Enslaving RobertEnslaving RobertRobert 5_1http://www.asstr.org/~devilsadvocate/By The Devil's Advocate1.As I regained consciousness, I just laid on my back and stared at thebars above me. I still had a bit of a headache but the main reason I didthis was that I was too scared to see who had captured me. The bars wereonly a few feet above me so I knew I wasn't lucky enough to be in some kindof temporary holding cell at the local sheriff's office.I stayed like this for more than 30 minutes. I knew that the less Imoved the more likely I would be left alone. The last thing I rememberedwas getting woozy as I drank the soda my 11-year-old sister, Linda, hadbrought me. There was little doubt that the drink had been d**gged. Theonly question was whether s*s had been in on it or not.I knew s*s didn't think fondly of her daily spankings and other sexualtraining I had been giving her. Therefore, it was entirely possible shewas in on this. However, I highly doubted she would have the will or theknowledge to pull it off on her own.Curiosity finally got the best of me and I forced myself into a sittingposition. There was another person in the cage with me but this factdidn't surprise me. I had already felt the warmth of their body against myleg and thigh.However, this person wasn't who I had assumed it might be. I thoughtfor sure it was either one of my uncles or possibly Linda. I was shocked,however, to find it was my grandfather."You dumb son of a bitch," I whispered.We were the only two in the room but I already knew who had captured us;it was Uncle Jay. When I gave Uncle Jay to Grandpa Bob as a sex slave Iknew there was a good chance my drunken grandfather would eventually fuckup and either get caught by the authorities or worse... being locked in acage like this of course was one of those "worse" things.It still surprised me, however, that my Uncle Jay actually had the ballsto do it. What surprised me even more was that he had somehow gotten meinto the cage as well. Sure, I had been d**gged... but how did my unclearrange it? Hell, how did he find me in the first place?s*s and I left our home in Colorado just so we couldn't be found; weeven changed our names. When we left Colorado, we went to my Uncle David'shouse to hide out for a bit. Well, to hide out and train an 11-year-oldgirl named Pupsiie.While finding Uncle David's location wouldn't have been that hard forJay, all logic seemed to indicate that he would never check there. UncleDavid k**napped and enslaved their brother Joseph and Uncle Jay neversuspected him. Sure, the story was that Joseph had run away, but there hadto have been at least a little suspicion that he might have been k**napped.So, if he didn't suspect his brother of that then, then why would hesuspect his brother of harboring us now? In my mind, things were startingto point even further to s*s.But still, how did they manage to contact each other, let alone hatchthis "plan". The only computer and phone in the house was locked up allthe time. The only times s*s was ever out of my direct supervision waswhen I was loaning her out to Steve down the street or when she was busytraining Pupsiie. Even then I had video footage showing her activities.Pupsiie! The answer suddenly fell on me like a ton of bricks. I feltincredibly stupid for my error. There was no way in the world Steve wasletting s*s hatch plans behind my back. That just left Pupsiie. I wascertain that Pupsiie wasn't actually in on it but she did have a computer.God I was stupid! I'd even caught s*s using it. Hell, almost everytape I had of s*s showed her on the computer for at least 15 to 30 minuteseach day. Why hadn't I thought to load some kind of key-catcher softwareon it or at least make s*s turn the monitor so I could see it with thehidden camera? I have no clue if there is an actual rulebook for masters,but if there is then I'm sure I had broken the key rule... I had trustedLinda when she told me what she did on the computer each day.According to her, each day she was just searching for and downloadingporn images for the Windows background on Pupsiie's computer. I would betyou top dollar that she wasn't just doing this but was also emailing UncleJay.All of this was just speculation and pretty academic at this point. Iwas in the fucking cage, which is all that mattered right now.I glanced at Grandpa Bob again and noticed he had a bloody patch of hairon the back left side of his head. I couldn't help but chuckle. Bob oftenused thin rope to tie barbell weights to Jay's ball sac. He would thenmake Jay crawl around dragging the weight behind him. My guess is that Jaydecided to use one of these weights for something else.It served Bob right though. You never turn your back on a slave whilethey have access to a potential weapon like that. He's damned lucky hedidn't get killed. Those weights are pretty heavy. Of course, it couldhave been a dozen other things Jay used on him. In Bob's defense, I neverdid give him the whole "house slave proofing" lecture. But then, I reallydidn't give a shit if Uncle Jay killed or captured Bob. However, now thatI was in the cage with him I was starting to care.I leaned over Bob to make sure he was actually alive. He was. Ichecked the wound on his head to make sure it wasn't too bad. The dip shitdeserved to die for getting me into this situation. However, him livingwas in my best interests. If he were to die then Uncle Jay, or whoevercaptured us, would probably not want any witnesses left behind. Of course,killing both of us might be on the menu anyway; but at least with Bob aliveI still had a chance.When I glanced around the room it dawned on me that we were in UncleDavid's basement. This surprised me because the cage was one that Bob usedwith Jay. Bob had two cages for Jay, one in the bedroom and one in thebathroom. This was the bathroom cage. I prayed that he choose this cagebecause it was the largest one and not because of what it was used for.The bedroom cage wasn't even large enough for one person to lie down in,let alone house two. Of course, that was the point of the cage. Whilegrandpa slept, his son would struggle all night trying to do so.The bathroom cage was significantly larger. It was over 3 feet wide, 4feet tall and at least 10 feet long. The damn thing was so long that halfof it stuck out the bathroom door when it was in place at Jay's house. Thebars were very similar to what you might expect to find on an actual prisoncell door. They were about a half inch thick and were spaced around 6inches apart.Grandpa had to literally climb over the damn thing every time he went tothe bathroom. No fucking way I would have put up with that on a dailybasis. Granted, if he just had to piss then he never actually went intothe bathroom. He would just stick his dick through the bars and his sonwould drink it down.I never seen any footage of him feeding his feces to his son but itwouldn't surprise me if he did that too on occasion. He liked to have hisson bathe him, which is the only reason I could ever come up with that heinsisted on keeping the cage sticking out of the bathroom. I mean, hecould have very easily fed his piss to his son in any room of the house.The presence of the cage here concerned me for a couple reasons. First,it indicated that a lot of effort and planning was put into my capture. The cage could easily be disassembled but each piece still looked like itweighted a good 100 pounds. The second, and most important thing was thatall that effort wouldn't have been done if my capturer hadn't planned tokeep us here for a long time."Awake I see."The sudden comment made me jerk backward and bang my head against themetal bars. It wasn't that hard of a hit but it didn't do my currentheadache any favors. I glanced over to see my captor. Sure enough, it wasUncle Jay."Let me out of here this instant," I commanded.Uncle Jay actually took a step forward to comply before he caughthimself; what a fucking weakling. I would have laughed at him but felt itbest not to upset him too much until I knew what his goals were."Where is she?" Jay demanded.I was puzzled for a moment. Even if she wasn't involved in my capture,I couldn't imagine that s*s had managed to escape. Then, however, itdawned on me who the "she" was. He was in search of my mom, Karen; hissister.My father enslaved both mom and Uncle Jay around the same time. Theywere made to do many things together. While it all started out beingforced on them, at some point the two had fallen in love with each other. Iwas born not long after mom had been rescued. However, Uncle Jay and momcontinued to secretly "romance" each other for years afterward. While Iwas the result of my father's sperm, Linda was the result of Uncle Jay's.It was mom's pregnancy with s*s that put an end to their love affair. Well, actually, it was grandma (Beth) that played a big part in putting anend to it. In addition, Uncle Joey disappeared right about the same timethe pregnancy was known. This lead the family to think he had run away assome kind of by-product of the pregnancy. These two factors convinced momand Uncle Jay to end the affair. It wasn't until many years later that Imanaged to "rekindle" it."Sure, I tell you where she is and then you turn me into the cops," Ireplied."Tell me where she is and I will let you go," Jay said.Yeah, right. A more likely scenario is that if I told him he would killboth Bob and I. I wasn't about to mention that of course. Even if healready planned to do that it was to my benefit if he didn't know I wasthinking that."How about a compromise," I said. "You turn me in to the cops and Ithen give mom's location in exchange for leniency."The dumb shit actually stood there considering my proposal. Only anidiot would go for that. I was only 14 for fucks sake. Like they wouldbelieve I was actually able to enslave s*s, mom and him. Hell, sometimes Icouldn't even believe it. It would be Bob and my word against his. Hecouldn't even bring Uncles Joey and David into it. I had them so welltrained they would never testify against me. If anything, they would be onmy side. I'm not even sure he could get s*s to testify against me.No, I would keep my mouth shut if he turned me in to the cops. Even ifthey believed him, I was still a minor. Chances are I would get a slap onthe wrist. In the worst-case scenario, they might put me on trial as anadult. It wouldn't be until then that I would consider giving up mom'slocation.Even someone as stupid as Uncle Jay had to realize all of this; he alsohad to realize it could be months before it reached the point where I mightbe forced to give up mom's location. For all he knew, mom could be lockedup somewhere with a limited supply of food and water.Yet, he still stood there for over a minute considering the option. Finally, he started shaking his head back and forth slowly and said, "No".While the answer did not surprise me, it still concerned me. This was apoint of no return for Jay. He wouldn't be able to let me go without greatrisk to himself. Yet, if he turned me in he would be in a lot more troublewith the law than I. k**napping a minor is not looked on very kindly bythe law, regardless of if the k** is an angel or the devil.I could see him mowing this over in his mind as well. He didn't sayanything further and just turned and walked out of the basement and backupstairs. I braced myself as best as I could mentally for what I wascertain would be coming next. I was surprised, however, when he did notimmediately return. I thought for certain he was going upstairs to get apair of pliers, nails, saws or who knows what in order to torture me intoconfessing mom's location.I've obviously never been tortured. However, I had already decided Iwould hold out as long as humanly possible. The second I confessed I wasas good as dead; I knew it and Jay knew I had to have known that. While Iwas certain I would eventually reach the point I didn't care anymore, therewas still the chance Jay might screw up. Even if I didn't get the upperhand, he might accidentally cut too deep or something else lifethreatening.He would then have no choice but to let me die or take me to a hospital.That choice would depend on how much he truly loved Karen. My death wouldmean she would be lost to him forever. Taking me to the hospital wouldn'tguarantee anything for him but at least there would still be a chance.I would like to say that I was so smart that all these thoughts justmagically came to me on the fly. Truth is that there had not been a nightthat went by that I didn't play out scenarios just like this one in myhead. Being caught, after all, was my worst nightmare. Unfortunately forme, there was a good chance that Uncle Jay had been running through his ownsimulations each night.What concerned me is that if he had indeed run those simulations thenthat meant he knew he couldn't negotiate any more. Unless he was actuallythinking of turning me in then that meant torture; however, to delay likethis only gave me more time to prepare myself. It might cause me to getmore nervous, but in the long run it just weakened his position. So... what the fuck was the delay?I sat there waiting in the cage for hours. Around the two-hour markgrandpa finally woke up. He seemed to know even less than I did in regardsto what was going on. After chastising him on his stupidity, I brought himup to date on our situation... as though it wasn't already blatantlyclear. It gave me something to do, however, in order to kill time.I had no way of knowing for sure if it was day or night, but Ieventually got too tired to stay awake and dozed off. When I woke up Ifelt rather refreshed so I guessed I must have slept for a good 7 hours.When I sat up I saw Bob sitting up at the other end of the cage staringback at me."Now what?" he asked.He said it as though all this shit was my fault. I felt like leaningover and kicking him in the face. It would have been an act of utterstupidity on my part though. I was pretty certain I would eventually needhis help to escape and even if I didn't he was almost twice my size. Evenif most of his size was in the form of fat, I'm pretty sure he could easilytake me in a fight. Instead, I just ignored his comment.I had more important things to worry about, like why the hell Jay wasjust letting us sit down here. None of the scenarios that I had runthrough my head in regards to my capture had ever involved just leaving mein a cage like this with no interaction.I was actually grateful when I finally heard someone walking aroundupstairs. At least I knew Jay hadn't just left us here to starve to death.Though, his real intent was yet to be seen.Another two hours went by and I was tempted to start yelling obscenitiesat him through the floor. I didn't