raise her voice more than a few times around the house and for sure she never did it out in public. If me or Becca were acting up in a store or someplace Mom would 'whisper-yell' at us. This was one time that I wasn't bothered at all by not having to face her. The few times we ended up in the same room together I couldn't even look at her. I was upset with her but I also didn't want to be reminded of what I had done with myself at the computer that night. When I did see her, the other problem I noticed was all I could think about was the way she looked with that guy's **** in her mouth and how much she seemed to like it.I managed to hold out for two whole nights before I snuck back downstairs again after everyone was asleep. I redid all the file extensions and set up a program to display her pictures as a slide show while I sat back and jacked off three times to my mom's filthy exhibition. I was permanently ****** up in the head. Something had changed in my brain and there was nothing I could do about it. I was totally and hopelessly horny for my slutty ***** of a mother. That night I hardly slept at all. I kept thinking about her and fantasizing about her body. When I did doze off I would dream about her. She was always screwing around with some anonymous stranger. My dad was in some of them but he never seemed to even notice what was going on. What was his problem? Why couldn't he figure out something weird was going on with Mom? I got more and more pissed off at him the more I thought about it. Maybe if he paid better attention to her this wouldn't have ever happened. When my alarm went off that morning I didn't bother getting up and getting ready for school. I heard Dad leaving with Becca to give her a ride. I usually took the bus but instead I went back to sleep. The next time I woke up I heard the shower running. I thought about the fact that my mom was just down şişli escort bayan the hall, naked, rubbing her hands all over her wet body. I already had morning wood but I started to feel that familiar pulse it would get when I was horny. I started fantasizing about her. I rubbed my **** against the mattress. I rolled over and tried to stop thinking about Mom. I could only imagine what her big **** must look like when they were wet and soapy. I wondered if her nipples got all hard and excited when she washed her boobs.There was suddenly an overwhelming need for me to see her naked again in the flesh. I thought, I could sneak down the hall and peek into the bathroom. I immediately got out of bed and without a second thought crept down to the bathroom door. I listened and could tell that she was still under the water by the sound it was making. My **** was harder than ever.I tested the doorknob. Unlocked. I was about to try to silently open the door a crack when the shower turned off abruptly. Did she know I was out here? I heard the shower curtain get pushed aside and then some muffled noises. She was probably drying herself off. I was so ******* horny and I wanted to see her so bad that I was hardly aware that I was opening the door. I opened it all the way just like that. There my mom was all naked and tangled, her boobs still wet and glistening. She looked up and screamed, covering herself with the towel. I just stood there in the doorway as shocked as she was for a moment "What are you doing?" my mom shrieked "Get out! Why aren't you at school?" I was rooted to the spot, my mind telling me to do too many different things all at once. The voice that was telling me to get the hell out of there before I got into trouble was the loudest but there was another voice that pushed me in a different direction. For some reason that was the one I decided to listen to."Mom, we have to talk about it" "No. There's nothing for us to talk about" Her eyes were wide with a kind of fear I'd never seen before. She looked down at my groin for a quick second then back up at my face. I realized my hard-on would be completely obvious poking up under my pajama bottoms "Get out, Alex please" "I'll only leave if you let me see you naked" I boldly declared. It didn't seem like it was me saying the words even as I spoke them "Again" Her mouth opened but nothing came out at first "What's the matter with you? I can't believe you would say such a thing to me. Get out of here right now!" "Or what?" "Or you'll be on punishment like nothing you've ever imagined, young man" "I don't know about that" My stomach was in knots. How could I be about to do this to my own mother? "Dad might not want to punish me after I tell him what I saw" I turned and pretended like I was leaving "Wait! Alex, hold on a second!"I turned back and waited. She was looking worried and trying to think things through. I noticed that I could see a hint of her butt reflected in the foggy mirror and my **** twitched. I was a little self-conscious that mom might have seen but then I realized I didn't really mind if she did "I already saw you naked once what difference is it if I see you again?" "Why would you want to see your own mother naked, Alex?" "I just do" There was no reason not to be honest "I'm horny and I want to see some **** and ***, that's all" "That's just wrong, Alex and you know it" "So is you sucking off a strange guy that you're not married to in our living room but that didn't seem to stop you" I could tell I scored a big point with that one by the way her whole body went a slack "I bet Dad would say that's wrong...if he ever finds out" "Please don't say anything" she begged "It would devastate your father and ruin our marriage. It would ruin our whole family. Don't you see that?" "All I want is to see you naked. No big deal" "Don't do this, Alex" "Drop the towel, Mom or I'll tell Dad what you did" Her eyes were all sad and watery and I started to feel a little bad for doing this to her then I remembered that she was the one who was a ***** and the one who risked ruining our family just so she could get her rocks off.The towel fell to the floor. There she was standing right in front of me completely nude. Her skin was still moist from the shower. Her big **** looked magnificent--better than in the pictures. Her nipples were two huge circles of blushing flesh with soft points sticking out at the center. I could see a hint of the cleft of her bald slit down between her legs. There wasn't much