Don´t Go Into The WoodsDont Go Into The Woods!The tears in my eye were overshadowed by the sound of a vehicle, the first in a month. I was hoping it was someone coming to rescue me. But I knew it was just the opposite. I was afraid, nervous, apprehensive, and submissive about what would be next.?Here come the men. Go open the door. ? he said.I walked obediently towards the door and although the plug wasn?t that big I could feel it every step. Between the walking lessons of short steps foot in front of foot and the plug I could feel myself swaying to the door. I heard car doors open and some muffled male voices. Apprehensively I turned the old rusty knob and the door creaked open.PrologueI am standing here wearing a red plaid schoolgirl uniform skirt. It is soshort that although I looked in the mirror before and couldn?t see my whitesatin panties I felt anyone looking at me could. My blouse is a whitecollared blouse typical of what you?d expect to see on a schoolgirl. But,the top buttons are opened lower enough to see a bit of my lacy blackbra. The sleeves are three quarter length. White schoolgirl stockings witha lacy top (they must have come from an adult mail order house) rise up mysmooth hairless legs like a snake crawling towards its prey.Dramatizing my look is a properly powdered face, a thin black line on myeyelids and silver hoop earrings. This forms the backdrop for my ?pretty inpink? lipstick and a fragrance one could only call ?Girlie.?I have no one but myself to thank for these items.My nails are manicured as well as my toenails and of course they are Ôhotpink?. I didn?t pick these colors out but they were in my makeup kit.My hair is a light auburn and over the past three months it has grownenough for many types of hairdos. Right now it?s in a ponytail with, youguessed it, a big pink bow attached to a scrunchie.I?m wearing 5¨ Stiletto heels that took me over a month to learn how towalk in. With them on I am about 5?8¨ tall. My mind drifted as I looked atthe foam pad with neck brace while Dick is fastening a red leather openmouth ring gag. He was explaining how I had learned how to stretch my bodyso my ass would be in the air while lying on the foam pad. And howÔcomforting? the neckpiece would be. He laughed at the word Ôcomforting?.He had also rigged a couple of hoops through two eye hooks in the wall andsaid with my ankles wrapped in them it would help me stay in position andbesides keeping my legs spread a bit they would also make holding my kneesover my head an easier task. Of course this meant my ass would be facing uptowards the ceiling.?If one of the men tell to get into your position it will mean here and youmust stay there until you are excused, Dick said in the same quiet voice hehad used for weeks.?Do you understand,? he said closer to my face. I was nearly crying. Thesepast weeks had been an ordeal.?Yes Sir,? I answered demurely as I had been taught.Dick was definitely on edge with the other men arriving. Nearly all mytraining over these weeks had been as if I wanted to be the girl standinghere. Dick had drawn so much out of me and a spanking was a learningexperience not a punishment.Amazingly, regardless of my repulsion inside, I now obeyed every command.The tears in my eye were overshadowed by the sound of a vehicle, the firstin a month. I was hoping it was someone coming to rescue me. But I knew itwas just the opposite. I was afraid, nervous, apprehensive, and submissiveabout what would be next.?Here come the men. Go open the door. ? he said.I walked obediently towards the door and although the plug wasn?t that bigI could feel it every step. Between the walking lessons of short steps footin front of foot and the plug I could feel myself swaying to the door. Iheard car doors open and some muffled male voices. Apprehensively I turnedthe old rusty knob and the door creaked open.Emerging from the big black Yukon SUV with muddy tires were seven men noneof whom were smaller or younger then Dick. I shuddered with fear as Ilooked at them with my practiced smile and learned demur stance.Even though I had become compliant on the outside and tamed on the inside Ihad not reached any point of being ok with what was happening to me.These men were old rugged beer drinking hunters. All had big guts floppingover their belts. Some had beards and as I was soon to find out groomingwas not in their vocabulary. I also learned not much later they nearly allchewed tobacco and had yellow teeth. Some were a bit toothless. But theyare appeared ruthless.A couple of them headed to the trunk but one of them looked directly at meand said to the others, ?What a nice looking cunt we have here.?But, perhaps I should take you back to the beginning of my demise aboutthree months ago.Chapter One ? The Unfriendly Woods?Hello sweetie,? the gruff male voice sounded from behind me. I was stillsquatting and had just finished peeing when this deep baritone hilly-billyvoice shocked me starting my adrenaline flowing faster then an open firehydrant.?Just get up and turn around,? he commanded.I began to pull my panties up but he told me he was pointing a gun at meand for me to ?turn around so I can see your pussy.?Nervous tremors rippled through my body as I turned into my fear and sawhis gun.?I don?t have a pussy but please let me explain,? I weakly answered hopingthis would all end.I?ve always enjoyed my annual camping trips deep in the West Virginiawoods. Over the past 3 years I had only had one visitor pass by my campsite while I spent my six night alone and dressed as a woman. And thatparticular time it was just a friendly wave from across the wide river. Iwas a bit shocked then but I took it in stride and continued my annualevent driving deep into the woods and then hiking about fifteen miles to asmall-secluded campsite on private land that I rented each year.This area in the woods that I rented encompassed a couple of hundred acresand backed up to thirty thousand acres of state forestland and many morethousands of acres of Federal land.Three years ago I saw an on-line ad about a secluded campsite. The thoughtof doing this and then follow through of renting the campsite opened up theability for me to explore my feminine side. A side I had hidden for all 23years of my life. I had always felt more like a girl then a boy but I hadnever done anything more then wear a pair of panties until these tripsbegan.The ad read ?Complete hideaway campsites for $150 for a week withassurances of privacy? and all I need to do was make a simple PayPalclick. Of course I had checked with the owner about such privacy and that Iwanted to be sure whoever rented before or after me wouldn?t be there whenI arrived. He assured me no one rented at the time of the year I wasrenting and my privacy would be a certainty.I started writing erotic romance novels when I was 18 and by the time I was20 I was living on my own. I had no family since my parents were killed ina terrible auto accident just after I had turned 18. I left the small townI had been raised in and moved to New York. I just felt more comfortablesince I wrote under my pen name Gloria Summers. Even my mailbox listed bothmy real name and my pseudo name since I got some mail for her. How they gotmy address I will never know but I figured I should have both.I lived in a very large apartment building and my mail was always forwardedto my agent since she paid all my bills regularly. I wasn?t rich but itwas much better being my own boss. Sometimes I?d either lock myself in myapartment or simply disappear and write for months alone. Once I hadtraveled to Mexico and rented a villa while I wrote my third novel. Ididn?t have friends, well perhaps my publisher but she was well aware of myidiosyncrasies.And, in my fear of being found out I never talked about going to WestVirginia. The few who knew me thought I had gone to Maine each year.Turning to face this intruder I could see his hand holding a mean lookinggun. It looked like those guns in the movies. I had even used one in astory of mine, the famous Glock. Naturally I raised my hands and as I didso my shorts and panties fell around my knees. I was