want to give him the satisfactionthough so I kept quiet. It was yet another hour before he finallydescended the steps to the basement again.He was carrying a couple dog bowls. These were the same bowls I used tofeed Uncles David and Joey with. I don't know what turned my stomach more,the thought of what might be in those bowls or the fact that my faggotuncles used them as well.Jay didn't say anything; he just pushed them through a small hole in thecage. I could see Bob calculating if he could reach Jay's hand before hegot out of range. I just shook my head back and forth to him. There wasno way the slow fuck would be able to reach him in time. All he would dois piss Jay off.After the food and water was in place Jay turned and left the basement.Bob rushed to the bowls and started eating. From the way he devoured thefood, my guess is that he was just as hungry as I was. I let him eat firstthough, if it was poisoned then I would know soon enough. It was worthwaiting 10 minutes or so just to be on the safe side.Fifteen minutes passed after he finished and he was still breathing andwasn't throwing up or anything. So, I moved over to the bowls myself. Ihad tons of dog food upstairs and assumed that is what he had given us. Tomy surprise, it was actually normal food. It looked to be a mixture ofground hamburger, onions and who knows what. It actually smelled good so Ireached in and grabbed a hand full. It wouldn't have won any awards butconsidering what it could have been I felt it tasted rather good.When I went to drink the water, however, I noticed something off aboutit. It was definitely d**gged. I put a couple drops on my tongue and knewwhat it was right away. There was a homemade concoction that my fatheroften used on his slaves. It took me awhile, but I eventually duplicatedthe recipe. However, as far as I knew my father always used this d**g inenemas. I had no idea what would happen if I drank it. I was thirsty ashell but decided not to drink it.By the time Jay came back down to the basement 2 hours later Bob wasdefinitely feeling the affects of the d**g. I'd used it a few times on s*sand my other slaves and I could spot that glossy look in the eyes anywhere.I did my best to look d**gged as well. I was hoping Jay planned to move usout of the cage or something."Nice try," Jay said to me. "Do you really think I'm that stupid? Iknow you didn't drink any."I had to assume there was a hidden camera somewhere in the room. It wasa good thing that I had not decided to hash out any plans with Bob."Drink this," Jay said as he placed a large plastic cup full of themixture on the ground just outside the cage.I thought about telling him to go fuck himself. But I was so thirstythat I knew I would eventually have to drink the d**g anyway. Plus, therewas still a chance I might be able to fight the effects of it. Okay, thechances of that were pretty slim considering my alcoholic grandfather wastwice my size and the d**g had him drooling all over himself.I leaned over, reached through the bars and grabbed the cup. It was oneof those plastic cups you get from fast food joints and I was easily ableto pull it through the bars. I brought it to my lips and took a few bigswallows. While it was pretty watered down, I could still make out thechalky and alcoholic flavor in the background."All of it," he said when I went to put the drink down.I felt like protesting. The cup easily held twice what Bob had drunk. Ihad not done enough tests to know what an overdose of the d**g might do. Considering the stuff I knew was in it, at the very least I would probablyend up addicted to the shit if he made me drink this much every day.Less than 15 minutes passed before I started feeling the affects. Iwould be lying if I said I disliked the euphoric feeling it gave me. Butthat was my main concern. After a night of this I knew I would bewillingly drinking the crap from now on. My guess is that he planned toget me hooked on the shit then deny it to me unless I gave mom's locationto him.He tried asking me again while I was d**gged up but I'm certain he knewalready that it would do no good. The d**g didn't work like a truth serum;all it did was fog up your mind. It was pretty odd how it worked. If youasked a slave a question the fog would clear just enough for them toanswer, but it also cleared just enough for them to make sure the answerwas one they wished to give. In other words, they were perfectly capableof lying... just like I currently was.I had planned to fabricate something in order to help ensure he wouldhave to turn me into the cops in order to get his sister back. However,when he asked me about mom I just couldn't remember what I had planned tosay. I could just barely remember I even had a plan. Instead, I just toldhim that I refused to say where she was.While I'd seen the d**g used on others, I had never experienced it formyself until now. It was a very odd feeling; especially when it came totracking time. I seemed to be aware of almost every second that passed,yet at the same time it seemed to just fly by. I'm guessing that it musthave been because my brain wasn't really processing anything other than thefew times he came back into the basement to ask about mom.This went on for at least 7 days. It was hard to tell for sure thoughsince he stopped asking about mom on the second day. After that, all thetime seemed to just scrunch together. I remembered the food and drinkbowls being placed in and removed at least 14 times. Assuming we were fedtwice a day that would mean a week. Though, if he was only feeding us oncea day then we are talking two weeks... that's how out of it we were.He also started taking us out of the cage to use the bathroom. Theselittle trips were very frustrating. As I would crawl from the cage to thebathroom I remembered fighting to clear my mind each time. However, by thetime I would formulate any kind of escape plan I would find myself back inthe cage already. Then, I would slowly feel my brain sinking back into thefog.It wasn't until after the 15 or 16th meal that I finally discovered whatJay's plan was. It was on this day that my mind poked out from the fog dueto the sounds of a belt making contact with flesh. I glanced up to see Jaya few feet away swinging the belt downward repeatedly. I could hear mygrandfather grunting and guessed that the torture had finally begun.I managed to bring my gaze down to what Jay was swinging at. Sureenough, it was against Bob's back and ass."Suck it!" I heard Jay yell as he swung he belt.It wasn't until I heard this that I came even further out of the fog. Idon't know why but for a moment I looked around for something to suck. Even in my dazed state I knew it was just the natural effects of the d**g.While it didn't make you tell the truth, it most definitely made yoususceptible to suggestion. Luckily, however, there wasn't anything nearfor me to suck or I might have actually done it.However, a second later I felt something warm around the head of mydick. I looked down in both horror and disgust to see Bob trying to work mydick into his mouth. Bob looked just as concerned and confused as I was,but he still tried his best to obey his orders. I'm sure the belt addedeven more persuasion.As Bob worked at my cock I realized we were not currently in our cage. Ifocused hard and then tried to spring into action. However, my attempt atescape was quickly halted when I discovered my hands were cuffed behind myback. The cuffs also seemed to be chained or tied down to somethingbecause I couldn't budge upward even an inch.With escape no longer an option I tried to will my mind back into theembrace of the fog so I could escape this current indignity. I justcouldn't pull it off though. My mind just kept focusing on the present. What made things worse was that despite how disgusted my mind was with thecurrent activities, my body seemed to be gathering pleasure from it. Especially when Bob started struggling to get my dick to enter his throat.The gagging and choking sounds he made were repulsive, yet my dickseemed to get even harder. Jay kept raining the belt down on him for over20 minutes as Bob continued to struggle with my dick."Cum down his fucking throat," Jay ordered.A few seconds later I could hear him choking even harder as my bodyobeyed the command and unloaded Bob's dinner for that night. I felt bothembarrassed and ashamed as I came down from the bliss of my climax."The fucking faggot is trying to train us," I finally realized justbefore sinking back into the fog.2.Eating requires a certain degree of awareness, however, I think Iremember the meals mainly because the d**g was weakest in our systems justbefore eating. We were very far from being lucid but it seemed to requirea lot less stimuli to bring us out of the fog.As Jay brought in our breakfast I couldn't help but think about thenight prior. I remember thinking last night how lucky I was that Jayseemed to be more concerned about punishing his father than getting evenwith me. He knew I was the one that arranged the pairing of the two. Jaywas a slave by nature and Bob, while inexperienced, was a master. All Idid was play the role of a dating service and brought the two together. Just because it didn't work out well between the two is hardly reason toblame me.All of that in mind, I still knew I would not be getting off the hook. Istill had information he needed and Uncle Jay planned to train me to thepoint where I would willingly release that information.In all the scenarios I had run over the months, I had run several thatinvolved me being trained like this. However, in none of them had Iplanned to be d**gged. I always assumed it would be Grandpa or Vee thattried to train me. Even if they found out about the d**g I knew those twowould never use it on me. Having me d**gged out and obedient all the timewould have taken all the fun out of it for them.When Jay pushed the dog bowls into our cage, Bob and I both scurriedover to them. We both went for the water bowl first of course. It was avery odd feeling each time we were fed like this. I still didn't want tobe d**gged but at the same time I couldn't help but crave drinking more ofit. I knew the shit was addictive, but I doubted it was this addictive. Ithink it was more our need to escape from our confinement than it was anaddiction thing. Physical escape did not seem possible so we craved tofree our minds instead.It wasn't until I reached the water bowl and reached out to scoop someof it up that I realized my hands were confined. I think the actual nameis "fist mitts" but I just called them "mittens". I had a small pair ofthese I used on Linda sometimes but the ones I was wearing belonged to Bob.Well, I guess they belonged to Jay now. They were made of black leatherand fit over the hands similar to regular gloves, only these had no fingerslots. The space inside the gloves was small as well which meant yourhands were forced into a permanent fist as long as you had them on. Therewas a small padlock on each wrist strap that ensured they stayed on untilthe master decided otherwise.For the life of me I could not remember Jay putting these on me lastnight. Bob was wearing a similar pair and seemed to be as shocked as Iwas. Mine were all scuffed and scratched up so I was pretty certain thesehad been the ones used frequently on Jay. The ones Bob wore looked brandnew.I tried to think which adult stores in the area might sell such athing... not that such information would really do me any good. I guessit just gave my mind something to focus on to help keep me in the moment. Ihadn't been in any of the local adult stores of course but I did scout themout. I thought it might be fun to some day send David inside one of themand see how much money he could make. There were two such stores thatlooked pretty "rough" from the outside; my guess is they probably solditems like these mitts.I don't know how long Bob and I sat there looking at the mitts. Itseemed like only 5 seconds but for all I know it could have been 5 minutes.Getting our precious water was more important, however, and we bothrealized what we needed to do and stuck our faces down to it to lick it uplike dogs. I felt ashamed to be so weak in regards to wanting the d**g. Ialso felt pretty damned embarrassed to have my face so close to Bob's as wefought over drinking rights. Jay cut our fight short however."No!" Jay yelled as he stuck his foot through the bars and used it toshove me away from the bowl.I looked up at him in confusion and then went back toward the bowl."I told you last night you wouldn't be getting your drink from the bowltoday," Jay laughed as he kicked me away again.I felt like such a fucking pussy as I knelt there watching Bob drink allthe water. A couple tears dripped from my eyes even as I realized he wasgetting all the water and I was being denied.I tried to remember what Jay might have told me last night in regards tothe water but couldn't. In fact, as I shifted my mind back to the presentI was having trouble remembering what he had just said. Something aboutdrinking... damn, what was wrong with me?The next thing I knew I was out of my cage and crawling across thebasement floor. It dawned on me that I didn't have anything binding meexcept for the mitts. I tried to will my body to stand but nothinghappened. I was either too dizzy from the d**g or just too weak. So,instead I veered off my current course toward the bathroom and crawledtoward the stairwell."I said the bathroom," Jay commanded.The command was quickly followed by a swish and then loud slap. My mindsuddenly became crystal clear as the pain from the belt lit up my senses. Iknew it was a belt, yet thought for certain someone had just stuck ahundred needles into my ass cheek. It was pain unlike any I had ever feltbefore. I found it hard to believe that slaves like s*s and my unclescould actually enjoy being whipped. I know I sure as hell didn't. Butthen, they were submissives, I guess it was just in their nature.During that brief moment I formulated a plan of escape. I would turnand punch Jay in the nuts then follow that up with one to the chin when hedropped to his knees. I would then run or crawl up the stairs, make my wayto the living room and then out the door; or window if necessary. Onceoutside it would be just a matter of moments before someone came to myrescue. The plan was so vivid in my head and I knew I could pull it off,yet before I could act I found myself quickly under the grasp of the d**gagain.As I bowed my head and slowly crawled to the bathroom I could feel mytears running down my cheeks. As I crawled I was having troubleremembering if I was crying because of the pain from the belt or my failureto escape. By the time I actually