to see down there because of the way she was standingbut I could fill in the details after everything I'd seen the other day and in the photos "That's enough" She covered her breasts and bent down to grab the towel at her feet "No!" I said forcefully. She froze at the sound of my voice. A strange sense of power flooded through me. I'd never dared to say no to my mother before much less with that kind of authority "I'm not done looking"Slowly, she straightened up. My mom was actually obeying me "Put your arm down so I can see your nipples" She listened to me and uncovered her ****.As unreal as things were right then, they were about to get even more unbelievable. My hand brushed over the front of my PJs. Mom's tummy was so sexy. I gripped myself and it felt good. I was actually staring straight at her bare ***** and she was just letting me. I pulled my **** out"Alex, what do you think you're doing?" I gave myself a couple strokes "What does it look like?" "No! Absolutely not! I will not let you do this, it's over" She grabbed the towel "Okay, fine. Would it be better to call Dad at work and get it over with quick or should I wait until he gets home?" "What makes you think he's going to believe you? I'll just tell him you're making it all up" She was clearly angry probably more because she hadn't thought of that strategy earlier "Who do you think he's more likely to believe?" "Dad is probably more likely to believe the one with the pictures to prove it "The color drained from her face " did..." her voice trailed off in a hoarse whisper "Your friend from the other day gave them to me. Nice guy, huh?" "You said you just wanted to look" she complained weakly "You didn't say anything about...about ************" "What's the point of looking at a naked lady if you can't get off on it?" "I'm not a naked lady, Alex, I'm your mother" She gave me a hard stare that made my insides all jittery but I stood firm. She dropped the towel, revealing her glorious body to me again. I immediately started jacking "You have a ******* sexy body, mom" She turned her head and closed her eyes "Just hurry up and get it over with" ******* off with my mother right there was by far the most exciting thing I'd ever experienced. I was a little disappointed that she wasn't watching me beat off to her but I didn't let that stop me. God, her **** were amazing. How was it possible that Dad wasn't all over those things every chance he got? "Turn around, Mom. Show me your ***" She turned and the thrill of power raced up my spine. Mom's *** was on full display. It was plump and round with just the perfect amount of wideness. She had two cute dimples just above, and two curved half-moons down below. All I wanted to do was lay my head on her naked *** like it was a pillow.I was about ready to ***. I tried to pace myself and make it last but I couldn't control it "Okay, show me your **** again" Mom turned back around. She still wouldn't look at me ?I like how you're shaved down there, Mom" I stroked faster "I like the way your ***** looks. I'm looking right at your *****. I'm looking right at your bald *****, Mom and I'm *******!" I hadn't fully recovered from all the jacking off I'd done during the night but I managed to shoot a couple big spurts that landed with loud splats on the tile floor. More poured out and made tiny puddles right in front of where I was standing "Are you finished?" she asked "Yup" She opened her eyes and looked at me with my hand still wrapped around my ****, the tip all wet with sponge"Are you proud of yourself?" she asked in a cold voice "No. But it felt really good" "Get out"There was more that needed to be said, but this wasn't the time for it. I walked away. The bathroom door slammed behind me. As I headed to my room I couldn't help picturing my mom, still naked, down on her hands and knees angrily wiping my *** up off the floor, her big **** flopping back and forth. I was very aware of how bad what I'd just done was but I was too high on the rush to think about the consequences. It did really feel good and it was something I would never forget but this wasn't finished. When the high wore off, I was probably going to be dealing with a lot of mental ****. I had no idea what Mom was going to do but I knew that I wasn't going to be able to stop myself after this. I didn't care--I just wanted more of whatever I could get my mom to give me. No matter how much of a sick **** it made me.I didn't see my mom for the rest of that day. Late in the night I went down to the computer and burned five copies of the dirty pictures of her onto CDs. I needed to make sure I had backups in case she somehow found the ones on the hard drive. I hid the discs in different places around the house and even put one in my locker at school. The next day I skipped soccer practice and went straight home. I got that happy sensation in my balls when I saw Mom's car in the driveway. I went in through the kitchen door. Mom was putting away groceries and was startled to see me. For a second I thought she was going to take off but she gave me a dirty look and went back to what she was doing"I guess you're pretty upset, huh?" I put my backpack on the table and waited for her to say something. It took almost a minute but she finally cleared her throat and looked at me "I've never been as angry with you as I am for what you did yesterday. I don't know if I'm going to be able to forgive you for that" "Don't you think I'm angry, too? Walking in and seeing my mom showing off her ***** to some guy and sucking his ****" "Stop using that filthy language!" "Oh, so it's okay for you to do it but not for me to say it?" "It wasn't okay for me to do it but I'm the adult and you're the c***d--" "And you're the *****!" I interrupted angrily.That brought her up short. She didn't know what to say "Why, Mom? Just tell me why you did it. Was he paying you?" "No! I wasn't doing it for money. And I don't need to explain myself to you" She turned and shoved cans of tomato paste into the cabinet but not in theplace where she usually keeps them "If you don't want Dad to see the pictures then you do need to explain it to me" With her back to me I watched her make a fist and almost slam it down on the counter but she composed herself and turned to face me "I was bored and a little lonely all day in the house by myself. I started