exposed.I had on those girlie hiking short shorts with a cuff. Hey, it was latespring and the temperature during the day was in the 90?s at night itcooled off to around 70. Besides if my balls weren?t showing I?d havelooked every bit like a woman. The shirt I was wearing made me look like Ihad tits because of the padded and gel stuff bra underneath. In a way mythought was, Ôthis may be better with me standing naked from the waist downsince he wouldn?t want to **** me since I was a guy. And more likely hewould be so repulsed he would just tell me to get lost. Perhaps take mymoney but that was fine.My lips quivered but he hushed me as his eyes focused on my privates and hethen mockingly said, ?So what we have here is one of those Ôsissy?girls. Right??These words came out of a big fat beer belly man. It was hard to figure outhow tall he was but his girth was substantial. He was wearing a plaidlumberjack shirt and a pair of dirty overalls. All I know was my 5?6¨ palednext to him.My backpack was still strapped to my shoulders since I hadn?t set up campyet. Everything I carried was for a woman camper. At my car was my changeof clothes. I had become bolder each year and this year I had decided to goall the way. I even had a summer dress packed as well as a week?s supply ofpanties. There was a makeup kit. And, I can?t think why I had brought a boxof tampons.?Pull up your panties and shorts pussy,? he commanded and then said.I started pulling up my shorts and panties but he said, ?Wait, turn aroundand let me see your ass first.?There wasn?t much I could do with a gun pointed at me.?Sweet cheeks,? he whistled. And before long we were hiking away throughthe woods. Not on a path. We must have wandered onto the federal land sincethe over brush was quite dense. However, he seemed to find each turn thatkept us from being caught in the brambles or stopped by other naturalbarriers.Finally we walked into a small clearing completely surrounded by trees wasthis cabin. It looked pretty make shift from the front. Like somethingyou?d see in old pictures and wonder Ôwho could live there??Chapter Two ? The ShackThe inside smelled of stale smoke and it was very messy but it was not asmakeshift as it looked from the outside. As you entered there was a verylarge room with a good kitchen tucked into the far corner. One cabinet doorwas missing and another one was hanging down from a broken hinge. They weremade of the cheap orange stained looking wood. The floor was a widerough-hewn oak plank oak.The sink was stainless steel and had dishes, pots and pans all stackedup. The counter tops were plain white, well now faded and chipped, Formica.A round dining table sat sectioning off the kitchen/dining area from therest of the room with eight captain chairs surrounding it. The table had aceiling light with fan above covered in dust. One of the bulbs was burnedout. On the table was an ashtray filled with butts. There was also a masonjar with what looked like tobacco chew spit.However, the inside of the house seemed to have been ready for all seasonssince there was both a huge fireplace in the living room and anair-conditioner through the wall to the left of the fireplace.Dick had me take off my backpack and then handed me one of those plastichandcuff things you see on crime shows. Once my wrists were in the loop andI had pulled the plastic tight with two fingers Dick checked with one hadwhile he held the gun with the other to make sure the plastic strap waswell secured. Next he had me get down on the floor and roll onto myback. He knelt over me putting the gun down.I so wanted to escape but I wouldn?t be able to either get him off me orget the gun, which was out of my reach. From somewhere he produced a metalcollar that was lined in the inside with a soft padding. He got it aroundmy neck and then he snapped it close. It connected on the side.When I got up he told me about the collar.?Pussy,? he said, ?there?s a ring on the front and on the top for a leashbut more important is where I snapped it shut is a small cylinder about thesize of a Vick?s Inhaler.?Dick explained this was actually filled with an explosive.?The cylinder on your collar if detonated will blow your neck away. Don?ttry to remove it. Don?t try to run away,? he said.After that he took me to the perimeter of the property showing me it waswell marked with red plastic tape dangling from tree trunks like you seefor markings in the woods.?Now watch closely girl,? he said and tossed a cylinder like the onefastened to my collar pass the red tape.BOOOOMÉÉit exploded violently.?Once you collar was set it cannot be removed by me. It is controlledoutside this compound so trying to escape is futile,? he said.In a more mild voice he continued, ?Now you will learn to understand yourrole and you will be trained over these next weeks to obey commands withcomplete and immediate obedience. I won?t need to raise my voice butinstead you?ll learn and it will become your mission to obey men and theirdesires.?From that moment on I was being trained though to me it was simply beingtold what to do. Besides cleaning the house and washing the dirty clothes Iwas given many other duties, as Dick put it, Ôwoman?s work? and otherfeminizing submissive roles.Dick reminded me on several occasions he was not going to yell or shoutsince he preferred a quiet home and a docile girl and he felt the collarshould be enough of a reminder.?However,? Dick said, ?a spanking may come at anytime depending on my moodeven though in times you?ll know before and may probably desire to bespanked.?I couldn?t figure out why I?d ever want a spanking.But the first time Dick spanked me it had nothing to do with amistake. Instead it was a lesson. He had me come over by the old faded bluecouch and he hooked a small lead to the front of my collar and had me bendover till my head was as low as the seating on the couch. He lifted asmall metal plate on the floor and there was an eyehook to which he snappedthe other side of the lead too.Then he used some sort of Velcro thing around my legs in a eight pattermaking me unable to spread my legs more then about 16 or 18 inches. At thecenter of the 8 a lead came out and he hooked that to another eyehookconnected to the leg of the sofa?Now for this lesson I want you to lower your panties only in the rear soyour ass is bare and then hold your skirt up with both your hands. In timeyou won?t need to be tied but holding this position will take time tolearn.?I had already had several obedience lessons and of course realized obeyingwas easier then the alternative (being told to walk away) so I did as hesaid.He was sitting on the sofa with his legs between my arms and legs andsuddenly I felt his big hand just smack my ass. Instinctively I screamed.?Girl, there will be no screaming, no yelling. You can remain silent, youcan whimper or you can cry. But if you decide to whimper or cry make sureit?s real and not an act or you will regret it.?I could smell both the perfume I was wearing and the strong smell of hissweat. My ass cheek stung then he slapped the other cheek. His hand coverednearly all of my cheek. I held the painful scream inside me. Not a soundcame out of me except an exhale breathing.Dick didn?t slap fast. It was more a slow painful slap and then await. During the first few I kept silent. Dick stopped at about the seventhslap and said, ?Now let yourself go into your past and remember how youcould cry. Reach back and find that pussy girl you are and you will havetaken a major step forward in your new life.?About the fifteenth slap I felt a little whimper out of me. Dick consoledme saying, ?Good girl,? and at the same time rubbing my ass. He waited abit before he slap my ass again.Somewhere after the fiftieth hard full hand slap I started to lightlycry. All of this spanking was taking time and I drifted away into somewherein the past. A girl was crying and I didn?t know who she was. There was norush by Dick. And so, at some point, I started hear myself crying like thegirl in my mind. I was that girl. Shortly after that he stopped spankingme. He undid the leads and then told me to pull my panties bahis