reached the bathroom neither thoughtswere in my mind and I just simply wondered why I was crying.I felt like a fucking sissy and did my best to stop my crying. I hadjust managed to do so when I entered the bathroom and seen what wasprepared for me. Hanging from a rope tied to an eyebolt on the ceiling wasa large red enema bag. Of course, at the time it didn't fully register inmy head exactly what the item was. I just knew that deep down it was notgood and the tears started up again."Don't cry," Jay said in a mocking tone. "Its full of your specialwater. Aren't you thirsty?"Jay was already holding the enema nozzle in his right hand. Like anidiot I tilted my head back and opened my mouth. As I looked at the enemabag above me I actually felt a sort of joy. It was as though the bag wassome kind of bloated piñata that was about to rain sweet candies down onme. That's how simple things were in my head while under the influence ofthe d**g."This water goes into a different hole," Jay laughed when he seen meopen my mouth. "If you are a good boy then maybe I will let you drink thepossible backwash from the nozzle later."My face turned red as I finally remembered what the enema bag was andhow it was used. I wanted the d**g but still shook my head back and forthat the thought of how he planned to give it to me.I expected him to rain the belt down on me again but the pain nevercame. In fact, he seemed to actually enjoy the fact that I didn't want theenema. He told me to get into position but I couldn't formulate what hemeant. He tried giving more detailed instructions but finally gave up andjust grabbed a hand full of my hair and maneuvered me around until he hadme kneeling with my face against the floor and my ass pointed up toward theceiling.The enema nozzle was barely larger than my thumb but I still let out ayelp as it was forced past my anal ring and shoved deep inside. As thepain in my asshole started to subside I suddenly felt pain in my shouldersand arms. Jay was pulling my hands behind my back. When I felt him let goI tried to pull them back to my front but discovered the mitts I waswearing had somehow been locked or tied together. It was ratheruncomfortable in this position with my hands tied behind my back.I tried to use my stomach muscles to left my face and shoulders off thefloor a little but it wasn't any use. I was just too weak to do it. Theonly bright side was that the pain seemed to be removing the fog from myhead. Or, at least I thought that was the bright side until my uncleloosened the enema clamp and I felt the warm liquid shoot up my rectum.The first few seconds were a bit of a shock but not actually thatunpleasant. However, the liquid seemed to quickly run out of space and Icould feel the pressure building up inside myself. When the cramps began Iactually found myself praying to God for the d**g to pull me back into theabyss. The pain in my shoulders, neck and guts would not allow it though.In fact, I seemed to be coming more lucid by the second."God..." I moaned as an even greater cramp punched at my gut."Don't let any of it spill out or you will be sorry," Jay said once herealized I was fully aware of my surroundings.I couldn't imagine there being any punishment worse than the pain I wascurrently feeling. I was just smart enough not to test that theory though.So, I did my best to fight against the natural urge to force the liquid outof my bowels. I thought for sure I was about to loose that battle; butthen suddenly the pain seemed to subside. I groaned in defeat when Irealized the liquid had made it past whatever had been holding it back andwas now working it's way deeper into my bowels... much deeper.While the constant pressure was still there, the cramps soondisappeared. I felt utterly embarrassed as my ass sucked in all the liquid.I would have sworn I could even hear the liquid rushing down the enematube. A good two minutes later there was the slightest slurping sound asthe last of the liquid left the enema bag and shot down the tube and intomy ass."Good boy," Jay said as he grabbed the nozzle and yanked it from myasshole.For an instant I thought I would loose control of my bowels but got themunder control again. It actually wasn't too bad now that the liquid was nolonger rushing into me like before. Tiny cramps still snuck up on me butit wasn't anything I couldn't handle.It seemed that my mind was starting to slip back into the fog now thatmost of the pain was gone. As I slid further away I realized that it hadto be more than just the lack of pain. While I was still a bit lucid Icould somehow tell that I wasn't just slipping into my normal foggy state.I was certain that this time I would be falling much deeper into the pit.It was as though the fog had turned into quicksand and I was being pulledunder. It was pulling so much harder this time that I was scared shitlessthat I might never be able to return.Right before going under it dawned on me that the effect was muchstronger because the d**g was being administered via an enema instead of mejust drinking it. I even started to realize why this was the case, butnever quite got there. Instead, I lost my final grip and sank under thesand.I felt as though I had been under the sand for an eternity but itcouldn't have been more than 20 to 30 minutes. I was still in thebathroom. The only thing that had changed was that I was being lifted andplaced on the toilet."Don't you dare let any of that out yet," Jay growled at me after givingme a good slap across the face to make sure I was listening.The urge to release the liquid was almost beyond measure."Please, I have too..." I mumbled."First you have to do something for me," Jay smiled as he steppedforward.It wasn't until then that I realize Uncle Jay was completely nude. Iwould have sworn he had been wearing clothes when he first led me into thebathroom. Had I actually been kneeling on the floor with liquid inside melong enough for him to get undressed? Or, had I just imagined he hadclothes on earlier? Hell, for that matter, is it possible I was justimagining he was currently naked?That last thought disappeared when I felt the tip of his dick slideacross my cheek. The smell of his dick wasn't that strong but it stillrepulsed me. I tried to turn my head but he ordered me to face forward andfor some reason I obeyed."No," I begged as I felt his dick slide against my face again.I could almost feel my pores soaking up his precum as he smeared itaround on my face with his dick. I clinched my mouth shut when he finallyslid it that direction. He slid it back and forth across my lips."Settle down," I heard Jay command.I knew it was the d**g but I still chastised myself when I felt my lipsrelax. I still kept my mouth shut but didn't get my lips back undercontrol until he had already slid the tip of his dick under them and rubbedhis dick snot on my teeth."If you want to relieve yourself in the toilet then you are going tohave to help me relieve myself in your mouth," he said.I started to cry again as I gave in and let my jaw go slack. I felt soashamed of my inability to refuse his order. Even in my d**gged state Iknew I still had the physical ability to refuse. I could just keep mymouth shut tight and release my bowels. Yet, I just didn't have the mentalstrength to hold out that refusal any longer.I'm not sure why I was so surprised by my obedience. I knew fromwatching my father's videos that the d**g had this affect on people. Tomake matters worse, the formula I came up with was no doubt superior to theone my father used. Unlike my father, I ran my formula past a doctor. Dr.Mike Kelly is his name. Mike is one of the sickest fucks I've ever met. You would have to read some of my prior memoirs to get a true feel for howsick he actually is.Mike actually scared the shit out of me. However, there were severalingredients I had to get via him anyway, so I decided to have him doublecheck the formula. I was mainly looking for his assurance that long-termuse of the formula wouldn't kill a slave. He not only assured me itwouldn't but recommended a few additional d**gs be added. They were allthings I had never heard of before. Don't ask me to spell them out hereeither, I wouldn't be able to spell them even if I could remember thenames. They all seemed to have like 30 letters in them, only maybe 3 beingvowels.I looked the d**gs up on the internet of course. A couple of them Inever actually figured out what they did. The best I could tell they justhelp offset bad side effects of the other d**gs. Most of the othersappeared to be related to female hormones. But to be honest I still didn'tfully understand those d**gs either. But, Mike was a doctor so who was Ito question them?Now, I kind of wish I had decided against using them. I've lostcomplete track now, but Jay has been giving Bob and I this mixture for atleast 3 to 4 weeks now. I seemed to be getting emotional at the slightestshit these days and I can't help but attribute that to Mike's contributionto the formula.Of course, there wasn't anything I could do about all of that nowanyway. All I seemed capable of at this moment was just sitting there andcrying as Uncle Jay slid his dick into my mouth. The disgust andhumiliation of my situation seemed to bring me even further out of the fog.However, the fear of disobeying still somehow managed to trump everythingelse.Jay held the tip of his dick just inside my mouth for the longest time.At first I thought he was trying to keep from cumming. However, it dawnedon me he was just ensuring I got a good tasted of his precum.The flavor wasn't as bad as I had expected it to be. In fact, I reallydidn't taste much at all. I knew it was there, however, because it seemedto be a slightly different consistency than that of my saliva. It was thatconsistency and the knowledge of what it was that really grossed me out.As I sat there my mouth quickly filled up with the mixture of precum andspit. Jay hadn't told me to swallow so I forced around his dick and out ofmy mouth. The mixture ran down my chin and neck and then across my barechest. The feel of it as the air blew across the slime made me feel evenfurther soiled by his dick. It was still better than had I decided toswallow instead.Jay didn't agree, however. He seen the mixture running down my body andgot rather pissed. He pulled his dick free and the next thing I knew theside of my face was stinging. The slap was so hard that I almost lostcontrol of my bowels."You never spit your master's juices out unless told otherwise," Jayyelled.There it was... "master". I knew Jay was training us and Jay knew hewas. Hell, I think even idiot Bob was aware of it. However, this was thefirst time any kind of verbal confirmation had been given. I kick myselffor not taking Jay under my wing for a few months before turning him overto Bob. The small slave refresher course would have probably prevented allthis shit.He stuck his dick back in and it wasn't long before my mouth was fillingup again. I was about to force myself to swallow the crap when Jay decidedto feed more of his dick to me. He suddenly pushed the end of his dick tothe back of my mouth forcing most of his dick slime to shoot down mythroat. I was caught off guard and some of it went down the wrong pipe. Ithurt like hell as I tried coughing it back up. He seemed to enjoy thefeeling as I tried to cough around his dick.I'd barely gotten my coughing under control when he decided it was timeto teach me how to deep throat. My uncle's dick is at least 8 inches longand a good 1.75 inches thick, so I went straight from coughing to gagging.While the gagging felt horrible, the worst part about it was that itprevented me from trying to block out the fact that Uncle Jay was fuckingmy throat."I'm deep throating my uncle's dick."This sentence shot through my head over and over as Jay sawed his dickback and forth. The gagging only made it harder to hold my bowels. Itwasn't long and my only prayer was that Jay would cum soon; anything to getthis ordeal over with.Jay, however, didn't appear to be in any rush. Right when I could tellhe was getting near he would slow down in order to get his climax undercontrol. Then, a minute later, he would start jack hammering my throatagain.I knew, and he knew, that he would go on torturing my throat all nightlike this until I became an active participant and helped push him over theedge. I held out as long as I could... I really did. However, the painin my throat and guts became too overwhelming. So, I did the only thing Icould do, I tried to help him climax. I was already swishing my tonguearound on the bottom of his dick before I even realized I had made thedecision. Even after I realized what I was doing I still couldn't believeit.Just weeks prior I would have rather choked to death on his dick than togive the fucker any pleasure. However, the d**g could do a lot to a mind.I guess deep down I thought I would somehow be immune to it. Therealization that I wasn't immune to the effects made me feel utterlyhelpless.I think it was my surrender, more than my oral talents that finally gotmy uncle to climax. The fucker didn't even have the decency to pull outand shoot it on my face or chest. When I felt his dick swell in my mouth Ihoped that he would at least shoot off deep in my throat so it would godirectly into my stomach. Instead, he pulled back until just the head wasinside my lips and filled my mouth with his cum.The flavor was just as bitter and disgusting as I had expected. Afterhe finished he pulled his dick free of my mouth and slid the tip back andforth across my face. I could feel my face getting coated with the lastfew drops of his semen. I already felt like throwing up and this didn'thelp any."I'm sure I don't have to tell you not to spit that out," Jay warned. "Don't swallow it yet though. I want you to hold that in your mouth untilafter you expel the enema. This way you get to know my flavor better."I had to admit; my uncle seemed to have more balls than I gave himcredit for. He even sounded half way convincing as a master. Though, Icould still hear the faggot submissive in his voice. I probably would havelaughed at the thought of him trying to train me, but I was too busy at thetime crying.I sat there staring up at him. I wanted to beg for permission torelease the enema but my mouth was full. He stood there staring right backat me for almost a minute before he finally nodded. I swear I never feltsuch relief in my entire life as the enema shot out my ass and into thetoilet bowel. So much was coming out that I felt almost as though I hadbeen turned inside out.As the pain in my guts subsided, the d**g quickly started dragging meback under. Unfortunately, Jay knew this would happen and