going on the internet and visiting chat rooms" "You were doing cyber-sex?" "No" She answered too defensively "I was just chatting, that's all. I met Doug and we had some nice conversations and we got along well" "Then you invited him over to take pictures of your *****?" "No. wouldn't understand. And besides now that I think of it, how do I know if you really even have those pictures?" "Believe me I do. I've been ******* off to them all week"She crossed her arms over her chest "I want to see them" "Fine" Iwent to the living room and fired up the computer. She followed me but kept her distance. I blocked her view so she couldn't see what I was doing with the file names. I brought up one of the shots of her sucking ****, displayed it full-screen and stepped aside. When she saw it she instantly knew I had the upper hand ?Delete that off there right now" "I don't think so" That surge of power was filling me again "I like seeing you being a *****. It makes me horny" "Stop it. I didn't raise you to talk like that" "And Dad didn't marry you to spread your legs for another guy"I undid my pants and took my **** out"Alex, I'm not doing this again" She turned to go "It's your choice" I tried to make my voice sound like a cool movie villain ?Either do what I want for a few minutes or flush your eighteen years of marriage down the drain"She stopped but didn't turn around"Dad will probably get custody of Becca, don't you think?" "One last time" she said through gritted teeth "Then you delete those pictures and this ends" I thought it over for a second "Sure" She faced me. Her jaw was tight "You'll get rid of them and neither of us will ever talk about this again. Agreed?" "If that's what you want" I said, trying to sound casual about it while my **** was hanging out and getting harder by the second.She took a deep breath and nodded annoyed but thinking she at least had the matter settled. I was putting her through hell but she ******* deserved it "Take off your shirt and bra and let me see your ****" She began unbuttoning her shirt "You don't have to be so crude. And can you please turn that off" she said referring to the photo of her swallowing a **** on the monitor"No, I like seeing you acting like a ****" "Don't call me that" She tossed her shirt onto the chair "Take off your bra, ****" Her eyes flashed with anger but there was nothing she could do. She slipped the straps off her shoulders, reached around to undo the clasp then let her bra fall away. Her heavy **** dropped free and I began rubbing my **** to the spectacular view "I'm kind of embarrassed to go out with you in public because of the way men always stare at your boobs" It felt surreal to be talking like this to my mother but I didn't have to be afraid to say whatever I wanted now "I bet you probably like that, don't you, *****?" She didn't respond. This time she wasn't closing her eyes. She stood there with her hands on her hips, staring at me with a disgusted look on her face. I didn't care and kept on whacking away right in front of her. It actually made it better that she was watching me no matter how pissed off she was "I bet they're big enough that you can lick your own nipples" I forced myself to slow my hand down "Can you lick your nipples, Mom?" "No, I can't" "Yes you can" I said mockingly "I've seen the pictures, remember? Do it. Lick one of your nipples, ****" She hesitated. I looked meaningfully over my shoulder at the photo on the monitor.With two hands she gathered up her left breast and lifted it toward her face. She bent her head forward, reached out with her tongue and easily gave the nub of her nipple a lick "Don't stop" I instructed her "Keep going until I say" Helpless to resist she went on licking her own nip. I didn't know what was better, seeing her doing that or the feeling of complete control "Do the other one" She let her left *** drop, and took up the other. Mom started licking that one then she gave it a little suck. It was ******* hot. I was getting close to ******* so I let go of my **** and just watched her for a few seconds. Seeing my mother standing in our family living room in a pair of jeans and topless. I took a few steps toward her and went back to slowly stroking myself. My stomach clenched as I got up the nerve to push things further "Come over here, ****" I ordered "Why" "Just come closer, *****" Mom did as she was told.Once she was near I could see faint blue lines showing through the skin of her breasts"I think I want to *** on your ****, Mom" "Alex, no" She looked at me with a pleading desperation "Don't do this to me" I should have felt bad for her, but seeing my mom like this made me hornier than ever. How degrading it must be to know that I was going to *** all over her and she couldn't stop me "Kneel down, ****" I said sternly. She made a disappointed face then reluctantly did as she was told "Hold your **** up...that's good...squeeze them together for me...perfect, *****" My mom was like my own sex puppet "This is really sick" she said turning her head away from my swollen **** as I jacked it practically right in front of her face "There's something seriously wrong with you. You know that, don't you?" "From what I saw you like being on your knees with a **** in your face. Am I wrong about that?" I smiled. I stood over her and looked down at those huge **** of hers as she offered them up to me. I totally owned her. şişli escort I couldn't believe I was actually getting away with this. A week ago I never would have imagined that I'd be whacking off on my own mother's naked boobs. Sure she was still my mother but Irealized now that she was also a *****. She wasn't just someone who existed to take care of the family and tell us what to do and whatever but she had other kinds of feelings too. She thought about sex and did dirty stuff. Who knew what other perverted things she might be into "Can you hurry up and get this over with" Mom grumbled meekly.I stopped stroking and let go of my shaft "If you're in such a rush, why don't you finish the job?" "What?" "Go on, grab my **** and jerk me off all over your **** like a *****" "No, I'm not touching your penis. Just hurry up and do what you have to do" "The longer you wait, the longer it will take" I said it in the same kind of tone she used on me. I leaned forward until the head of my **** was almost touching