siteleri up.?Don?t touch or rub your ass after a spanking girl,? he said. ?Just goabout your business. Did you enjoy that??Turning toward him and crying I obliged the rules and answered, ?Yes Sir.??And,? he said coaxing me.Of course I curtsied as I had been taught from day one. My thumb and twofingers took hold of the hem of my skirt, then bending the right knee and Isaid, ?Thank You Sir,? as I rose.Dick had told me just the day before, ?I want you to learn thefollowing. From today forward you will have only four words in yourvocabulary and they can be used in only two phrases. You will not call meDick ,? he said.The four words are ?Sir, Yes, Thank You??Your only two phrases will be ÔYes Sir,? and ÔThank You Sir.? No matterwhat the question asked you will answer ÔYes Sir.? And, you will have tolearn when ÔThank You Sir? is appropriate. ?Yes Sir,? will be your answerto any question you are asked regardless of how you would like to answer.You probably are wondering why I was so easily subjugated. But, I thinkthere are many reasons. Of course I already was submissive before all ofthis happened. The video certainly pushed me into compliance but I think itwas also the way Dick carried out his training of me. It?s hard to say butI felt myself sink deeper and deeper into what he was making me into. I wasthe girl he wanted me to be. I am this girl.A few days later I was in the kitchen washing the dinner plates crying fromspanking Dick had administered for my Ômistakes? of the day. My ass was sosore. I had spent the afternoon cleaning the house and getting spanked forwhen I said something under my breath. But, this would not be the last timeI was crying after a spanking. I would cry during every spanking after thetime in the living room.Another instruction I had been given earlier today (There were many newones each day and at night I had to write them down. If I forgot one thenI?d be punished for that) put me in my place of complete sublimation.Dick had called me into the living room in the early afternoon and had meinsert a disc into the DVD player. Before he started it he had me sit byhis feet.He started the DVD and I watched. It was the same place we were in butthere was a man dressed as a woman. His features weren?t nearly as feminineas mine. However, he was wearing a similar housedress as I had on and ithemmed just above the knee as mine. There was a supply of women?s clothingin a small closet in one of the 5 bedrooms. But this guy?s was alsostockier so the housedress didn?t hang on him but instead stretched on hisframe. It fit me very femininely since I tried to keep my weight at 135pounds before and guessed I must have already lost some weight sincearriving here.This was the first time I realized there must be cameras recording thedifferent rooms and outside. He walked outside and started walking towardsthe perimeter. My eyes were glued as he neared the red taped trees.The guy/girl kept walking and as he passed the trees the next part of thevideo became gruesome. There was no sound track but suddenly you could seea glow around his neck with smoke emitting and finally you saw his head wasdetached from his body. It was flying up into the air and back towards thecamera before it fell out of view.The rest of his body just collapsed and the DVD went to snow.?Your choice girl. Will you be a good girl and do whatever you are told??Dick asked. ?Or would you like to walk away as he did??I was shaking inside. A man had been killed. I didn?t want to die. It wasoverpowering so I meekly answered, ?Yes, Sir.?The next day he had me tan in a bikini. The bra had holes cut out at thenipples and I could tell this would make me look like I had areola. Thebikini bottom was a typical bikini bottom. The bikini was plain black. Thebra part bunched at the middle of the front and two small cups were held bya thin spagetti strap wrapping around my back and tied in a bow. The othertwo straps were each on the top of a cup tying in another bow behind myneck.He also used three water tattoos. You know the kind you apply with a wetcloth and will last about 10 days. Above the center of the bra was the word?girl? and above the center of the bikini bottom was a slightly larger?Cunt?I couldn?t see what he had stuck on my ass but I found out later it said,?Spank Me?For the ten days I sunbathed twice a day for about 30 minutes eachtime. The last day of tanning was the day before the other men arrived. Bythis time the tattoos had started to wash away and instead I had dark skinexcept where the tattoos had been. The words, Girl, Cunt, Spank Me werevery easy to read against the tan.But there were more rules and training. I had to practice my curtsy manytimes a day with the ?Yes Sir? and ?Thank You Sir,? until it becameautomatic.When I was asked if I wanted a spanking I had learned to curtsy and ofcourse say, ?Yes Sir.? It was humiliating but better then dead. And some ofmy spankings weren?t for misbehavior. Others were simply because when I wasasked if I wanted a spanking and I had to answer ?Yes Sir.?A typical end of day example was like this. I would come over to Dick andhe would have me lift my skirt and lower my panties. He would be sitting onthe sofa and he?d grab my arm and have me bend over.?Do you think you misbehaved today girl?? he?d ask.Of course I would answer, ?Yes Sir.??You forgot to say ?Thank you Sir? after I gave you permission topee. Right???Yes Sir,? I?d reply.(Oh, I forgot to tell you. I had to ask permission to use the toilet atfirst. Over time this changed. I?ll explain that later.)After which I would be given ten hard hand spanks and have to say, ?ThankYou,? when he was done.Sometimes I would get many more swats then I needed to cry so my cheekswould be streaked with tears. My mistakes were mostly for forgetting to sayÔThank You Sir,? but there were others for not cleaning a dish thoroughlyor if he found a pubic hair on the toilet. Sometimes the spankings not onlymade me cry during them but also long after especially when I went to bedwith my butt still stinging. Even in bed I was afraid to touch since Ithought he might be watchingOne day Dick took me over to what had been an empty spot in the livingroom. He had set up a chalkboard on an easel and a couple of feet in frontwas a piece of duck tape adhered to the floor parallel to the chalkboard.?Remember what I said about you would one day ask for a spanking?? Dickasked with a sly smile.?Yes Sir,? I replied and thought back to that spanking just a short whileago.?Well, I?m sure you?ve remembered your spankings since then. Right???Yes, Sir!??Soon there will be a group of other men here and making mistakes couldlead to a many worse spankings. So, this is an opportunity for you toperhaps reduce the number of swats on your ass..?However, I assure you this is a better choice,? he said and then explainedto me that if I made a mistake I was to come at the beginning of the nexthour and write my mistake on the chalkboard. I was also to pull my pantiesdown, bend over and hold my skirt up and wait for someone to come over andgive me an appropriate punishment after which I would be dismissed and Ishould know by now my ?Thank and Yes Sir.? ?Do you now understand you willask for your spanking with the hope of mitigating your punishment,? Dickquestioned.?Yes Sir, ? I said with a quivering voice. I knew this was anotherbehavioral change. And with that I was dismissed back to my current taskwhich was sewing a hole in a pair of underwear which was so old there werestill yellow stains the wash didn?t get out.Then one evening I was wearing a thin satin negligee Dick had picked outfor me. It rubbed seductively against my cock. Actually, the feel of satinagainst my body was one of the first big turn-ons for me. I could easilycum rubbing myself through satin panties before all this. I had justfinished washing his boxers when I heard him call to me.?Pussy, you almost done?? Dick called out from the living room.?Yes Sir,? I answered nervously.?Hurry up unless you want another spanking,? he mockingly said.I hurried as fast as I could but I wasn?t allowed to run or walk normal. Ididn?t want another