ordered me toswallow the cum before my mind became too fogged. I've never eaten a rawegg before but my guess is that it probably felt a lot like swallowing myuncle's cum. I doubt an egg would have tasted as bad though.My stomach tried to reject the mixture but I managed to hold it down. As my stomach settled down, so did my mind. I vaguely remember cleaningup, but then everything seemed to glaze over as my mind finally went underagain.3.I woke the next morning and discovered a few things.First, I noticed that my mind wasn't anywhere near as cloudy as in priorweeks. My guess is that while the d**g was absorbed by the body faster andin greater quantities via the enema, it also wore off a ton faster since Ihad expelled most of it out afterward.Another thing I noticed was that I was extremely hungry. This waslogical of course considering my entire bowels had been cleared the nightbefore.The final thing I noticed was that Uncles David and Joey weredownstairs. They were still wearing their leg chains and were tethered toan eyebolt that had been screwed into a nearby concrete wall. The boltlooked like it would be a bitch to remove but I'm certain that the twocould manage it if they tried hard enough. I knew they were to chickenshit to try though. Plus, I'm sure that unlike me they actually enjoyedthis treatment.I stared at them for the longest time. My mind had been in such a fogthe last few weeks I couldn't determine for sure if I had seen them chainedto the wall in the past. After thinking about it for a while I decidedthat they must have just been brought down during the night. I was certainI would have noticed had they been there longer than that.It didn't surprise me in the least that Jay had kept Uncle David chainedup. By now he probably has figured out what David did to his brotherJoseph. Hell, David is lucky he's even still alive. What did surprise mewas that Joey was still chained up also. Maybe Jay realized as I had thatJoey could really never be unchained. Uncle Joey has spent almost half hislife chained up now and I doubt he would ever be "normal" again. Hell, Ithink the faggot would cry like a baby if you made him take the chain off.It would be like asking you or I to remove one of our limbs. It wouldn'tmatter if it could be done painlessly, we just wouldn't want to loose it.I knew there were a lot more questions in regards to Joey's presencedownstairs, but I just couldn't get my head to focus enough to think themup... let alone come up with answers.I sat there for over an hour before I heard Uncle Jay walk down thebasement steps. I was still highly embarrassed by the prior night'sactivities and couldn't bring myself to look him in the eye as he enteredthe room. Instead, I blushed and looked down at the floor of the cage."How's my little cock sucker this morning?" Jay laughed when he seen myblush.This comment only served to embarrass me further. I felt like cryingbut managed to hold back the tears. My reaction to his comment bothconfused and concerned me. I was still slightly under the d**g but I knewdamn well that my face should be red with anger right now and not shame andembarrassment. And I definitely shouldn't be feeling like crying like somekind of fucking pussy.It had to be the female hormone aspects of the d**g. It just had to be.A dreadful thought suddenly occurred to me and I glanced at my chest tomake sure I wasn't growing breasts or something. I was relieved to seethat my chest looked perfectly normal. My nipples were hard for somereason but other than that nothing looked abnormal.I glanced over at Uncle David and Joey and seen that Jay's entrance hadawoken them. They seemed to be staring back and forth from me to Jay. Itfurther embarrassed me that they were hearing about what I had done to Jaythe night before. I'm not sure why it bothered me so much though, I nevergave a shit what they thought before. Yet, knowing they would be downthere witnessing everything somehow did bother me.While I was thinking about all of this Uncle Jay was going about hisdaily chores. He prepped our dog bowls but left them across the room. Igot a very bad feeling which was soon confirmed when he went into thebathroom and then returned dragging a garden hose behind him. He bathed usseveral times before with this hose and I wasn't looking forward to it yetagain.I clinched my teeth shut when he reached our cage and pointed the nozzleat us. A second later I felt a thousand tiny needles poking at me as theice cold water splashed over our bodies. Fuck was that water cold.I wasn't sure what month it was but winter was either here or veryclose. The basement had been getting colder by the day. There were heatingvents leading to the basement but Jay had ensured they were all closed. Idoubt it was even 60 degrees down there. It felt like 30 though with steelbars and floor of the cage touching your body all the time. With the coldwater on you, however, it felt like fucking 50 below.After giving Bob and I a good hose down he pointed it at my uncles anddid the same to them. After Jay walked away, my uncles huddled togetherfor warmth and so did Bob and I. I know it sounds faggy but there wasnothing sexual about it. We were so cold we would probably jump into abucket of dog shit if it was nice and warm.Even sharing heat you could still hear our teeth clattering as wetrembled. The worst part was that we, or at least Bob and I, knew it wouldbe another hour or two before we finally dried off. By then our muscleswould be worn out from the constant trembling."Where is the farm located?" Jay asked as he walked back into the roomcarrying a towel.It shocked me that he knew Beth was being kept on a farm. Had hemanaged to get me to talk? I didn't remember telling him anything. Iprayed that he had just gathered this information from my uncles. Theyseen all the videos so they certainly could give at least that muchinformation to Jay.I looked up at Jay for a moment after he asked the question. He juststood there swinging the towel back and forth in his hand. It was clear hewas offering the towel's warmth in exchange for the information. Truth betold, if I thought he would actually let me go after I told him then Iprobably would have gladly traded the information for that fucking towel."Okay," he said when it was clear I wasn't going to tell. He thentossed the towel onto the floor across the room.Bob and I broke our embrace when Jay brought over our food and water."None for you," Jay said as he kicked me away from the bowls.I almost went back to the bowl anyway but knew it was best not todisobey. I was pleased when he went back across the room and returned witha separate food bowl for me. Sharing the same bowl with Bob was not onlydisgusting but often very messy. I wasn't so pleased, however, when he putit down in front of me and I seen it was full of dog food.He had put dry dog food in the bowl and poured water over the top. Itlooked and smelled disgusting. I backed away from it and Jay just laughedand went to fetch the dog bowls for Uncles David and Joey.I couldn't help but shiver and cry in the corner of my cage as I satthere watching my fellow captives eating their gourmet meals. Their foodlooked more like table scraps than actual "dishes" but it was still 100times better than fucking dog food.I hoped Jay would go upstairs so I could snatch some of Bob's food. However, after 5 minutes Jay collected not only Bob's bowl but David andJoseph's as well. He left my bowl but he knew as well as I did that therewas no way I was going to eat it.He fumbled around the basement for a while and then went upstairs. Boband I were already snuggling together again before he left. David and Joeywere holding each other also, but they had decided to use different meansto keep warm. David spooned up behind his brother and slid his dick up hisasshole.It was a bit of a turn off watching the two faggots go at it. However,I have to admit that they did look much warmer. I groaned in disgust whenI felt Bob's dick get hard against my side. I pushed myself away from himwhen I felt his mitted hand playing with my dick."I would rather freeze to death," I chastised him.Bob is the type that would probably punch your lights out if you calledhim gay. I think he even thinks he is actually straight. But the truth ishe is as gay as they come. My understanding is that he never once fuckedhis daughter, Karen, when she was young. Yet he had his dick up Jay everychance he could. Hell, just now he had gotten a chubby watching his sonsfuck each other and that was in spite of how fucking cold we were.Bob gave me this apologetic look and then slowly crawled back over to meand cuddled up again. I felt like stressing my anger by kicking him away,but it was too damned cold so I accepted his warm embrace. I still madesure, however, that his dick didn't touch me any more than necessary.The bad part about freezing like this was that it made it impossible tolet your mind slip fully back into the d**gged fog. While the fog madetime pass like a shooting bullet, the cold slowed it down to molasses. Ithad to be one of the worst punishments possible.The bad part about the cold was also the good part. While a part ofyour brain was still in the fog, the cold pushed you out just enough thatyou could think and reason a little bit. It still took you more than 10times longer to come up with answers to your questions but at least youwere capable of computing things at least. Unfortunately, I only had onequestion and it was one in which there seemed to be no answer. Thatquestion of course was "How the hell do I get out of this mess?"We were still partly wet and shivering an hour later when Jay came intothe basement again. David and Joey had switched off at least 3 times nowand were still going at it when Jay walked into the room.Uncle Jay didn't say anything when he seen them. I expected him to beeither angry or happy about the two's activities. However, he looked moreconcerned than anything. He looked as though he wanted his brothers back,or at least Joey, but was scared they had progressed too far. Of course,if that was his goal then chaining them next to each other wasn't thebrightest idea. Who knows, maybe he had given up hope for them already. Ijust prayed he didn't give up hope on his sister, Karen. Once thathappened I knew my life would probably be forfeit."I see you still think you are too good to eat the food I provided you,"Jay growled when he reached our cage. "Let's see if we can correct that."My eyes lit up in excitement for a moment when I seen Jay open our cage.Even with our hands in the mits Bob and I had a good chance of overtakingJay. My excitement was short lived though. When I moved away from him inorder to prepare for my lunge, Bob just plopped over on the floor of thecage and curled into the fetal position to help stay warm. I had forgottenthat he had just drank another full dose of the d**g.Bob was still suffering from the cold but was too far out of it to helpin our escape. Without his help I didn't have a chance. I was prettystrong before being captured but even then Jay probably could have beat mein a fight. Add the mits and several weeks of d**gs and limited activityto the equation and the outcome was far from being in my favor.Jay snapped his fingers and I reluctantly crawled to the cage door andthen out. For a moment I thought about making a break for it anyway. Theodds of actually getting free were so slim that I decided it best not totry. All I would do is piss him off. By staying compliant I figured itmight help catch him off guard down the road when a better opportunityarose.I groaned when we entered the bathroom and I seen the enema bag preppedfor me. I hesitated for only a moment before I crawled over to where Iknew he wanted me and brought my face to the ground and arched my ass up ashigh as I could. It was humiliating but at least I was doing it on my ownand not having to do it via his orders. I wouldn't give him the pleasureof making me do it. It was the closest thing to defiance I could getwithout being punished. Not that an enema isn't punishment in itself."Good girl," Jay said to me.While I felt both embarrassed and angry at being called a girl, thedegree of the emotions seemed to be completely skewed. I knew I shouldhave been at least 90 percent angry and only 10 percent embarrassed but inactuality it bahis siteleri seemed to be the complete opposite. I prayed that this wasthe hormones in the d**g causing this. If it wasn't then that only meant Iwas getting closer to breaking.God, how could I even be contemplating the idea that I might bebreaking? I'd hardly received any training yet. To be even consideringbreaking already was a sign that I wouldn't last long once the realtraining started. As a dominate, the thought of being trained was awful.However, the thought of actually breaking was horrifying."Oh!" I let out when Jay suddenly jammed the enema nozzle up my ass inone quick thrust.I heard the click of the hose clamp and a second later I felt the watershoot into my guts. I was both surprised and pleased to feel that thewater was actually pretty warm. The only time I had seen Jay enter thebathroom had been over an hour ago. He must have used steaming hot waterfor it to have stayed warm this long. Of course, I was so fucking coldthat ice water probably would have felt like room temperature.I was still pretty empty from the night before and it didn't take longfor the water to drain into me. The cramps were considerably less as well.I started to get up when the nozzle was removed but Jay kicked me in theback of the head and told me to stay down.I began to cry as the d**g took hold again. I wasn't even sure why Iwas crying; the d**g actually made life in the cage much easier. I guess Iwas crying because in a way the d**g was a cage in itself. As long as Iwas in its grasp I had no hopes of escape.As I knelt there with my ass high above me, I could feel the liquidworking it's way even deeper inside me. It seemed to be going much deeperthan the prior night. It wasn't long and I swear it felt like it wasactually filling into my stomach. I'm not even sure it is possible forthat to happen but it certainly felt like it. It made me feel kind ofnauseous.Thankfully, the Nausea wasn't that bad. If the liquid actually wasleaking into my stomach then who knows what would have come out of my mouthif I threw up. God, I think I would have lost my mind had I thrown up myown shit. I kept telling myself that it wasn't possible for the liquid tomake its way back into my stomach. I actually remembered reading somethingabout it but for the life of me I couldn't remember if what I was tellingmyself was true or not. For my own sanity, however, I tried hard