her cheek "I don't mind staying like this until Dad gets home" "You're such a ****" My mom never swore like that around me before. I was getting to know her better and better. She pushed me back a bit then grabbed a hold of my hard-on. My insides were shaking with barely contained excitement. She was really going to do it. My mom was about to give me a *******. Mom began pulling on my ****. Her motion was awkward at first but then she found a comfortable groove. I could see her boobs swaying around under my **** as she jerked me off "****, that feels so good" "You really know how to handle a ****, don't you, ****?" She started ******* me faster. I pretended it was because she was getting into it but I'm sure she was just trying to get me off as quickly as she could and end the ordeal. It was the first time anyone other than me had touched my **** and it felt ******* amazing "Oh, yeah...I'm gonna ***...ahhh..." My butt clenched and my balls got tight. My mom aimed my **** at her **** and pumped me as I squirted all over them. It was beautiful how my **** looked spattered on her bare skin. There was a big blob of my ***** oozing down over one of her wide nipples. She wiped her hand on my shirt and stood up ?You look beautiful with my *** all over your ****"Her hand flew and smacked me across the face. A flash of rage exploded in my gut but I held myself in check. Mom had slapped me once or twice over the years but never that hard and never with her boobs hanging out "Delete those pictures. Now" "Don't worry I will" "I want to see you do it" I sat down at the computer, not bothering to put my **** away. I deleted the image on the screen. I brought up the one of her kissing the guy's cockhead. I looked back at my mom standing over my shoulder watching to make sure I was really deleting the files. She was still topless and wearing my ***, her hands cupped over her saucer-sized nipples.One by one I displayed each filthy picture and sent it to the recycle folder. I could have easily just selected all the files and hit delete but I enjoyed making her look at each of them in front of me. I wasn't in any hurry. I opened the one where she was holding her lips apart "I would have never guessed you shaved your *****. Very *****, Mom" "Just get rid of it" I turned to her, leaving the image filling the screen. Damn, I couldn't get over how good her naked boobs looked. I ran my fingers along my erection. She looked at the image of her gaping ***** on the computer screen with anguished regret "Please take that off" I took a second to consider the picture "This is my second favorite one" I deleted it and displayed the close-up with her **** peeking out "This is the best of the set" "How could I have been so stupid?" she asked herself. Looking at that picture with her standing right there finally got the better of me. I started ******* off again "Alex, no more, please..."I was too far into it to stop "Watch me jerk off, Mom" "Why are you acting like this? You're my son" She fought back tears "You're not like this" I fondled my balls and kept right on beating off "I guess seeing your ***** change me" I looked back and forth from the picture to my mom's cummy **** "I never thought about your ***** before, now it's all I ever think about. I like how you have big lips down there and the way you have such a nice ****" "Why are you torturing me like this?" She tried to hide more of her boobs with her arms but she could only cover up so much "I'm sorry, Alex. It was a stupid thing for me to do. I know it was wrong and it obviously hurt you very much to see me behaving that way but this isn't the right way to deal with it" "It's crazy how good it feels to jerk off in front of you" "Alex, I know you're upset and this is your way of acting out and punishing me for what I did but you're only making things worse. I love you Alex and I'm trying hard not to hate you for what you're doing. We need to be able to forgive each other and somehow move on"That pleading look was back in her eyes. She almost had me. Her speech probably would have worked if I wasn't about ready to blow my load "Watch me ***. I'm ******* to your *****, Mom. Oh, ****, yes *****!? I thrust my **** up and spurts of **** shot up into the air and landed on my shirt. Mom just had to stand there and watch. I squeezed my **** and milked one more big glob of *** out. She never took her eyes off my ****. I think she was trying to make me feel ashamed of what I was doing but it wasn't working "You're a rude, disgusting little boy" she said flatly "If you're done playing with your tiny dink, finish deleting those pictures like we agreed"Her tiny dink comment stung for a moment, but she only said it to hurt my feelings. I'd measured my penis and it was already about an inch more than average with a good chance it would grow some more by the time I turned eighteen.I went ahead and removed the rest of the pictures "All gone" "Now delete them from the recycle bin" she demanded.I was surprised she knew that tidbit of computer trivia. I opened the recycle folder and did as she asked "Good. Now I'm going to do my best to put this incident behind us. I did what you wanted and you had your nasty fun so you can't ever say anything to anyone about it. Understood? This is over" "Understood" She gave me a suspicious lookbut there wasn't anything more she could do. She went and gathered up her bra and shirt "If you ever want to watch me jerk off again, just let me know" Mom shot me a dirty look and I gave my never ending hard-on a couple of tugs. She shook her head, thoroughly irritated and took off upstairs as quick as she could.I was surprised by how much of an ******* I could be. Mom was right, I wasn't acting like how she raised me. I'd been a pretty good k** up until I saw her spreading her ***** that day. The sound of the shower going on upstairs made me smile. Mom was up there all naked trying to wash my sticky ***** off her ****. My **** jumped at the thought of her getting all soapy and rubbing those huge melons of hers. I leaned back in the chair and jerked off one more time.That night at dinner Mom acted like everything was normal again. I don't think Dad or Becca noticed anything strange but it was easy for me to tell how hard she was trying. When Dad got up to put his dishes in the sink he leaned over and gave Mom a kiss