spanking but I had to walk slowly with my asswiggling. As Dick had taught me, ?Have your pussy hole, when you walk, makea man want to push his cock up there.?I just wanted to go home. As soon as I was done I came around the sofa Ifelt so naked in the flimsy negligee.As I said before, Dick was a big guy. The sofa was indented with himsitting there. He must have been over three hundred pounds, I thought as hehanded me a DVD.?Go put that in the DVD player and come sit by me,? Dick said.I took the DVD and walked over to put it in. Of course I was hoping itwasn?t like the other DVD. I was so scared.The disc was black with yellow block print. All it said was Lessons. Andthen I turned and started back towards the sofa. I didn?t want to look himin the eye so instead I just looked at this disgusting fat man with stainedplaid shirt as his hand patted where I should sit. I thought I knew whatwas going to happen but I didn?t want to believe it.Up to this point I had only be spanked and trained but as I turned to sitdown and his hand caressed the back of my leg. I felt his fingers goingunder the skirt touching my ass. I couldn?t sit right away with himtouching and probing. Finally he had me sit. I felt so tiny next to him andI smelled so girly while he emitted a strong smell of testosterone.The film had started and Dick put his arm around me. ?You will doeverything in this movie and more and you will do it always with a sweetsmile and a Ôyes sir.? he grinned as he talked.The movie played and although the guy in the film a bit younger and not asfat as Dick he was still nasty. Just as I saw the guy in the movie start tofinger the girl Dick put his hand between my legs.?Well Pussy girl, do you understand you will do anything I ask or any manasks immediately, without hesitation and without complaint?? Dick asked.?Yes Sir,? I said my throat dry.This was the beginning of my sex servitude lessons. As I?ve said before,more and more I sank into this docile obedient girl. He coaxed me to rub myÔpussy? while I sucked his cock and said if I could get myself to cum whenhe did I?d get a pleasant surprise.Well of course that didn?t happen but I was surprised when he touched methere I did get a bit hard. He laughed a bit and said I was a ?real girl.?What was also weird was I never felt like I was enjoying myself but morelike I was allowing myself to be used and to be controlled.Much of the time Dick wasn?t harsh but nearly always I was taught orperhaps a better word Ôconditioned? to be a particular type of girl who wasalso a boy. I learned how to walk in heels in short steps. And although Ihad walked in heels this was different. Once I forgot to put one foot infront of the other so my ass would sway I immediately went to thechalkboard and wrote it down bent over waiting with my white satin pantieslowered just below my ass, my hands holding my blue flowered skirt up. Imust have waited about 15 minutes before Dick came over. He didn?t spank methen or later. Without even realizing it I began to immediately go to thechalkboard on the hour for things I thought I had done wrong.When I chipped a dish once I was standing there on the duct tapelinewaiting. He came over and lubed my hole pushing a butt plug upAs I said my duties included keeping the cabin clean, washing the dishesand clothes and also cleaning Dick?s tobacco juice Mason jar. Unfortunatelythere was neither a dishwasher nor washing machine so I had to doeverything by hand in the large restaurant sink.But, I did get good long spankings at times. They mostly turning my ass rednot blistered. However when I was instructed on Ôhow to sit? my assstung. Dick had me lift my skirt and then sit down so I wouldn?t crease mydress. And, with my ass burning hot from a spanking sitting was not themost comfortable thing in the world especially my bare bottom on the coarsefiber chair seats. The various lessons and rules went on day after day. Ofcourse there were only four words I was allowed to say. I wasn?t allowed tostart a conversation nor end it. I was only to reply with the ?Yes Sir,? or?Thank You Sir.?I was taught to sit with my legs slightly spread apart so men could see mypanties and would want to fuck me. My various cleaning duties wereinspected each day Dick explained this was for me to have a more pleasanttime when the men arrived.And although I had to stand in the corner many times with my skirt up andpanties down, ass burning from a good over the knee spanking I also wasgiven time to relax or nap. Among the hardest things to learn was the kissespecially from a fat old guy who was sticking his tongue in mythroat. Funny how a French kiss could be more humiliating then sucking hisdick.I was taken several times around the perimeter so I?d know the boundarieseven at night.The cabin had five bedrooms, one bath and the large main room with giantfireplace, kitchen and dining table. From the outside it appeared as ahunting cabin but inside it was a tad more civilized. Although the floorswere wood plank various carpets of fur and fabric were laid out with a bitof woodsy dZcor.The kitchen was functional and there was even a small room off of thekitchen with several stocked freezers. I don?t know what generated theelectricity but really only the lights; refrigerator/freezer and ceilingfans were electrified. Oh, and the scant bit of hot water too.The four bedrooms were quite Spartan with knotty pine paneling, typical offwhite ceiling and trim pain. There were two single beds in each room andeach had a dresser though none matched.A small alcove was cut into a wall of the kitchen housing a vanity table,chair and a wood poll for hanging clothes. This would be my domain. Eventhough I knew make up there were many more items then I carried withme. Dick explained the girls of the past had left these as I would leave mystuff when I left. That seemed reassuring. The idea I would leave someday.A routine began to develop over the months.At some point Dick added something new to the spanking. He told me I wasgoing to learn to have a spanking, cry and have an orgasm at the same time.The first training of this was the following way. He called me in one dayand he had a sex tape running and told me to watch. It was a very simpleman and woman sex tape.After it ran for a bit I felt some urges going on. I always related toporn. But then I felt his hand rubbing my penis through my satin panties. Igot harder?Good girl,? he said, ?now bend over and hold your skirt up.?Then he pulled my panties down a bit and put his lubed hand over my cocksaying, ?You can orgasm and continue to be spanked until you cry. You cancry and orgasm at the same time. Or you can cry and continue to be spankedtill you orgasm.Then he started to jerk me and spank me. The first time I had an orgasmbefore I started crying so he kept spanking me till I cried.Over time I learned not only to cry and orgasm at the same time but evenfor me to simply rub myself through my panties without lube and to orgasmas I was crying from being spanked.In time I associated spankings, tears and my little orgasm as if they allwent together. Often I?d be hard when getting just a spanking and when Iwas allowed to please myself. Pleasure and pain blended together as Idrifted lower into the desire of humiliation and degradation.Of course I was instructed Ônever? to play with myself without permission.Dick also said what I did was more of a feminine orgasm not man cum and sofrom now on I was to think of my clit and my g-spot and that I was just agirl.He would ask me after I squirted if I had Ôsquirted pussy juice??I would answer, ?Yes Sir.?Sometimes he replied, ?Good girl,? and he?d give me a treat, like a pieceof chocolate.In time I associated with the words Ôgood girl? as well. Sometimes I wantedhim to spank me and let me squirt.He also taught me to get hard without release depending on various thingsbesides spankings. Like when I was sucking his cock or he was feeling meup. As I said before, I had spankings with my little hard-on yearningaway. One time I almost squirted without even being touched. canlı bahis Often I?d leaka little pre-cum. When I did Dick would say, ?good