toconvince myself.A loud clank suddenly grabbed my attention. I jerked but held myposition. The noise had come from my right and slightly behind me. Asecond later there was a scr****g noise as the object was pushed across thefloor and toward my head.I figured out what it was from the smell before it came into sight. Itwas my dog bowl."You can use the toilet once you finish your dinner," Jay growled.The smell, combined with the thought of eating it, almost made me throwup. I raised my head just high enough that he could push the bowl under myhead. The smell got much stronger so I rose up even further."Get your fucking face back down there!"Uncle Jay's command was followed by a loud thunder as he brought a beltdown hard on my ass. I let out a yelp and convulsed for several seconds.The convulsions were part from the pain but mostly from my efforts to keepfrom releasing the enema. I had no idea what Jay would do if I shit allover the bathroom floor but I knew what I would do to a slave that did thatand it wouldn't be pretty.I had barely gotten my guts under control when another slap of thunderechoed off the bathroom walls. This time while I was convulsing I had justenough awareness to bring my face back down to the bowl. I kept my mouthover an inch above it though."I'll stop when the bowl is empty," Jay said as he rained down anotherblow with the belt.I wanted to try to negotiate with him. I wanted to tell him I wouldgladly eat it if he would stop hitting me with the belt and let me releasethe enema first. Without the cramps or the pain from the belt I knew mymind would move into the fog. Once that happened I probably wouldn't evenremember eating the dog food let alone what it tasted like. I didn'tbother though. I knew he wouldn't agree and no matter how I asked it wouldsound like begging."Please," I groaned as yet another flash of pain shot through my bodyfrom the belt.I chastised myself for saying it. I didn't want to give him thepleasure of hearing me beg. It just somehow came out on its own. Istarted to cry even harder as I realized the belt was too powerful for meto fight.Two more swings with the belt and I was chanting, "Please stop" like thebelt was some kind of God that would actually listen to my prayers. Itdidn't listen of course and just kept releasing its wrath onto my asscheeks. Even before I realized I had given up resistance, I felt my firstswallow of the dog food make its way to my stomach.The taste was not good, but it also wasn't as bad as I had expected. Still, the thought of what it was made me want to throw up. The pain fromthe belt was much greater than the need to throw up, so I just kept gorgingmyself on the muck until I had gotten most of it out of the bowl.I must have taken a good 50 hits with the belt before Jay was satisfied.Without the use of my hands it was almost impossible to get it all. Plus,my face was almost completely smeared with the stuff by the time he gave mepermission to get up and use the toilet. I barely got my ass on the toiletseat in time.As the cramps and pain in my ass cheeks subsided, my mind started tofloat away again. I was on my hands and knees in the shower when I wassuddenly brought back out of the fog. The bathroom in the basement had oneof those small cubical type showers. Uncle Jay had apparently made mecrawl into it and then turned the cold water on."We have to get you cleaned up for your boyfriend," Jay laughed as Icowered in the corner trying to hide from the freezing water.I didn't know what he was talking about and didn't really care at themoment. I just wanted that fucking water turned off. He made sure I waspretty clean before he finally did turn it off. As I huddled thereshivering and crying I wished I had actually tried to escape earlier. Itwould probably be another 24 hours now before my mind was clear enoughagain to plan another escape."Back to your cage," Jay commanded as he brought the belt down across myshoulder and back.I screamed in pain but managed to start crawling. He kept raining blowsdown on my back and ass as I went. By the time I reached the cage I was ina full gallop. I was surprised to see the cage door open already. Ididn't stop to question it though, once in the cage I knew it would beharder for him to whip me.When I entered the cage I seen Bob at the back end. I was about to yellat him for not escaping when he had the chance, but then noticed Jay hadcuffed Bob's hands together through the bars of the cage. After the cagedoor was secured, Uncle Jay went around it and removed Bob's cuffs. Itwasn't until then that I realized that Bob was no longer wearing mitts onhis hands. I started to get a very bad feeling."You're going to be your grandpa's new bitch," Jay laughed when he seenthe expression on my face."Fuck you."Yeah, I didn't really say that. But I was definitely thinking it. Iwas also thinking what a pussy I was for not having the balls to say it."I've cut back his dosage big time," Jay informed me. "His last dosageis probably half worn off already. In another hour or so he will be prettymuch his old loveable self. Dad and I have come to a little arrangementtoo. Once I get what I need from you I'm not only going to let him go buthe gets to keep you as his little pet."I wasn't so sure I believed my uncle. He managed to escape from Bob sohe must know I'm capable of it. Unless of course he plans to keep med**gged forever. I found that unlikely though. It would become too costlyfor the two. I would only require a couple teaspoons of the d**g a day tokeep me under, but the components were anything but cheap. Without mymedical contact it would probably cost them an average of $20 to $30 a day.That may not sound like much but for Bob it would be. Hell, they guy waspractically living in the streets when I found him. I also doubted Jaycould afford to provide Bob with shelter, food, bear and then the d**g forme on top of all of that.It didn't matter if I believed Jay or not though. What mattered waswhether Bob did. The look in Bob's eyes, coupled with his hard dick, toldme he did believe his son. I turned to beg Jay, only to find he was nolonger there. I then heard the basement door shut and lock.It pissed me off that Uncle Jay hadn't even asked again about Karen'slocation. He didn't want to give me the opportunity to give in until afterBob had at least a night with me. I wouldn't have told him anyway, but hedidn't know that for sure.I expected Bob to attack me right away. However, he just sat at the farend of the cage and watched me while he played with his dick. I wasfreezing my ass off but Bob had since dried and looked halfway comfortable.At first I thought he was just waiting for me to dry off so he wouldn't getwet again. However, I then realized that he was just waiting for the d**gsin his system to finally wear off. He was also probably waiting for myshivering to wear down my body. In an hour he would be much stronger and Iwould be much weaker."You don't believe him do you?" I said. "He isn't going to let eitherof us go if I talk. He will either keep us in this cage or kill us."That is the gist of what I said anyway. Even with the shivering thed**g in enema form is pretty damn strong and was making it hard for me totalk coherently. Bob just gave me an evil grin and continued to toy withhis dick. As I sat there trying to work out some kind of defense in myhead I realized I was wasting my breath trying to reason with Bob.The best I could see, there were only three possibilities:1) Bob actually believed his son. If this was the case then I wasfucked. 2) 3) Bob was just pretending to believe his son in order to setup some kind of escape. If so then I was fucked because he would have tomake it look convincing. 4) 5) Bob didn't believe his son and had given uphope of escape. If this was the case then he had nothing to loose byhaving his way with me. Best case, Jay is telling the truth and he goesfree. Worst case, I eventually break and we both die... but at least hewould get a last few fucks in before hand. 6) Yeah, there are technicallyother possibilities and other ways someone might respond to the abovethree. However, we were talking about Bob here. The guy thought with hisdick. Regardless of the number of possible approaches to this situation,he was going to take one that gets his dick wet."What I believe is that you should be worrying about loosening yourasshole up," Bob replied. "If you are a good boy I'll even help you out alittle with my fingers first."I blushed and started crying harder. I could sense my uncles watchingme from the sidelines but could not bring myself to look their direction toverify it. I knew I should attack Bob now before he got to full strength,but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Whether I fought now or later Iwas no match for him. He had the size advantage plus the free use of hishands now.I continued to cry and blushed further as I slowly crawled to his sideof the cage. He had his hand on my ass the second it got into reach. Hewas anything but gentle and roughly shoved a finger up my ass. The suddenintrusion caused me to shoot forward until my head ran into his chest.It was an unnatural position but I didn't want to turn my ass toward himtoo much. He was so rough that I just knew he would shove his finger up myass even further if I gave him the right angle. In addition, my currentangle also gave me the chance to bring him off with my hand instead.My hands were still forced into a fist by the mitt, but I managed to usemy right fist to pin his dick against his belly. I then slid my hand upand down his slimy dick. Like his son, Jay, Bob had a pretty big dick. Ithad to be a good 8 to 9 inches long and almost 2 inches thick. Maybe Jaywas right earlier when he called me a girl. I know I certainly felt likeone as I sat there trying to give Bob a good hand job.My asshole must have been loosening up a little because the pain fromBob's finger started to subside. As the pain went away I felt myselfstarting to be pulled back into the fog by the d**g. I prayed that I wouldget sucked under and not resurface until morning after all of this wasover.I was not so lucky. I was just starting to feel myself slip away whenBob pushed a second finger up my asshole. The pain was more than twice asbad as just one finger and my mind shot back to the present. I didn't havelong to think about it, however, because Bob used his other hand to push myhead down toward his dick.Bob refused to remove his other hand from my ass and I was forced toshuffle to his side so he could finger me and get his blowjob at the sametime.I still had a tiny bit of resistance left in me but sucking on Bob'sdick was still a better option than being fucked by it. So, I let my headbe lowered. As I bent down I had to move my right hand to the floor tohelp support myself. When I did this Bob's dick sprang up from his stomachand slapped lightly against my cheek. I pulled back an inch and let hisdick reach my lips.I let my lips open, but when his flavor hit my taste buds I changed mymind about the whole cock-sucking thing and tried to pull away. Bob's handwas behind my head and I didn't make it but an inch off his dick before hestopped me. I fought against his grip for only a moment before I gave inand lowered my mouth to his dick again. Again, I chastised myself forgiving in so easy. Just because I couldn't win didn't mean I shouldn'tfight. I knew this yet I still gave in easily.What was done was done, so I tried to use the situation to my benefitthe best I could. I opened my mouth wide and let his nasty dick slideinside. I was surprised to find that his dick tasted almost exactly likeJay's. I hadn't ever really thought about it much in the past but for somereason I had assumed all dicks tasted different. I guess it made sensethat they might taste the same.I sucked off a dick just the night before and hoped that the flavorwouldn't bother me as much this time; I was wrong. It tasted just as badand disgusted me just as much. But, I had to do what I had to do... myass was literally on the line here.I got more than half his dick in my mouth before I started gagging onit. I stopped my downward motion and slid back up his dick until just thehead was in my mouth. I then let it slide back in about half way. I feltlike such a fag as I fucked his dick with my mouth. On the bright side,all the blushing from embarrassment was starting to warm me up.My neck muscles were getting sore and tired but I kept fucking my mouthup and down his dick. It felt like an hour but my best guess is that thisonly lasted about 15 minutes before he decided he wanted more. Fresh tearscame to my eyes when I felt the pressure from his hand increase at the backof my head.Again, I didn't know why I was surprised. My mind might be half glazedover but I still knew he would want to throat fuck me. Hell, deep down Iactually wanted him to do it. This would increase the chance he would usejust my mouth and not my asshole.Knowing what he wanted, I tried my best to force his dick into mythroat. The act went against all my natural instincts though. I justcouldn't force myself to willingly do it. Bob didn't seem to mind though.He just kept pushing at the back of my head until his dick finally poppeddown my throat.Bob didn't stop pushing until my nose touched his balls. He held melike that for almost a minute before he loosened his grip. I backed offhis dick as fast as I can. He stopped me when I reached the head of hisdick again. I sat there coughing and drooling around the head of his dickas I struggled to catch my breath.I only got in a few good breaths before he pushed hard at the back of myhead again. He pushed much harder this time and his dick was buried downmy throat before I even had time to think about resisting.As he held my face buried on his dick he started worming another fingerup my asshole. I tried to scream around his dick when his third fingermanaged to pop inside. Other than slaves licking and tonguing it, myasshole was 100 percent virgin. What Bob was doing to it was nothing buttorture. Bob got off on torturing others though. I was only 14 and he wasshoving 3 fingers up my ass for fucks sake.Once his third finger was inside he let up on my head. Like before, Ipulled my head up and tried to catch my breath. And just like before, heonly let me take in a few breaths before pushing my head back down. Thistime, however, he let up right away. I pulled away only to be shoved rightback down once I reached the point I could take a breath."He's fucking my throat!"Even as I thought this I still couldn't believe what was happening. Ialmost passed out before I finally managed to time my breathing right. Theproblem I originally had was that I was trying to