on the cheek. I noticed how she stiffened up and for a split second made a face like she was grossed out. I wasn't sure if it was because of him or because she was still disgusted with herself for cheating on him. No matter which one it was, I figured it would work to my advantage.I had sort of made an agreement with Mom but I had no real intention of keeping it. Now that I had a taste of what was possible, there was no way I was going to stop at a spiteful *******. Later, I went into the living room where Mom and Dad were watching TV and gave my mother a big goodnight hug. I had hugged her a thousand times, but this was different. I was very aware of the way her huge boobs felt pressed against my chest. What was better was that she knew I was enjoying this hug in a new way, right in front of my clueless father and there wasn't anything she could say about it. I kissed her on the cheek and headed up to my room with a stiff one in my pants.Lying in bed, I played with my **** and thought about other ways to take advantage of my mom. It was obviously wrong what I was doing but she brought it on herself. Maybe I'd regret it someday but I didn't care. Besides, she said the reason she was screwing around with that loser was because she was bored. She definitely wasn't bored anymore!The next day I played it cool, pretending like I was back to being my good self. After that I began to mess with her some. I openly stared at her chest whenever Dad or Becca weren't paying attention. After dinner, Becca was on the computer in the living room and Mom was sitting on the couch reading "Goodnight, Mom" I said sweetly, and bent over to give her a kiss on the cheek. As I did this I grabbed one of her boobs and gave it a nice big squeeze.She instantly grabbed my wrist and yanked my hand away. She was furious but she couldn't say anything with Becca right there. Instead she dug her nails into the inside of my wrist"Goodnight, Alex"Once in my room I got naked and started jacking off. The spots where mom's nails poked me were still hurting but it only made me more horny. I didn't know if I really could love her anymore like I did before. I was angry with her and she was a total **** ***** but she was still my mother. She probably didn't love me at all after what I'd done to her. For sure she wouldn't after all the things I was planning on doing with her as long as I could keep her under my control.I woke up to someone shaking me. My bedside lamp was on, and my mother was there wrapped up tight in her bathrobe. She had her angry face on and was trying to be as not-sexy as she possibly could"We need to talk" she said in her pissed off your-in-big-trouble whisper voice.I was still fuzzy from just waking up "What?""Listen, Alex, I was very mixed-up about things after you walked in and surprised me that day" It sounded like she'd planned out and practiced what she was saying "I wasn't thinking straight when I let you manipulate me into doing those despicable things you made me do. I shouldn't have let you get away with that but I can't do anything about it now. But don't think for a second I'm going to let you get away with the little tricks you've been pulling. No matter what you saw or what I did, I'm still your parent and I deserve some respect"I had the good sense to look guilty "I'm sorry, Mom" I said as sincerely as I could "I guess I was mad and I've been taking it out on you in the worst ways I could think of. I don't blame you for hating me""I don't hate you" She took a deep exasperated breath and sat down on the edge of my bed "I am very disturbed by what you've been doing but I can't hate you" "What I did was wrong" I admitted, feeling my **** growing hard beneath the sheets "But I don't get why you were cheating on Dad" "I don't know." She shook her head and stared at the poster of the solar system hanging on my wall "I don't understand it completely myself" "Is it because he's bad at sex?" My mom gave me a suspicious glance. "That's not something I'm going to discuss with you""Are you going to get divorced?""That's the last thing I want. I don't want to put Becca through something like that" "And since you cheated on him, he wouldn't have to pay you alimony or anything" "How do you know anything about that?" I shrugged "I saw it on a TV show" I fiddled with the hem of my blanket "Me and Becca would probably have to go live with Dad, right?" "I don't know" she said. She looked worried "May be. But not if no one knew about what I'd done"There was an awkward silence" If we go to divorce court, I would have to tell the judge the truth about what I saw" I let that sink in for a second "And what you and me did after" "Alex, you promised you would never tell" Her voice was strained "We made an agreement, remember? I held up my end and now you have to keep your part of the bargain" "I know" I said it in a way like I meant it. Mom looked relived "But can I ask you something?" "About what?" "I understand about sex and some other things but I don't get why you put that guy's penis in your mouth. What was that all about?" I couldn't tell if she was annoyed or just embarrassed. Of course I knew what a ******* was but I couldn't resist trying to get her to explain it "This isn't something we should be talking about" She was about to stand up "But you always said if I had any questions about sex that I should come to you and ask "That did the trick. She settled back down and tried to figure out what to say" It's just something adults do when they're having sex" "Does it feel good?" "Yes. For the man" "Does it feel good to you when you suck on a man's penis?" I was rubbing myself under the covers "I don't know" she said, getting all flustered "Sometimes. You know what, I want you to feel comfortable talking with me about sex but I think it would be better if we discussed this another time. I understand that you probably have a lot of questions but we should maybe give it a month or so before we try to deal with those" "But--" "You should get back to sleep" Once again she was about to get up and leave "Mom, wait. I have something I want to show you" I quickly slipped out of bed. She gasped when she saw that I was totally naked with a major hard-on. I went over to my shelf and pulled a CD from between two books. I crossed back to stand in front of my mother and held it out to her "What's this?" she asked as she took it warily "Copies of the pictures from the computer" I explained "You can hold on to that one. I've got others" She was confused at first then realization slowly came to her "Alex, I told you there isn't going to be any more of that. Absolutely no more" "But I really like being naked with you, Mom" "You're too young to understand but this is going to screw your head up in ways that I can't even imagine. Blackmailing your own mother is bad enough but treating me like some kind of sex slave is beyond the most horrible thing a son can do" "I know it's supposed to be bad" I began stroking my **** in front of her "But it feels really good" She looked at the CD then up at me, silently begging for mercy. I wasn't ready to give her any "Is Dad's **** bigger than mine?" Mom's eyes haltingly moved down to my erection. She let out a kind of hopeless chuckle, which was the last thing I expected "Actually, you probably have an inch or two on him" "Seriously?" "You may be a perverted little *****, but the fact is you do have a very nice ****" I couldn't believe she said it like that "I think you have really nice boobs" I wanted to *** so bad, but I was trying to last as long as I could "I believe you've mentioned that before" She watched me ******* off for a few seconds then held up the CD "I suppose I have to let you whack off in front of me or a copy of this goes to your father?"I nodded "I don't want you to have to get a divorce and be by yourself with no money or family. It's really not so bad what we're doing when you think about it" "Oh, Alex, it's bad. It's very, very bad" "It's just being naked and stuff. Not like it isn't anything you haven't seen or done before, right?" "I'm your mother. You're my son. This is wrong in every possible way" She tossed the CD aside onto the bed "But I somehow doubt I'm going to get that through to you while you're doing all your thinking with that thing" She nodded dismissively toward my hard-on. I smiled and played with my balls a little "Do you want to suck it like the ***** you did?" "No!" she answered immediately "Say you want to suck it" "I don't" "Fine" I stopped stroking and reached for the CD "Alright" she grumbled "You know, Alex, you might think you're having your fun now but I'm telling you this is all going to end badly if you keep it up and you're not going to be happy at all in the long run" "Say it, *****!" She sighed and shook her head with resignation "I want to suck your ****" Mom stated in a flat voice "Do it good, ****" "I want to suck your ****" This mecidiyeköy escort time it was only in her normal voice but it was still pretty hot "****" I went back to jacking off. I was standing in front of her as she sat on my bed looking straight at my junk"I want to suck your ****" That was much better "Add more sexy stuff" "Oh, Alex, I want to suck your big, hard, manly ****" She said it in kind of a mocking, over-the-top way but it worked for me! "Keep going, *****" "I want your huge love muscle in my mouth" She was trying to taunt me but it was awesome to hear my own mom saying dirty stuff like that to me while I whacked off "I want you to suck me, Mom" "And I want to feel your **** sliding down my throat. I want to lick your hard **** and taste it "Clear sex fluid leaked from my pee hole. I stepped closer to her. I was hoping I could maybe get away with shooting my load on her face" That would feel so good" I moaned "Go ahead, Mom" I held my **** so the tip of it was inches from her lips "Suck my ****" For a second I thought she was going to do it "No" she said but didn't turn her face away like I expected "Suck it, Mom" I touched the head of my **** to her lips. She pulled back with a flinch. "Okay, then, I'll give you a choice. You can either give me a blowjobor you can get naked and spread your ***** open for me like you did for that bastard, Up to you!"What she should have done was push me away and storm out of my bedroom. Instead, Mom leaned forward and took the head of my **** in her mouth. She tugged my hand away and before I knew it she was swallowing the entire length of my ****!My knees got all wobbly. She moved her mouth up and down my shaft. The third time I felt the end of my **** hit the back of her throat I ***. Mom just kept on sucking and before I knew it I had released my entire load into her mouth. I never *** so fast in my life. The air seemed cold on my **** after having been in her warm mouth. She reached down and grabbed one of my dirty socks, then spit my wad into it. Seeing all that ***** streaming from between my mom's lips just about blew my mind like nothing else. I wanted to *** again right away after seeing that. Mom dropped the soiled sock onto the floor and just sat there. Then she buried her face in her hands. I reached down and rubbed her boob lightly "This can't be happening" she muttered to herself. She took her hands away from her face and looked up at me with sad eyes "Can I go?" "One more minute" I told her "I want you to watch me again" I stroked my **** with one hand and continued feeling her boobs with the other. She just sat there, stared blankly at my **** and let me rub her ****.I was perfectly aware of how pathetic this scene would have looked to someone else but **** it. Neither one of us said anything. After about a minute of beating my **** like this, I squirted one last thin load. It shot out and landed on the sleeve of my mother's robe "I want to go to sleep now" she said in a quiet voice"Yeah, I guess I'm done with you for tonight" Mom stood and headed for the door "Tomorrow morning" I said before she could leave "Come to my room right after your shower with only a towel on, got it, ****?" She paused like she was going to say something but then left without a word. I got into bed feeling all jacked up with a sense of insane power. I had no idea how far I'd be able to take this thing. There was so much more I wanted to dobut I needed to be smart about it. I couldn't wait to see if my mom would really do anything I told her to do. I was still in bed the next morning when I heard the shower go on at about 9:30. My heart started beating faster. My **** was already hard from when I woke up. I was tempted to get up and go into the bathroom and watch my mom taking her shower but I stayed where I was. I wanted to see if I really