girl.?My bathroom control was simple. I was to stand by the bathroom door andsquirm like a girl needing to pee. If I needed to poop I was to stand therewith my panties down to my knees.He always let me go poop but he often let me squirm for a while and acouple of times I?d leak a bit. Once he spanked me when I needed to go buthad wet myself a little. Before I knew it I was crying and peeing myself. Iwas so ashamed when he stopped and said, ?girl you need to learn somecontrol.?Sometimes he watched me pee. He also had trained me to pull my panties justto my knees and sit down on the toilet (I wasn?t allowed to use the toiletseat) making sure all of me was tucked in so I only showed my pussy pubesand thus appeared like the girl he said I was.Everyday, every moment was training but eventually things started to comenaturally to me. I walked with the sway. I knew when to whimper and when tocry and I became this creature of his.Chapter Three ?The ArrivalHolding the door open for the men I thought this must be the big fat oldbeer belly man convention. I had learned before to only address them asSir. Dick had both trained and spanked ?thank you Sir,? into me many timesover the past months.My pink lipstick smiling lips uttered ?Yes Sir,? as the first burly manstarted through the when he asked me if I was a cum slut. Each man came inwith a different remark followed my either a ?Yes Sir? or a ?Thank YouSir.?One of them who was a bit shorter then the others in height but not ingirth stopped at the door with his belly against me said, ?Oh, you will donicely,? and he patted my ass as he entered.For the next ten minutes they unloaded the van of ice chests, luggage,cases of beer and booze etc. My collar had become a part of me now but Inoticed in one of the bedrooms a leash. It made me twitch a bit at myneck. I was left in the kitchen to put the provisions away as the mengathered in the living room making jokes and talking. Some of theconversation was about how nice it was to be here again and about gettingaway from the everyday.One man called out, ?Bring me a cold one,? to me. I had been taught how toserve as well during this period of isolation. I got a beer out of thecooler and placed in on the bar tray with the bottle opener next to it andcarried it out Ôbarmaid? proper. But in serving it there was adifference. I had been taught to bend at the waist and not the knees.As I bent over he touched my ass and said, ?you have a nice ass girl andyou smell pussy perfect. ?Did you wear that perfume to entice us??Nervously I answered, ?Yes Sir.?Later that night I had my legs were in the air, and my ass high. My pantieswere pulled down to my ankles.?This is great,? the man said, ?so this just screws off??Although I didn?t know what he was doing his comment and the feeling I gotfrom him screwing some counterclockwise on my butt plug made me worry.?You guys have to see this. She has a pussy,? the man continued and one ofthe other men came to look and also confirmed his comment.?You?ll have to look how pink and sweet it is when you get up here,? thefirst man said.I was looking up at him as he unbuckled his pants and unzipped his flylaughing.?Wait,? Dick called out, ?don?t forget whoever is last to use the plungercap on the mantel not the one removed. What is will do is prettyself-explanatory. Our spunk will be forced into her butt when she stands itwill not flow back. Like a backwash valve on a toilet.?From the back of the room I heard one guy say, ?I so enjoy when we come outhere and get to try the kinky sexual devices we make at home. Whose ideawas this one??Dick smiled and took credit.The man above me laughed. His pants fell to the floor with the beltclanging. He put the key and whatever he had undone on the fireplace mantelnext to us.?Now girl, this is what is going to happen. I?m going to jerk off into yourpussy and so will the other seven men. When you are fully loaded we?ll pushour cum down into you and your plug will be capped and you will serveus. Do you understand what serves us means??Tears began to well in my eyes as I answered, ?Yes Sir.??And while we are here after anything one of us MEN does to you or withyou, you will always say Thank You,? he continued.?Yes Sir.?When he was finished he slapped my ass he picked up a magazine from themantel. I could see if was a porn magazine from the cover as he stood therelooking at it. Then he started jerking over when he started to come not allof it went into the plug some landed on my balls. He exhaled when he wasdone and over the next hour the other seven men drained their balls intothe plug.The last man took the other device from the mantel and said ?Bottoms up,?mockingly as he inserted it and twisted. At that moment I knew it was amini plunger. While the other men came I felt some of their spunk seepthrough the butt plug into me. Now I knew the rest was being pushed pastthe nozzle of the plug and deep inside me.The Man said, ?All done, now get up and get me a beer.?I got up and although I couldn?t really feel their cum sticky inside me mymind knew it. I began to walk to the kitchen when he called me back.?Girl have you lost your manners??I could only answer, ?Yes Sir. Thank you Sir.??Go get my beer and then come back here for a good spanking.??Yes Sir,? I answered in a frightened whisper and started walking to thekitchen.?Hey always wiggle your ass. Shake like the cum cocktail waitress you are,?he said loudly.I wiggled to the kitchen but when I was walking out with the beer I wasafraid I?d drop it so I couldn?t wiggle much.I bent over pouring the beer into his glass. There were a eleven beerglasses and Dick had told me to be sure always to have a nice clean one foreach man.The man had a gray unkempt beard and although I didn?t know their names Icould easily distinguish them. None were completely clean-shaven. They wereall dirty old men who acted like I wasn?t the first.?Are you ready for your spanking?? he asked.?Yes Sir but may I first go pee?? I replied.The man turned to Dick and said, ?I?m glad you left the toilet training tous.?He turned to me and asked, ?Do you know how an indoor bitch gets toilettrained?? The man didn?t expect a reply but continued, ?a well trainedbitch, and I?m talking dog, waits till her master takes her out to do herbusiness. And, a bitch in heat is happy to sniff ass and be fucked. Youhave seven Masters and you will be a bitch in heat from this dayforward. So from now on we will know when you need to eat and when you needto piss and shit.and where. Do you understand?Shamefully I meekly answered, ?Yes Sir.??GoodÉnow take that butt plug from your ass and put it into your mouth thenbend over and don?t lose a drop of our man juice.?I was sobbing a bit as I pulled the plug out of my ass making sure Itightened my sphincter to hold the seven loads of cum inside me. My mindthought about being a Ôbitch in heat? and having to wait for a Master forme to relieve myself etc.The plug tasted funky as it slipped over my pink lips into my mouth.?All the way in just like it was in your ass. Your ass and your mouth arenow both a pussy and an ass. Close your lips around the narrow part as yourasshole did. You don?t have a mouth now just a vagina and an asshole.?It wasn?t very long but it was a bit bulbous. When I had pushed it all theway in with just the outside plug part showing it touched the back of mythroat. Just near the gag reflex.?You see guys, the plug is perfect. She will learn the thrill of beingthroat fucked and how to let the gag be a part of her bitch duties, the mansaid as he had me bend over.Holding my ponytail (my hair had grown since I had been there and it wasblond now. Dick had me bleach my hair, my pubes and even the area around myasshole. That had hurtSMMMMMMMMMMMMACKKKKK!!!!!!His open hand slapped against my ass. Hard but not blister Hard.SMMMMMMMMMMMMACKKKKK!!!!!!And each slap after he?s ask me a question?Will you be a good cunt?? ?Yes Sir,? I answered.SMMMMMMMMMMMMACKKKKK!!!!!!?Is your mouth a vagina?? ?Yes Sir.?My ass began to heatSMMMMMMMMMMMMACKKKKK!!!!!!?Are you our cum slut?? ?Yes Sir.?SMMMMMMMMMMMMACKKKKK!!!!!!?Are you here to serve men?? ?Yes