breath out and then in oneach thrust. However, there just wasn't enough time. I finally realizedthe only way I would live was to breath out on one thrust and then in onthe next. This way I got at least a half lung full of air and not just apartial one each time.While my throat suffered this indignity Bob continued to **** my assholewith his fingers. God, why hadn't I fought earlier when I could? I was somentally and physically tired now that I couldn't fight back even if Iwanted too."You remind me a lot of my son," Bob laughed. "He didn't like suckingmy dick at your age either. Don't worry though, you will get used to it."God, wasn't I going through enough already? He was fucking my throatwith his dick and my ass with his fingers. On top of that, my wet body wasstill cold and I was having trouble holding the dog food in my belly. Andnow I had to listen to this shit?Bob kept a steady rhythm like this for what seemed an eternity. Istarted to get upset, however, when he finally slowed down. I was hopinghe would actually speed up and then cum in my throat and get it over with.I got a bit confused when he stopped completely. He just held the head ofhis dick inside my mouth. I tried to lower my mouth on it again but hegrabbed a hand full of my hair and held me back.I kept swiveling my tongue around the head of his dick in order toexcite him into fucking my throat again. I did this for over a minutebefore he finally pushed my head back down on his dick. My hopes weredashed, however, when he didn't start fucking me again. Instead, he justheld it deep in my throat.Five seconds went by, then ten, then thirty. I thought he was going totry to kill me like this when suddenly I felt him start to cum. Or atleast at first I thought he was cumming. The cum didn't stop though likeit should have. It was also coming out much too fast."Oh, God! Why?" I thought when I realized he was pissing.I was helpless to do anything but just sit there and accept his piss. Icouldn't taste any of it but I could feel it collecting in my stomach andmixing with all the dog food. No matter what happened from this point on Ijust knew I would never be the same again.It felt like he was pissing a gallon down my throat but the streamstopped only 30 seconds after it started. In that amount of time I doubthe could have deposited more than 2 cups at most. It didn't matter to mystomach though. As far as it was concerned one drop was too much.When he finally let go of me I pulled my head off his dick as fast as Icould and crawled to the other side of the cage. I grunted as I wentbeyond his reach and his fingers popped out of my sore asshole.He just sat there stroking his dick and watching me cough. I think heonly let me out of his grasp because he assumed I would throw up and didn'twant to get any of it on himself. I actually did almost throw up. Everyinstinct I had told me to expel the mixture from my body. However, pukingall over the floor, whether inside or outside the cage, would meet withsevere punishment from Jay, I just knew it. I knew neither my father nor Iwould put up with that kind of behavior from a slave; I doubted Jay wouldeither."What are you waiting for," Bob said after I got my stomach undercontrol. "You didn't think we were done did you?"I started crying again as I crawled back over to him."Other end," Bob commanded when I started to bring my mouth to his dick."Please don't f..."I didn't get the chance to finish my begging before he slapped me hardacross the face. It caught me off guard and I fell backward. Bob startedtoward me so I rolled over real fast and tried to crawl away. Don't ask mewhere I was planning to go.I didn't even make it to the other end of the cage though before Bob hadme in his grasp again. He slid his arm under my waist and yanked me backtoward him. I tried to let my body drop to the floor to escape him but heeasily held my ass high in the air.For some reason my d**gged and frightened mind thought I would be safeif I could just get to the other end of the cage. I continued to try toscurry across the cage floor but my legs were not strong enough and mymitted hands couldn't get any traction."Save all that energy for after I get my dick up you," Bob laughed frombehind me.My mind already knew it was hopeless and a minute later my body finallyagreed. I continued to sob as I let my tired arms collapse under me. Myleft hand ended up out in front of me and my right one under my head withmy forehead resting on my arm. I slid my right arm down a couple inches soit rested under my eyes. I then pressed my eyes hard against my forearmand welcomed the darkness. My escape from reality only lasted a momentthough."No!" I raised my head and shouted as Bob shoved the tip of his dickinto my asshole.I started struggling again as he continued to feed me more of his dick.My struggles, however, didn't seem to do much but entertain him. He gothis dick just over half way up my ass before he bumped into something.It took my mind a moment to realize this was where my intestinesprobably angled off. I knew from fucking mom and s*s' ass that it waspossible to get a dick past this point without causing damage. However, Iwasn't sure that was possible without extensive training like they hadreceived. Every time Bob pushed against it I felt like someone waspunching me in the gut."There are two ways your first fuck can go," Bob informed me. "Thefirst way is for me to just kneel here while you fuck yourself back andforth on the 6 inches you have up your ass right now. The second way isfor me to do all the work. However, if I have to do all the work then youcan bet I'm not going to be happy until I hear your ass cheeks slappingagainst my pelvis."I was already starting to hump back and forth on his dick before hecould even finish his sentence. It hurt like hell but I didn't want hisdick any deeper inside me. I was certain he would kill me if he shoved itall up my ass. Though, at the moment I actually wished I were dead.As I humped back and forth on his dick the burning pain in my ass wasnothing like you could imagine. Or at least it was like nothing I had everimagined. It would get so bad that I would try to slow down from time totime. Whenever I did this, however, he would slap me hard on the ass a fewtimes to get me going again.The entire time this was going on I was groaning and mumbling gibberishpleas for mercy. I'm sure Bob didn't know what I was trying to say becausenone of it even made sense to me. It was as though the pain had caused mybrain to overload and I was just firing off random neurons.I seen motion to my right and glanced over to see David and Joey in thesame exact position as Bob and I. Joey was on the bottom and David washumping him from behind. I knew from watching them that they oftenswitched off, however, I also noticed that the both of them seemed happiestwith David being the dominant one. They were both staring at me. Iblushed and turned my head away in shame.Back and forth I went on Bob's dick before he finally grabbed my hipsagain so he could speed up the pace. I was almost joyful when he startedpounding my ass faster. It was a sign that he was nearing his climax andmy torture would be over... at least for tonight.As he hammered away at my ass I noticed that while the pain was still asbad, there seemed to be spots just inside my ass that hurt more thanothers. I guessed that these were small cuts and tears from takingsomething so big inside my no longer virgin asshole. The best I couldtell, there were 3 to 4 spots. None of them seemed to be that big thoughso hopefully no serious damage had been done."That's it, take that dick," Bob growled as he gripped my hips withalmost super human strength.He was getting so carried away I was afraid he might drive his dick allthe way inside me. He kept his promise, however, and never did. He pumpeda few more times and then froze behind me with his dick half way up my ass.I could feel his dick pulsing as he shot his load deep inside me.He then pushed me away and I bumped my head against the cage bars. Ididn't even have time to rub the pain away and I felt Bob's hand on my headagain. He had a hand full of my hair and was guiding me. I knew what wasgoing to happen even before he got me turned around.I was trying to determine if my body had any fight left in it when Irealized he already had his dick buried down my throat again. I knew myass was clean from the enema but it was still disgusting as he forced me toclean his dick off.This final act hurt me just as much mentally as the anal fuck hadphysically. It was more than just a disgusting act, it was a symbol of hisdominance over me. A slave always cleans his or her master's dickafterward. I doubt it was in writing anywhere; it was just something allslaves and masters knew instinctively."You would rather freeze to death?" Bob laughed as he finally pulled hisdick out of my mouth.I was so out of it I didn't know what he was referring too. I didn'tcare either. I just wanted to crawl up and die. I slowly drifted off intothe fog as Bob slid into a spoon position behind me to keep warm.4.I didn't get that much rest that first day as Bob's slave. Bob took myasshole once more before Jay showed up again. It was hard to judge time,but I guessed it was nighttime and not morning since Jay didn't bring usany food. All he did was walk in and toss a gag into our cage."If you know what's good for you then you will keep your bitch quiet,"Jay warned Bob.Jay then turned and went back upstairs. I couldn't fucking believe it.I thought for sure he would put at least a temporary stop to the ass ****suntil I healed up. Instead, he was just making sure Bob could continuewithout keeping the whole house up all night.The gag was not one from my current collection of toys. This one wasshaped like a dildo with a baseball size rubber bulb at the back end of it.The leather strap, which held it in place, connected to the gag about 7inches up the shaft of the dildo; right below the rubber bulb. The dildoportion, as well as the bulb, were hallow so they could be filled withvarious, um, liquids.I didn't have to look at the device but a second to know all these factsabout it. That is because I had seen one before. The d**g was mostly outof my system already and I could clearly remember many videos where myfather used it on Jay. I'm certain the device was as horrible as it lookedor I doubt Jay would have thought to acquire one.Bob and I were on the same side of the cage huddled together. We bothsat there staring at the gag for a moment. I'm sure Bob's slow mind wasstill trying to figure out exactly what it was; or at least how it worked.Any moron could tell those things but Bob wasn't just "any moron"."What are you waiting for bitch?" Bob said once he was done staring atit.I cringed at my new name; being called a girl had been bad enough. As Icrawled over to the device I was trying to decide what I should do. Mymind was much clearer now but I couldn't decide for sure what the bestcourse of action might be. I was too exhausted to put up any kind of fightso the only option I could see, other than obey, was to just kick the gagthrough the bars and outside the cage.As I continued toward it I did a cost analysis in my head. Would itcost me more to obey or to disobey? I don't know why I bothered though,when it came to a master's orders it always cost more to disobey.I reached the gag and looked down at it. There was a liquid slowlyrunning out of the tip of it. I knew that once it was deep in my throatthe liquid would flow out a bit faster due to my throat muscles and such.The flow didn't look like much but it was going to be a bitch to breathwith it constantly leaking down my throat.From the pool of liquid below it, the gag appeared to contain a mixtureof cum and some other substance. I had to assume that the other substancewas either piss or water mixed with the d**g. I guess it could have been amix of all three too.I stared down at it trying to figure out the best way to pick the thingup with my confined hands. When I went to pick it up, however, Bob slappedmy ass hard with his palm."That's not how a bitch puts her gag on," Bob cursed.I knew what he wanted and thought again about just kicking it out of thecage. Finally, I surrendered and leaned down until my face was near thetip of the dildo gag. I got my first taste of the liquid as I used my lipsand tongue to work the tip into my mouth. It was indeed a mixture of allthree items. The urine was pretty strong so my guess is he came into thebulb, tossed a teaspoon of the enema d**g in it, then topped it off withpiss.My face turned red with embarrassment as I analyzed the substance infront of my uncles and grandfather. I tried to take my mind off them as Icontinued to work the dildo portion of the gag into my mouth. After I gotan inch in my mouth I made the mistake of trying to suck the rest into mymouth. Instead of the dildo sliding further in I only managed to suck atablespoon of the liquid out of the tip.I gagged on the flavor as I forced myself to swallow it. I then wentback to working the gag into my mouth using my lips and tongue. After Ihad 3 inches in I was able to bite it with my teeth and lift it off theground.I angled my head back so I was staring up at the ceiling. I immediatelyfelt the liquid start to drain faster into my mouth. I didn't want totaste any more of it than I had too so I loosened my teeth and let gravityslide the dildo portion further into my mouth.I knew I was far from having a trained throat, but after having deepthroated both Jay and Bob I assumed I could easily handle this slimmer,shorter dildo. It actually did slide all the way in pretty easily. However, my throat quickly revolted and try to force it back out.I swung my head forward in order to help dislodge it from my throat butit didn't come out. It was then that I realize Bob was right behind me andwas holding both ends of the gag's strap. I swung my mitted hands behindmy head the best I could in order to try to get him to loose his grip onthem. However, he was already half way through tying the two endstogether.I let out a sickening gagging noise as he pulled the half-knot tight andforced all 7 inches deep into my throat. I kept swinging but realized hehad already finished the knot and had backed away. I started rubbing mymitted fists across the back of my head and at the side of my face in orderto try to snag the strap.There was a metal clasp connected to the end of each of my mitts and onone of the passes I almost got one of them to latch on to the strap. WhenBob seen that I might actually manage to remove the gag he pulled my handsdown and then behind my back. He then pulled them together and connectedthe clasps. I knew