could make her come to me. The shower stopped and I listened carefully. I couldn't hear much. After about ten minutes I heard the bathroom door open. I silently counted down from ten.That's about how long it would take her to get to my room. Nothing. I was disappointed for about two seconds then I started getting angry. I was about to go find her and make her pay for defying me, but then my door opened.Mom stepped in with a big white towel wrapped around her and nothing else. A rush of adrenaline flooded through me and made my hands feel all funny. It worked! Holy ******* ****! "Dad gone?" I asked "Off at church" she said sounding a annoyed "Becca?" "Downstairs watching cartoons" I pulled the covers aside, got out of bed and walked over to her. I walked around her while she just stood there waiting "Can you make this fast? I've got a lot to do today and I don't want to waste all morning watching you **********" I came around in front of her. I wanted to rip the towel off but I controlled myself.I stepped back and looked her up and down. She was so sexy just standing there, the towel was barely able to wrap around her boobs. Most of her thighs were showing "Hurry up" she insisted "Becca could come looking for me any minute"I scratched my fingers through my pubes "I wonder what Becca would think if she somehow ended up seeing that picture of you with your finger in your ****" "Alex! Don't even think about it!" "All I'm saying is that I'm not crazy about your attitude" She looked like she wanted to scream at me but she held back "I know it all seems like fun and games to you now but how long do you think you can get away with this?" "I guess for as long as you want me to be the only one who knows what a complete **** ***** you are!" I ran my fingers along the length of my hard shaft "I mean, who knows? What if Becca wants to grow up to be just like her mommy and cheat on her husband, and suck strange guys dicks all the time?" "One time, Alex! It wasn't like--" she got all choked up and couldn't finish. She let out a long sigh "You wouldn't understand"I couldn't hold off any longer "Open your towel, Mom. I want to see you naked" She didn't even hesitate. She undid the corner of the towel where it was tucked in against the side of her breast and opened it up displaying her voluptuous, mature body to me. It was such an amazing sight. Not just that I had a naked lady standing right in front of me but also that it was my own mom "It's crazy how ******* choice your **** are, Mom" I began stroking my **** "I can't believe I never really noticed them like this before" She didn't respond and just stood there holding the towel open. My eyes moved down to her soft belly then lower "You're not shaving your *****?" "I'd rather not discuss my personal grooming habits with you, if you don't mind" "Does Dad like you to have a bald *****?" "Ha" she scoffed at the suggestion "Your father hasn't even noticed I shaved it" I put two and two together "Did the camera guy bastard make you do it?" "He didn't make me do anything" she said. She paused, looking a little upset that she was even talking about this stuff with me "He suggested and I chose to do it" "How come Dad didn't notice? Can't he tell you've got no hair down there when you guys have sex?" "He might have figured it out if he'd bothered to **** me anytime in the past month and a half" This revealing outburst caught me off guard. Mom seemed surprised about it herself "Why doesn't Dad want to have sex with you?" "Can we stop talking and get on with this? I'm getting cold" The tips of her nipples were poking up so she probably wasn't lying "If I was Dad, I would **** you every chance I could. I want to touch your naked ****" "Go ahead. It's not like I have any say in the matter, is it?" She gave me an aggravated look. I stepped closer and reached out with both hands. I was feeling her bare skin for the first time "This is so humiliating" she complained "It could be worse, *****" I said with a hint of threat in my tone. I rubbed them then touched her nipples with my fingertips. I traced the edges of her wide areolas, marveling at how delicate they seemed. I brushed my thumbs over the stiff nubs at the center. It made my balls tingle when I noticed them getting even stiffer under my touch ?Do you like the way that feels?" I asked.It took her a second to answer "No. I don't like any of this, Alex" "I like it" I went back to playing with her "I'm not doing this because I want to. You understand that, right?" She was trying to lecture me as if she still had a shred of authority "I'm being forced to do this. You're blackmailing me and this is completely against my will" "Can I kiss one of your nipples?" "No" she responded right away "Don't you dare even think about putting your mouth on me"I leaned forward and kissed one of her nipples "I hate what you're doing to me, Alex. I hate that you're taking advantage of me like this. I've spent your whole life doing everything for you and this is how you treat me?"I moved to her other *** and kissed that nipple as well. I gave it a lick then sucked on it"All I'm doing is treating you like the **** that you are" "Don't call me that. That's not what I am"I went back to her other nipple and gave that one a suck "Look how much your nips are sticking out, *****" "Don't imagine for a second it's because this is exciting me in any way" "Yeah, right" I chuckled and went back to suckling her boobs "I'll bet if I check your ***** it's probably wet right now"Before I could make good on that proposal, I felt my mom's hand wrap around my ****. She began stroking me softly "Let's get this done with" she said "I can't stand around here all day while you play with yourself"I let her work my shaft for me while I continued to fondle and suck those breasts of hers. The funny thing was that being distracted by fooling with her **** meant that I wasn't so quick to blow my load. Mom went on tugging my **** for a couple of minutes before she realized I wasn't going give it up so easy"Maybe this will move things along" she finally said.She knelt down in front of me, put my stiff **** between her ****, squeezed them together and started sliding them up and down on me. Not only did it feel amazing but it looked incredibly hot. Seeing the head of my **** disappear between those two fleshy globes then reappear