Sir.? SMMMMMMMMMMMMACKKKKK!!!!!!?Are you a bitch in heat?? ?Yes Sir.?SMMMMMMMMMMMMACKKKKK!!!!!!?Do you know how to curtsy? ?Yes Sir.? (I had been taught by Dick)SMMMMMMMMMMMMACKKKKK!!!!!!This continued on for sometime. I was crying now. Dick had trained me notto yell or scream. Just to either cry or whimper. And the spanking wasexpertly given. I knew my ass was red and the heat would last for hours. Ialso knew I wasn?t allowed to rub my ass.When he was finished he had me pull my panties up and thankfully Iremembered to say, ?Thank You Sir.?Seven men would control my life and I had to please each of them separatelyand as a group. My head ached as I stood in the kitchen in front of thesink only wearing panties, bra, garter belt, stockings, a dainty apronhooped over my neck and tied in a bow around my waist. My toes a bitarched in my Mary Janes. This was my waiting position. The men could easilysee me. They could see my ass filled with their cum. The view from theliving room to the kitchen was open. A small dining table was a bit off tothe side between the two rooms. I could hear the men talking but not whatabout.Chapter Four ? The First of Many Days.I had to wait till one of the men woke up and took me to pee and poop.The tallest man, he was about 6?4¨ came into the kitchen and put a packagedown to the side of me saying, ?You are a whore slut, aren?t you??Standing over the sink I answered, ?Yes Sir.??Then softly say ÔI?m a whore slut? until someone tells you to stop.I had forgotten to say ?Thank You Mister,? (that?s what he wanted to becalled) so he spanked me several times on my already reddened ass.?I?m a whore slut,? I said almost in a whisper.?I?m a whore slut.??I?m a whore slut,??I?m a whore slut,??I?m a whore slut,??I?m a whore slut,??I?m a whore slut,??I?m a whore slut,??I?m a whore slut,??I?m a whore slut,??I?m a whore slut,?And finally the day came to an end but before I could go to sleep two ofthe men went out to the car and brought a large trunk in. It was pink withthe gold corner bracings. They also brought in a large dog sleeping bed anda cage. They put the bed inside the cage in the kitchen.?Be a good girl now and get down on all foursÉ. wiggle your ass and go intoyour new doggie home,? one of the men ordered me. He had the largest cockhead of them all. I had sucked it earlier. It wasn?t very long but itlooked like a swollen fruit on a on a tree branch. I was afraid if he stuckit in me it would be like a dog knot.I had been allowed to take the apron off. I was happy for the warmth in thehouse. When I got down on all fours he pulled a bit of the bottom on mypanties and cut a hole. Then he eased a butt plug up ass. The plug had atail on the end and it was weighted.?This should hold you till morning,? he said as he locked the cage?Yes Sir, Thank You Sir,? I answered as I was locked in for the night. Ifell asleep crying.Chapter Five: Time Goes ByOver the next week there were major changes. I wanted to run through thewoods and not care if I had my neck blown off but I was to chicken. Theyhad chosen well. I would be their girl. Even more I would be their bitch.My cage rattling and a deep baritone voice saying, ?Okay bitch time for youto do your business? awakened me. Looking up I saw the fattest of the menstanding with a leash in his hand.?You are going to be house broken this week bitch. Just like any dog youwill be taken by leash to go do your business outside. When I open the cageyou will crawl out and I?ll snap the leash on you. Then you will crawloutside and sniff around for a good place. And once you?ve found it youwill pull down your panties, pull out the plug if you have to poop or ifnot just pee and be the bitch dog you are. Have you ever seen a bitchLabrador do her business??My ears hurt from this new degradation but my mouth opened and said, ?YesSir.?He opened the cage and I crawled out. The leash snapped into place and theman walked towards the door. If I were a bit slow he?d pull on the lead. Iwasn?t too fast even though I really did need to pee. I didn?t know if Ineeded to poop since the plug made me feel like I always did but this was agood time to get their cum out of me from the night before so I figured I?dgive it a try. Also, I figured if I could learn to poop once a day it wouldbe a plus.From that day forward I would be taken out and I had to learn that insteadof standing by the bathroom squirming I was to be at the door on my kneesat specified times and wait or when a man decided to take me out for awalk.It was always embarrassing for me to kneel down and then have the leashclipped to my collar. Even worse was for me to be taken outside and have tosniff around to find the right place to go. That was mortifying. In time Iwas taught to sniff trees and find the fresh man pee scent and that?s whereI was to do my Ôbusiness?.They began playing wilder games with me especially after this one man hadme crawl into the bathroom with him. He pulled down his pants andunderpants in one motion and sat on the toilet. Grabbing my hair he pulledme in closer to him saying, ?Suck my cock while I take a shit.?Most of the men were fairly mild but this one and another weren?t. Theywere very dominating.This particular man had a mean streak. I had fresh red lipstick on and hadfinished doing my nails and spritzed some perfume. His fingers combedthrough my hair and played a bit with my earlobes and the looped earrings Iwas wearing.?Ahhhhhhhh,? I heard him utter as his cock started to harden a bit and alittle squirt of pee shot against my tonsil. Then there was a cacophony offarting followed by stink, a sigh and the first plop. I wanted to vomit buthis cock was in my mouth and his hands wrapped around the back of my headholding me in place.He fucked my face as his shit plopped down into the toilet. The smell wasrevolting. Once a bit of toilet water splashed up hitting my chin. Finallyhe shot his load into the back of my mouth pulled my head away.?Open your mouth and show me,? he said with a mocking voice.I didn?t look at him but kept my eyes focused on his cock since that?s whatI?ve been taught but I knew he was looking at his dick snot on my tongue. Ihave learned men don?t shoot the same amount of spunk. Some of the men aremore liquid then spunk. Some drop a big load and others not so much.But as bad as the smell was at first after awhile his poop smell faded andthe taste of his spunk took over.?Swallow girl,? he instructed.As I swallowed I felt his slime passing from my tongue over my tonsils andfalling over the back of my throat.?Was it good???Yes Sir,? I answered politely.He pulled the toilet paper to wipe his ass several times and then the rollwas empty.?Girl, there?s not enough toilet paper. Isn?t maintaining this bathroomyour job???Yes Sir,? I replied.?Well then I guess your tongue will have to be the extra toilet paper Ineed. Isn?t that right??My eyes opened wide like a deer in the headlights. I didn?t answer. I wasso sickened.?First for being insolent and not answering I?m going to give you aspanking later. Second, answer me,? he said with a very authoritativevoice.Almost crying I answered, ?Yes Sir.??Are you answering that your tongue is a wet wipe bitch???Yes Sir,? I answered with my least assured and most diminutive voice.He got up; all three hundred pounds of fat with gray and black body hairand turned around with his ass in my ass.?Now clean my asshole and make sure you do a great job or I?ll have you eatmy shit in the toilet.?The next minutes were disgusting as I licked his bum. At lease the toiletpaper had run out after he had wiped pretty clean. I didn?t know that whenI began licking but still it was a vomit inducing moment.?Don?t you dare vomit girl or you?ll lick that up too,? he said.I held back the choke in me. He reached back and grabbed my head pulling meinto his ass. ?Lick in the hole.?Finally it was over and we exited the bathroom. A few of the men werehanging around.One of them was looking at me and asked, ?Hey is that shit on your güvenilir bahis nose??Mortified I answered, ?Yes Sir.??Well, when I ran out of toilet paper she offered to let me use hertongue. You might say she?s a Ôwet