the purpose of the clasps were to cuff my handstogether like this, but it still surprised me that Bob's weak mind hadfigured it out. I'm sure you are saying, "Anyone with common sense couldfigure that out." Well, thanks for making my point.Until now, I hadn't been that concerned about the clasps. They were bigand looked strong but they looked to be just sewn in to the leather. I hadactually hoped Jay may one day use the clasps while I wasn't d**gged up,thinking they would hold me. Then, when he was off guard I would just pullreal hard and rip free.Well, apparently there was more to the clasps than met the eye. Notonly where they sewn to the ends of the mitts but apparently part of thebottom was somehow connected to either a flexible piece of metal or plasticthat ran half way up the "sleeves". I had noticed the bulge and extrastitching running up the arm but had assumed it was only decorative.Bottom line, I didn't have even a small percent of the strength neededto break loose of the clasps. I tumbled onto my side as I tried to ripfree of the clasps. When that didn't work I swiveled my hands around andback and forth behind my back hoping I could somehow magically unhook them.At this point my lungs were starting to burn from the lack of freshoxygen. I got into such a fright that I started to jerk and roll around onthe cage floor at random. During this process I also lost control of mybladder and ended up covering half my body in piss. The entire time Icould hear Bob laughing in the background. He was speaking also but I wastoo distracted to care.I don't know if you have suffocated before, but let me tell you, it'snot that fucking pleasant. This was even worse because every time I triedto suck in air I just got a squirt of piss and cum from the gag.I was positive I was going to die. However, as my head started to spinand the rest of my body gave up and went slack, my lungs managed to take ina tiny squeak of air through my nose and then around the dildo. Of course,once my body started to renew itself I started trying to suck the air infaster and started the suffocation process all over again. I went to nearblack out about 3 more times before I finally managed to find the rightbalance.The day had been a horribly painful and exhausting one. All I wanted todo was get to sleep. I knew I could probably sleep with the gag in but notwith it constantly leaking. If I wanted to get to sleep faster I wouldhave to suck the liquid out of the gag first. It was a disgusting thoughtbut at this point I didn't really care.I should have first pressed my face against the floor. This would havecompressed the large bulb and forced the liquid out the tip. Instead, Iwas an idiot and worked my way into a kneeling position and tilted my headback and started sucking like a calf on it's mother's tit. Don't get mewrong, it worked just fine, however, I had forgotten about Bob."Oh, is my little baby girl thirsty?" Bob said in a mocking voice whenhe seen me sucking at my gag.Before I even had time to blush I felt Bob's arm around my waist andpulling me backward. The distraction caused me to loose control of mybreathing again. I tried to struggle free but he easily controlled me likeI was some kind of large rag doll."Don't worry sugar, grandpa will feed you," Bob mocked again.I came to rest in his lap with my head against his left shoulder. Hewas kind of sitting up but leaning back a bit against the bars behind him.I'm sure the position was semi comfortable for him but I was also certainthat if he took this posture too often he would probably end up with backproblems at his age... it would serve the fucker right.He was kind of cradling the left side of my body with his arm, which wassnaked around such that his left hand ended up above the left hand side ofmy chest where he was flicking and tweaking my left nipple. His right handwas pretty free but he had decided to use it to play with my right nipple.I made mom suck on my nipples once just to see what it might feel like.It was okay but nothing special. I didn't see much point in it when momcould be sucking my dick instead, so I never experimented any further withit. This, however, felt considerably different."Fuck, it's the hormones," I thought to myself.My nipples seemed to be hypersensitive. Every time he would run hisfingers over my nipples or pinch them it was like he was creating some kindof static electricity. This electrical charge seemed to buzz around mynipple, zigzag back and forth through my intestinal track and then somehowarc across to my dick where it would kind of pulse.I looked down my body in horror as I felt my dick start to get hard. Ifelt so confused; how could I be getting aroused? Not only was thissituation revolting but I was utterly exhausted. It just wasn't possible.Yet, right before my eyes I watched my dick get fully stiff and start tojerk up and down."Maybe you really are a little girl," Bob laughed when he seen my dickhard. "Only bitches get that horny when you toy with their nipples. Imust say though, that has got to be one of the largest clits I've ever seenon a chick."I did my best to ignore his comments and tried to focus on what I wasfeeling. After thinking about it, I realized that the sensation shootingfrom my nipples to my dick wasn't really pleasurable. Well, it was but atthe same time it wasn't. It wasn't painful though, just not what Inormally would categorize as pleasurable. It was like it was a whole newkind of sensation. While it did serve to make my dick hard, at the sametime it made me kind of, well, antsy.The longer grandpa played with my nipples the more antsy I became. Itwas like my dick had filled up and the static electricity was now spillingover to my legs and even shooting back up my body and into my arms. I feltalmost like I would explode if he didn't stop soon.I started wiggling around in Bob's lap. I wasn't necessarily trying toescape; the sensation just wouldn't let me sit still."I know that dance," Bob laughed. "My little girl wants something inher pussy."I shook my head back and forth several seconds to let him know that hehad misread my body language. But then I realized he knew damn well Ididn't want to get fucked. He was just playing head games with me.He stopped playing with my nipples for a moment so he could position mea hair higher and line his dick up with my asshole. I wasn't lookingforward to what was about to come but at least the sparks had stoppedsprouting from my nipples.I actually felt pleased when I noticed my dick starting to deflate aswell. I knew my hard on had been involuntary but at least now I hadevidence to help convince myself of this. I went almost completely flaccidwhen I felt the head of Bob's dick press hard against my anal ring. Itried to let out a scream around the gag when Bob's dick finally poppedinside. No scream came out, just a loud groan.My asshole was still slick inside from his prior deposit there, so Bobhad no problem getting half his dick in me. However, my asshole was sosore from the day's activities that this insertion actually felt worse thanwhen he took my cherry.I moaned in despair when Bob's hands returned to my nipples and startedtoying with them again. Sure enough, my dick rose to full attention again.I also started to feel antsy again. I held still as long as I could butfinally had to start moving around.My knees were bent with the bottoms of my feet flat on the floor of thecage. At first I just kept curling my toes and clinching my ass cheeksover and over. However, as the sensation built up I started involuntarilypushing up with my feet and arching my back. As you can imagine, all ofthis brought great pleasure to Bob and great pain to me as I massaged hisdick with my asshole.I doubt I was giving him enough stimulation to actually make him cum. However, there was no doubt he was getting a kick out of it. He had hishead turned toward mine and was whispering "sweet nothings" in my ear. Ithought I was beyond caring but his comments made me blush.While all this was going on Bob would occasionally move his right handto my face and squeeze the bulb on my dildo gag... or "baby bottle" whichis what he started referring to it in his comments. That was about theonly benefit of him playing with my nipples, it meant I knew in advancewhenever he was going to shoot more of the liquid down my throat. Had hejust kept his hand on the gag all the time then I'm sure I would have beenconstantly caught off guard and gotten it down the wrong pipe.I thought for sure that Bob would get bored or too anxious and startfucking me. He didn't though. Instead he just kept playing with mynipples and the "baby bottle". My body was now so overcharged with thesensations from my nipples that I could hardly think straight.My dick was leaking precum like a sieve and I could feel it pooling onmy stomach and running down my side to Bob's body below. I'm not sure ifthis bother him or if he just wanted to torture me more, but once the "babybottle" was empty Bob unscrewed the bulb from it. He then took the bulband squeezed it in his fist and placed the opening against the head of mydick.There was a tiny farting sound from the juncture as Bob loosened hisfist and the bulb sucked at my dick. The hole was a good 1.5 inches widebut the threads still hurt like hell as the head of my dick got suckedinside. The bulb was still crunched up and sucking my dick but the headwas all that could squeeze inside. I'm guessing it was just because it wassofter than the rest of my dick. The suction hurt a little but was nothingcompared to Bob's dick up my ass. Bob laughed at my added agony and thenwent back to playing with my nipples.I didn't want my asshole fucked but a part of me wished he would just doit and get it over with. All this nipple play was driving me insane. Bobwas relentless with it too. It was around the 10 to 15 minute mark that Iswear I felt fingers toying with the bottom of my dick. When I lookeddown, however, no one was there. I thought for sure I was on the verge ofinsanity as the feeling continued. Every time Bob would rub across mynipples or pinch them I was not only feeling the pulses through my body butthe invisible fingers as well.I had somehow managed to keep from crying up to this point. However,the tears started to flow when it dawned on me that I might actually cum.Cumming right now would be unbearable. Only girls and faggots could cumwith just a dick up their ass and someone playing with their nipples... everyone knows that.I actually did feel like a fag as I started to pump my ass up and downon Bob's dick. But what the fuck was I supposed to do? I knew he wasn'tgoing to be happy until he pumped me full of cum anyway; I might as wellget it over with and hopefully stop this damned nipple torture.My brain felt like it was spilling over from the flood of impulses. Myass felt like I was trying to shit out a bucket's worth of broken glass. Ihad the constant antsy feeling from Bob's relentless toying with my tits.On top of all of that, Bob's dick seemed to be punching into somethinginside me that was sending tiny bolts to my dick where they were joinedwith the sparks coming from my nipples. If there really is a Hell then myguess is it couldn't be much worse than this. It boggled my mind how myuncles could enjoy this. I guess it is just some genetic trait fags orsubmissives have.The entire situation was a catch 22 for me. If I stopped humping Bob'sdick then it would take him longer to cum and that meant I would cum fromthe sparks shooting from my nipples to my dick. If I kept humping,however, I got those additional sparks that sped up my impending climax.Humping that dick of course was my only real choice. Bob would fuck myass regardless... I was just deciding when. Plus, there was still thesmall chance he might climax before me."Oh no!" I thought when something dawned on me.At first I had been grateful for the removal of the bulb from the gag.This allowed me to breath a little easier. However, I suddenly realizedthat he would surely replace the bulb and I knew damned well he wouldn'tempty it out first either."Don't cum or he will make you eat it," I kept saying to myself.It would be bad enough having to swallow my precum but to drink my ownsemen was beyond disgust. Having to drink Bob and Jay's cum was faggy andsickening enough. As I was thinking this Bob finally reached his peak. Hepinched my nipples hard, almost like he was trying to get some kind ofleverage, and then started pumping up with his hips.I have to admit that his strength took me a bit by surprise. He lookedso out of shape I would have never guessed him capable of such powerfulthrusts from below. His legs were bent and his feet flat on the floor andhe used them to arch upward into my ass. He did it so forcefully that themomentum actually caused my ass cheeks to leave his lap for an instant eachpump. I would then drop back down and his dick would slide back up me. Itwasn't until the third or fourth pump that I realized I was taking hisentire dick. I don't know how he had managed to get in that deep. I justprayed nothing had been ripped loose in there.I was trying to scream around the gag through all of this. I felt likehe was going to rip my nipples off with his pinching and pulling. He alsowas pushing up inside my guts so far that I felt sick to my stomach. Luckily all of this only lasted about 30 seconds before he froze and shothis load inside me.He gradually released his grip on my nipples as his climax came to aslow end. I was pleased not only for this gift but for the fact that I hadmanaged not to climax into the bulb. My relief was short lived, however."Is my baby girl thirsty again?" Bob mocked.He then reached down to my throbbing dick and ran his fingers lightly upand down the bottom of it. I felt my face flush with embarrassment andshame as my hips involuntarily arched up. A second later I felt a river ofcum shoot up the stem of my dick and into the bulb.Bob then rolled me off his lap and onto my hands and knees. I kneltthere humping at air as a result of both my climax and having Bob's dick sosuddenly removed."With all that screaming I would have never guessed you liked my dick upyour ass so much," Bob laughed as he watched my climax come to an end.I was already running on reserve power so I let my body slide down andonto my side. I just laid there and cried as I looked up at Bob's smilingface. He made a few more crude remarks and then reached down and pumped mydick a few times to ensure all the cum got into the bulb. I was gettingsoft fast and so it didn't hurt as much when he finally removed the bulb."Your not done yet," Bob growled when he seen my eyes close.Bob gave me a smack across the face and my eyes shot open