and almost poke my mom up under the chin was more thrilling that I could have dreamed ?Come on, Alex" she said in a surprisingly pleasant voice "*** on Mommy's ****. **** Mommy's big **** and shoot that load all over them. I know you want to. *** for Mommy""Oh, ****, yes!" I squeaked out as I began pumping out spurts of **** that landed on her boobs and up on her throat.Mom stood up before the last shudder of pleasure had finished running through me ?We done here?" The pleasant tone was gone, and was back to stony coldness "For now" She snatched up the towel, quickly covered herself and turned to go "Thanks for letting me *** on you, ****" "I didn't let--" The words were spoken through clenched teeth and she stopped herself from finishing her sentence. Even before she had closed the door behind her as she left. I was already looking forward to what I was going to do to her next.I used my blanket to wipe the *** off the head of my **** and got dressed. The whole while I was thinking how awesome it felt to ***** **** my mom. Plus, playing with her big juggs and sucking her nips was super-hot. Now that some time had passed I wasn't quite as angry with her as right after I caught her slutting it up with that guy. I was actually beginning to think that it was one of the luckiest days of my life.Mom did everything she could to avoid me for the rest of the day until dinner. Ipretty much left her alone, but I couldn't help messing with her once we all sat down to eat"Hey, Dad? I have a question about girls""Oh?" He looked over at my mom, who tensed up all of the sudden "Yeah, a guy I know is going steady with this one girl but the other day I saw her with some other guy holding hands and stuff" I glanced over at Mom and saw her pretending like she wasn't on the verge of crapping her pants "I don't know if I should tell the first guy that his girlfriend is messing around with another boy or not""Gee, Alex, that's a tricky one" My dad chewed on a bite of roast beef and thought about it "On the one hand, it's not exactly as if they're married, now is it? But, even so, there's a lot to be said for loyalty" "Do you mean me being loyal to the guy I know or the girl being loyal to him?" "Well...both, I suppose" "So if you were this guy whose girlfriend is cheating on him would you want me to tell you what I saw?"There was a loud clatter. We all looked toward Mom. She had dropped her fork and it banged against her plate "Whoops" she offered timidly "Maybe we shouldn't be discussing this at the table" "It's an interesting dilemma" my dad went on, spearing a green bean with his fork "Ignorance can be bliss but in this case I think I would want to know"He popped the green bean into his mouth and munched on it "Trust is the main thing in a relationship, Alex, always remember that. Once you lose the trust, well, you pretty much lose everything and it's all over after that" "She's a bad girl" Becca piped up "She sure is" I said unable to keep the smirk off my face as I glanced once more at Mom. She wasn't willing to look me in the eye but I could see by the way the space between her eyebrows was all scrunched up that she wasn't happy at all "Your friend won't like hearing it" Dad warned "But he'll be better off in thelong run and he'll probably thank you for it one day down the road""Thanks, Dad" I said with a smile "That makes a lot of sense" "There's pudding" Mom announced before I could say any more "Who wants some?" She was tense for the rest of the night but Dad and Becca were oblivious to it all. I loved watching her squirm, no matter how many dirty looks she gave me.The next day when I walked out of school I was surprised to see Mom's car parked out front. She was waiting there to give me a ride home. I plopped into the passenger seat then leaned over to give her an innocent kiss on the cheek. She backed away and didn't let me "Put your seat belt on" I did as I was told with a ****-eating grin on the whole time "I never even thought of other stuff I could make you to do for me. A ride back and forth to school every day is a good idea"She didn't dignify my snarky comment with a response and kept her attention on the road. After a couple minutes she pulled over in front of the pizza place and parked. Mom reached into her purse and pulled out a thick envelope. She looked around and held it out to me "I can't take any more of this, Alex. I hate myself for letting you get away with your perversions with me and it has to stop" "So what's this?" I took the envelope and looked inside. It was full of cash "It's fifteen-hundred dollars" her voice cracked as she spoke "You take this money, give me all the CDs you have with the pictures, stop forcing me to do sexual things with you and we forget everything and never speak of it again"I actually had to think about this. Fifteen-hundred bucks! This was serious cheddar. Mom must really be getting desperate"You think you can just buy your way out of this?" "Please take the money, Alex. I want it to end" "How do you even know you can trust me?" "I don't have a choice" She stared out the front windshield "All I can do is hope that there's some small bit of decency left in you and you'll stop using me the way you have been" I watched a group of seniors from my school head into the pizza place. I realized now why Mom picked this spot. She knew I wouldn't be able to make her do anything out in public especially with k**s that might know me around "It is a lot of money" I said "But I really like seeing you naked whenever I want" She tensed up at that "******* off with you watching is ten times better than doing it alone with only pictures. The real thing is way better" "What else can I give you?" She was doing everything she could not to cry "What do you want for everything to go back to normal?"I reached over and squeezed her thigh "After what you did, I don't think we can go back" "If your goal is to punish me" she moved my hand away before I could slide it any farther up her leg "You've succeeded. I've more than learned my lesson" She took a deep breath and I watched her chest rise and fall. I wanted to grab her ******* so bad right there in the car, I almost didn't care who might see. Instead, I opened the envelope and took out two twenties then tucked it back into her purse "I'm the one who gets to decide when your punishment is