wipe.? And I think she enjoyed it,? theman said.Turning towards me he rhetorically asked, ?Did you??He knew my only answer could be, ?Yes Sir.?One of the other men said we should make a ?Call the Wet Wipe Girl? signand hang it in the bathroom.?Go wash your face and show me a curtsy before you leave.?I curtsied and said, ?Thank You,? and went to the sink in the kitchen towipe his poop off with tears falling down my cheek. I had sunk so low sinceI had gone on my vacation.Chapter Four: Sinking DeeperInto DepravityAfter that incident humiliation became a part of the program. One morning Iwas standing in the kitchen when one of the men came in. He had me turnaround facing him and lift my skirt. He unzipped his fly and told me not tomove or utter a sound.And then he started peeing. His urine splattered on my Ôclit? as he calledit and the warm pee soaked my panty liner and cascaded down on thefloor. When he was done he had me lower my skirt and wait there.While I stood there I thought about how many times I had cum in my pantieswhen one of the men rubbed me there or that I could make myself cum whilebeing spanked. Who was I? What had I become? Between being sickened by whatwas done to me I had also become aroused by command.Five minutes later two of the men came into the kitchen. They looked at thepuddle and then me.?Lift your skirt girl,? one of the men instructed.I did as I was told and also answered, ?Yes Sir.??Look at that, she peed herself,? the other said and then asked me if I hadas I lifted my skirt and he also said, ?Her panties are dark yellowstained.?This all led to what happened two nights ago.?Come here,? he said.I walked into his room wearing exactly what I had been instructed with myhair curled, falling over my shoulders. The matching black bra and pantieswere scant and lacy. The demi-bra was wired underneath. The panties wereregular cut with sheer see through lace in the derriere and above my smallpubic hair patch. I imagined the butt plug I was wearing could be seen butI didn?t know since it was black and like the others the plastic T part wasthin so it would fit like a thong. Happily this plug was not as big as theothers so it was more comfortable in my ass.The gold belly ring with cubic zirconium diamond matched the diamondpendant necklace and diamond stud earrings. My eyes had just a bit of seagreen eye shadow to illuminate my green eyes and the mascara was lightlyapplied. The lipstick I had been instructed to wear was the same pink asall 20 of my nails and I knew I had used too much of the Channel perfumebut there wasn?t much I could do about it.Standing there in my 4 inch black strappy heels I must have been 5?9¨ but Istill paled in size next to him. Like the other men he was big in all ways.?Turn around,? he commanded.Turning slowly I could feel his eyes burning through my skin as hot as myass felt after a spanking. The first thing I felt was his tobacco breathswirling over my shoulder and wispy through my hair. Then I felt his armsand presence as he lowered a black silk cloth over my head ending up overmy eyes and blocking out the light. Now everything was black from my outfitto my sight.?Follow me,? he said taking my hand and leading me out of the room towardsthe living room. Finally we stopped somewhere in the room.?Lower your panties girl,? he said.As I lowered them I heard the men whistling approval though I couldn?t seea thing I also felt their eyes upon me.?Now behind you is a special butt plug. Take the plug you have in your assout and then find the dildo and sit down on it,? he instructed in almost amonotone.I took the plug out with my right hand and reached back to find this otherplug. He helped me by moving my upper arm until I felt it. It was welllubricated and it was connected to something. Slowly I began to sit on itletting the tip find my asshole and lowering myself at the same time. Itwasn?t too long since the hilt was against my hole. It was a less bulbousplug. As I sat back my legs were a little raised from my ass and I felt Iwas sitting on porcelain. It was like sitting on the toilet without atoilet seat except for my thighs fit in some sort of form fitting porcelainand it had that cold feeling as I first sat back?Drop your plug and bring your upper arms back along your side,? hecontinued.My arms came back and he helped me get the middle of my upper arms in somekind of handcuffs for them. There were many sensations running through mybody but the next thing I felt was myself being raised until my feet couldonly touch the floor by leaning my toes forward. I couldn?t steadymyself. I was supported by what I was sitting in.His hands came up to my head and undid the blindfold. I was sitting in acustom-made urinal. A chain with a handle hung down just above my righthand like the flush device on an old toilet.?I made that in my shop,? one of the men said as others congratulated himon this human urinal.The men were drinking beer and putting on a DVD. I heard the TV saysomething about ?Footballs greatest moments,? when I heard his voice infront of me.?Now girl, tonight you will be our toilet and here are your instructions,?he said. ?When a man comes up you are to unzip him and take his penis outif he?s standing there waiting. Otherwise he will have handled thatalready. Then you will let go of his penis, unless he instructsotherwise. When he is done and says, ?Flush,? you will pull the flush cordand then let it go. You will have the pleasure of the urine in the bowlemptying through the dildo into you. Thanks to an electric pump and a bitof engineering you will feel the urine as a very strong stream. If he wantsto piss in your mouth you will accommodate him and you will also swallowwhat?s in your mouth and when he is done. Then you?ll either shake his cockor lick the head and after you put it back in his pants, zip him up you?llsay. He waited for me to answer?Thank You Sir,? I answered.Fear, repulsion and the fact of my submission over the weeks crashed aroundin my brain when he finished his instructions. Then he asked if Iunderstood the instructions. Obediently but miserable I answered in thesame docile feminine way as I had been taught.?Yes Sir, ? I said through my pink pouted lips.The position I was in gave me a view of all the men but not thetelevision. I could see them as they drank beer and watched TV. Time passedand the empty bottles began to accumulate.One of the men got up and said, ?I?ve got to take a wicked leak.? The othermen either ignored him or laughed as he walked over towards me with hishands on his balls. He was wearing a stained white t-shit. The kind with nosleeves and a pair of camouflage pants and his head had one of thosemilitary cut haircuts.There he was, standing right in front of me. Well his crotch was there infront of me since the urinal was lower. It was just a tad higher then theheight of a c***d?s urinal setting my mouth at cock level He leaned in abit and I knew what was expected of me. My pink fingernails reached forwardand my fingers held his pants as the other pulled his zipper down. He waswearing the dreaded dull white with some yellow stained briefs.Reaching into the slit on his underpants my fingers touched his cock headand I heard him above saying, ?Hurry up girl I have to piss.? I wanted tocry but I seemed to do a lot of that lately.His cock finally poked out. He was uncut and had a lot pubic hairs. Withhis prick in my face and I could smell his musty odor of his manhood. I letgo of his cock as instructed and he reached down and he took it between histhumb and forefinger.?Do I have to remind you to open your mouth wide,? he said grinning. ?Andkeep your eyes open and looking at every cock you see tonight.?As my pink painted lips parted I thought back to just the other day whenthe idea of pee entered into this wild journey. That time in thekitchen. My eyes focused on his cock. It was small and shriveled. The way acock looks most of the time. He held the head about three inches from mymouth and shook his cock just a bit.Suddenly, a dribble, not a spurt came out of his pee hole and sprinkleddown landing on my little landing strip over my penis. I could feel the wetwarmth against me and again I thought back to the time one of the men peedon my panties as I stood in the kitchen.It was just a couple of days ago. I was cleaning up the kitchen early onemorning when one of the men came in. I was wearing a summer frock, greenwith yellow daffodils. He had me turn towards him and he was wearing just ashirt. No underwear.?Lift your skirt and look me in the eyes girl,? he said.Frightened, as always, I lifted my skirt.?No matter what happens keep your eyes on mine and don?t move,? hecommanded.I looked directly at him.?Oh, what nice white panties,? he said. ?Too bad they don?t match yourdress.?Then I felt a warm flow hit my crotch. He was peeing on my crotch. He keptpeeing and peeing. His urine flowing over my dick and then splatteringagainst my legs as it slowly fell to the floor making a puddle around mybare feet.?Now your panties are the color of your daffodils and your pussy has beenproperly watered,? he laughed.When he finished he instructed me to let my skirt drop down and for me tostand there like that until one of the other men dismissed me.He shook his cock a bit more and some pee landed on my face. I could seetwo other men standing behind him. One was urging him saying ÔHurry up,I?ve got to piss real bad.? Then a little more pee dribbled out with mostof it landing on my lip and chin dripping down onto my bra soaking it andwetting my nipples.A moment later he peed enough to fill half my mouth and shook is cockputting in back in his pants, zipping up and saying, ?Damn this enlargedprostate. I?ll probably have to piss every fifteen minutes. The other menlaughed.?Swallow girl,? he said and I gagged as his piss passed over my tonsils andinto my tummy.The next man already had his cock out and just started peeing all overme. I felt the bowl under my ass start to warm and the urine started tofill up over my balls. When he was done he had my lick his cockhead. Thenhe had me look into his eyes. I?m sure my eyes betrayed my humiliation as Ireached out and pulled the chain. The sound of a toilet flushing emanatedfrom a speaker under my ass as the silent motor whirred and a flood of peeshot up the dildo into my ass as if someone was peeing right up there.My legs instinctively tried to close to stop the warm pee. I felt his pissin the bowl emptying knowing it was going up inside me and then it wasdone. He looked at me waiting.?Thank You Sir,? my pink lips pouted.Several of the men commented on how much they liked the sound of a toiletflushing.After a couple of more men peeing into my mouth my swallowing as well asthe bowl being spurted into me made my stomach distended.?I think our toilet needs to be emptied,? one of the men said.?Go outside and find a place to squat like the little girl you are andempty our Ôtoilet,? one of the men instructed.So, I was allowed to get up and because I was trained to take small steps Iwaddled toward the door my ass swaying and inside feeling like a wave ofpiss was swishing back and forth.Before I got there one of the men had me stop and do a little extrawiggling. I know it didn?t really slosh inside me but I felt like itwas. It seems the men liked this extra maneuver and it was added to all myÔtoilet? walks.When I got outside a few of the men had come to the door one of theminstructed me to squat facing the door and smile? He also told me I shouldtry to make both my holes pee and not to simply flush it all out in a rush.?Try to make it come out slowly,? he said.I had to lower my panties (I was told to pull them up before I walked out),squat, smile and then both my holes (penis and ass) started to drain. Thepee did squirt out of me like a girl. I hadn?t been allowed to touch mypenis since the first week.Then I would walk Ôladylike? with the men in my view back to the device,sitting down on the dildo until I was full again. From the bottles on thetable I must have had at least 30 bottles peed into my two holes and I hadto empty myself more 10 times.It was quite embarrassing when I was outside squatting and the man urinewas shooting out of my two holes as some of the men laughed watchingme. Once I even threw up at the same time.It all came to an end at a point where I was the most full of pee duringthe evening. I just wanted to go out and empty myself but instead I was letup, given a clean pair of panties to put on and a very short schoolgirlskirt with a white blouse. ?Ok Missy it?s time for you to get back to yourhousehold duties,? Sir said. ?Clean up this whole place and when you areall done come report to me.??Yes Sir,? I answered but wanting to ask permission to go empty myself.During the next 30 minutes I cleared the empty beer bottles thinking howthey had gone from bottle to me. Various men asked me questions to which Icould only answer with one of the two phrases I?m allowed.?Did you enjoy my piss in your tummy?? ?Yes Sir.??Would you like us to play this game every night?? ?Yes Sir.??Was being a Ôtoilet girl? a dream you had when you were a little girl???Yes Sir.?This went on until all the bottles were cleared and the table wiped off. Iwas trying so hard not to pee myself or accidentally drip from my ass.Just when I thought I was done and could go to the bathroom the first manbeckoned me to him. I waddled over my bowels sloshing with man pee andwanting to let it out. It was so hard for me to curtsy?You?ve been a bad girl, haven?t you?? he asked.By this time in my training I knew I?d probably get a spanking and began tobend over.?But, for being a good toilet I am going to let you have an orgasm while Ispank you. After that you may waddle your piss filled ass-urinal outsideand empty yourself.?Thank you Sir,? I answered with my eyes nearly about to tear up since Iknew I?d be crying soon. I was just hoping I wouldn?t have an accident.As I lowered my panties he commented on how I smelled like a urinaltoo. The men next to him joked about how I may need one of those urinaldeodorizer sticks in me.Then the first SLAPÉ..hitting me like Dick did. His hand was also large andthe slap burned my ass and jiggled my cheek.?Guys, she sounds like a half filled bottle of piss sloshing around as Ispank her,? the man said.I was mortified. I wondered could he really hear it or was he just jokingbut before I could really ponder it he had me rubbing my pussy as his handgot into motion.But I was sure I could feel their Ôpiss sloshing in me.?Ten minutes later I was crying profusely and had had shot my little whiteload into the crotch of my pissy panties. I was so embarrassed.And with the proper, ?Thank You? and curtsy I was allowed to wiggle my wayoutside and empty myself.That night I was told I was to sleep in my stinky bra and panties.A few days later this night created a new nightmare. Most of the men wantedme to suck their dicks. And most of those didn?t get really very hard. Onlya few wanted to watch my ass squirm on their cocks. Also, I was surprisedmore then half the men weren?t circumcised. It?s really odd licking a cockhead and watching it grown out of its sheath.Anyhow, the guy who had peed on my panties and started all this was bothkinky and liked to ass fuck me.One morning he was up early and I was wiping the coffee table in the livingroom when he came in sporting an erection. He had me stay bent over andthen squirted some silicone lube in my hole and rubbing some on his cock.For the next ten minutes he pounded my ass and then his cum oozed into mebut instead of pulling out he said he had a morning surprise for me andstarted peeing up my chute. It seemed me peed longer then he fucked.?Ah, nothing like a good piss in the morning. Did you like that toiletgirl?? he asked.?Yes Sir,? I replied like I had too but didn?t want to.?Good,? he said, ?from now on you can have my piss hard-on every morning??Thank You Sir,? I answered as he pulled out. Then he smacked me on my assand sent me to clean the kitchen. I could feel his eyes as I walked away.His piss warm and wet inside me with my knowledge I?d be like this everymorning from now on. I would never be the same as the day I went camping.All I could hear myself say to myself is, ?Don?t Go Into the Woods.?