again. Thebulb was made of a semi transparent plastic type material and when he satit down next to my face I could see I had filled it about half way with mycum and other fluids."Suck it in," Bob ordered as he placed the tip of his now flaccid cockat the top of my hallow dick gag.It took me a second to realize he wanted me to provide suction so hisdick would get pulled into the hallowed gag. I guessed he wanted me tosuck the remaining cum out of his dick so I sucked as hard as I could. Hisdick was much larger than the gag so I barely got more than the head tosqueeze inside. The bottom portion of the gag was made of a very hardplastic or metal. I'm guessing this was so the person wearing it couldn'tbite through it. I'm sure the hard material probably hurt his dick alittle, not that I cared."Keep sucking," Bob said as I felt some liquid come out the tip deep inmy throat.For an instant I thought it was the remainder of his cum. However, itseemed too thin and was coming out way too fast. I realized then that hewas pissing. What a perfect ending to a perfect day, I thoughtsarcastically.I took in at least a cup before he pinched his dick to temporarily stopthe flow. He then removed his dick and aimed it at the bulb. I didn'tactually see him pissing into the bulb but I could hear it filling up. Thepitch got higher as the bulb filled. When the sound then stopped and Iknew it was completely full of my cum and his piss. He still had a littleleft in him so he aimed his stream at my face. My face got drenched by thetime he got the stream focused on the hollowed gag. The gag only got abouthalf full before he ran out. I just sucked it down, what was a little morepiss anyway?Bob grabbed a hand full of my hair and savagely pulled me up off thefloor and got me back on my hands and knees. I knew what he wanted andangled my head down so he could fasten the bulb back to my gag withoutspilling any of the contents. I wish I had kept my eyes closed but Ihadn't. Thus, I got a quick glance at the bulb as he raised it toward myface. It was overflowing and I could see my sperm swimming in formationaround inside Bob's semi-clear yellow piss. I was too tired to be sickthough and just closed my eyes tight and tried to erase what I had justseen.Once Bob had it screwed back on tight he gave it a squeeze. I felt aquick burst of air hit my throat followed by a stream of piss and cum. Itonly lasted a couple seconds before he let up. He then put me onto my backand laid against and slightly across me. I basically became a mix of apillow and heating blanket for him. I tried turning my head to the sidebut couldn't stretch my neck far enough to get the bulb to go lower thanthe hole in the tip of the gag. In this position I would have no choicebut to suck down the contents or wait for gravity to slowly feed it to me.As he laid on me Bob started telling me a bedtime story about all thethings he had planned for his little girl. I tried to ignore him and justkept my head turned to the side the best I could and stared in front of me.When I realized Uncle David and Joey were right in front of me staring backI blushed and closed my eyes. Despite the constant leaking down my throat,I somehow fell asleep in seconds.Enslaving Robert (part 2)Robert 5_2As the file name indicates, this story is part of the Robert series. After having his life turned upside down, Robert strives to keep his sanityas his uncle continues to train him. As the weeks turn into months, hopeof escape dwindles and Robert's future seems bleak. You will probablyenjoy this story more if you read the prior ones first.You can find a full list of my stories at:http://www.asstr.org/~devilsadvocate/Please send feedback to: Perversedreams@yahoo.com(Ped, Mm, MMf, mf, inc, nc, ws, toys, bd, enem, tor, d**gs)By The Devil's Advocate5."How's our little girl today," Jay said as he came into the basement thenext day."After last night I guess she's actually a little woman now," Bob saidin return.They both got a good laugh out of it. I was still pretty tired and waspretending to sleep. I knew my blush was giving me away so I went aheadand opened my eyes. I almost cried when I seen Jay bring Bob his food. Bob's food was on a plate and not in a bowl. Not only that, but it wasn'tthe normal random slop. It looked to be a ham sandwich or possibly turkey.I couldn't fucking believe Jay was giving Bob the star treatment likethis. I knew I had information Jay needed which explained my treatment. However, it was Bob, not I, that had treated Jay so bad during the past fewmonths.The sandwich looked so good compared to what I had been eating that Imight have actually fought him for it had my hands not been bound behind myback still. Okay, maybe I actually wouldn't have since I knew I would justget my butt kicked. Hell, with the gag down my throat I couldn't even begfor his scraps."Don't worry, I have breakfast for you too," Jay said as he carried overa second bulb for my dildo gag.I knew I had no real choice in the matter so I shuffled over the best Icould and stuck my face near the bars. I did it near Bob hoping that Bobmight make a grab for Jay when he got close. Bob just sat there eating hissandwich like an idiot. I couldn't believe he was actually buying intoJay's claim he would let Bob go when this was all over.Removing the existing bulb from my gag was easy since it was empty now.Putting the new one on required a tad more acrobatics. I had to tilt myhead downward with the top of my head against the bars. Jay then squeezedthe bulb through the bars and lifted it up to my face and screwed it ontothe gag.This time I kept my eyes tightly closed when the new bulb came intosight. I knew that whatever Jay put in there wasn't going to be pleasantand the sight of it would probably be even worse. If I was lucky thenmaybe he put some poison in it and this living hell would come to an end.After it was in place Jay gave it a good squeeze. I had anticipatedthis but still got some of it down the wrong pipe and started trying tocough it back up. My attempts at coughing caused some of the mixture toslide up around the outside of the dildo and into my mouth. It was only afew drops but still enough to give me a good taste of it."So much for not knowing the contents," I thought to myself as my mindautomatically tried to analyze the flavor.The bright side is that I couldn't taste the bitterness of urine. Therewas a definite presence of the enema d**g and what appeared to be sperm. The sperm, however, tasted somewhat off somehow. I had only gotten a tinybit on my taste buds though so maybe it was just my imagination. On aflavor scale of 1 to 10 I would probably give it a 3 or 4 with 10 beingabout as good as a slave could ever expect to get. The sad thing is that a3 was actually a big step up from what I had been receiving lately.I'm not so sure why the flavor was of concern to me anyway. The dildogag deposited the fluid directly into my throat so very little of it evermade it to my tongue. Still, I couldn't help but get grossed out by thethought of all the piss and cum that had been deposited into my stomach inthe past couple days.Once Jay let go of the gag I backed away from the bars and looked athim. I blushed when I realized he was just staring back at me. Normally hewould be busying about trying to finish up his daily "slave training" asfast as he could so he wouldn't have to stay in the cold basement too long.I imagine the basement seemed even colder to him than us since he was usedto the much warmer upstairs; not that I felt sorry for him.It wasn't just the fact that he was staring at me that made me blushthough. There was something in the way he was doing it. There was thisevil smile on his face that told me he knew something I didn't. I thoughtit might be about what he might have planned for the day but then I noticedhe was staring very intently at the dildo gag."God, what did he put in it?" I started thinking.You could see he wanted to tell me what was in the bulb. For an instanthe started to talk but then held his tongue. My guess is that he wanted towait for a better time to break it to me. Or, maybe there wasn't anythingout of the ordinary in the bulb after all and he was just playing headgames with me.I tried to push all these thoughts out of my head. However, when yousit in a cage day after day with no books, tv or other entertainment, yourbrain seems to work in overdrive whenever you provide it with some kind ofquestion or drama. That is, when you are not high as a kite from the d**g;which by the way I could already feel tingling at my insides.I wanted nothing more than to lie down and get another 10 hours sleep,but that wasn't going to happen. Our cage reeked of piss and cum whichmeant a cold shower was probably in our near future. Sure enough, Jayfinally turned and walked into the bathroom; a few seconds later he walksback out holding onto the hose.I scooted to the back of the cage, not that it mattered. Jay didn'teven hesitate. Once he got in range he started spraying both the cage anduse down like he was washing off a piece of lawn furniture or something. Bob had gotten to eat his nice sandwich but at least he wasn't spared thehose. Regardless of how often he got the hose though Bob still seemed tosomehow stink all the time.Once our morning bath was over Jay returned the hose to the bathroom andthen walked back out with a couple large towels. He tossed one to Davidand Joey and the other he tossed on top of our cage above Bob.Bob grabbed the towel and started drying off. I quickly made it acrossthe cage to Bob but when I got there he reached out with his food andkicked me away. I was desperate for warmth and tried again only to bekicked even harder. Bob knew it would be warmer if he dried me off andcuddled with me. However, he also knew Jay would not approve and his4-star treatment might come to an abrupt end. So, he contented himselfwith the warmth of the now semi dry towel."Would canlı bahis you like your bathroom break early today," Jay asked me.I frantically nodded my head up and down. Anything would be better thanthe cold sting of the metal cage. The enemas were uncomfortable but theywere also very warm. Any source of heat right now would be heaven.Jay had the good sense to handcuff Bob's hands before he opened ourcage. I was trembling like a leaf but managed to duck walk out of the cage.Once I got out of the cage, however, Jay pushed me and I fell forward hard.It was a short fall but with my hands locked behind my back it still hurtwhen my chest landed on the floor. I managed to pull my head back so Iwouldn't bust my jaw or forehead but the bulb still made contact and I gota large squirt into the back of my throat."A slave crawls on his knees unless told otherwise," Jay said as I triedto get my coughing under control. "You better hurry the hell up."As I struggled around trying to get up without the use of my hands, Isaw Jay removing his belt. I must have gotten to my knees in record time.Jay wasn't impressed though and started using the belt on my back and assas I scurried across the floor.David had what I think is called a half finished basement. Me, I wouldhave called it a mostly unfinished basement. The only thing "finished"about it was the bathroom. There was plasterboard on the walls also but nopaint or wallpaper.The ceiling was almost completely untouched. There was insulationpushed up between the two by eight supports but it was hanging down in afew places where the "temporary" bindings for it had given way. I'm notsure you are even supposed to use insulation in the basement ceiling ornot. Maybe he only did it as a temporary energy conservation measure. Or,maybe he just didn't know what the fuck he was doing.The only light fixture in the main room was clearly temporary as well.It was one of those cheap light sockets you often see in utility rooms orbasement closets. It was a glossy white and made of some kind of hardceramic material. The electrical cable leading to it had been carefullyplaced but the light itself had been sloppily nailed to one of the woodenceiling supports.This of course brings us to the floor and my current dilemma. The floorwas nothing but barren cement. It was that smooth foundation type cementthough and not that rough type you sometimes see used on sidewalks. If youdon't understand the difference between the two then just ask my knees. Had it been the rough kind then I probably would have left a bloody trailbehind me as I rushed for the bathroom. I could tell my knees would bebruised and scuffed up by this surface but at least there would still beskin there.Jay was raining the belt down on me so fast that I think he was almostas tired as I was by the time we finally reached the bathroom. I think thecold was already getting to Jay because he closed the bathroom door once wewere inside and then opened the heating vent. I almost cried with joy whenI felt the delicious warm air envelop my wet body.Taking the enema fluid in was a little easier this time. However, whenJay finally let me get on the toilet to expel it I thought someone had setmy asshole on fire. After loosing my cherry to Bob's big dick I knew theenema fluid would sting when I released it. However, I had no idea itwould be this bad. If this stinging was any indication of how many cutsand fissures I had, then my asshole probably looked like raw hamburgerright now.I tried releasing the enema as slow as possible, but Jay got tired ofwaiting and took the belt to my chest and stomach. I screamed around thegag as I finally gave in and let the water drain from me at full speed. The pain was so bad that I almost blacked out.The combination of the d**g in the enema and my "baby bottle" had myhead swimming in no time. It would be another 20 minutes probably before Ireached the peak but I could definitely see it already."Stay with me," Jay laughed as he gave the bulb a good squeeze.My coughing caused the remainder of the enema to work it's way out ofme. Jay seemed a little too fascinated by the bulb and it's contents. Hekept giving it squeezes and making comments as he did so. He didn't stopuntil the bulb was empty once more."Do you think you can keep your mouth shut if I remove your babybottle?" Jay asked after cleaning me up.I nodded of course. My throat was hurting like hell from having thedildo gag in for so long. I'm not sure I could have talked even if Itried. If I were to say something, however, it would have been to beg forpermission to throw up in the toilet. My body felt saturated with all thepiss, cum and who knows what else that had been placed in the bulb duringthe past 24 hours.After getting my gag off, Jay removed what little clothes he had on. Ijust knelt there and watched. His body still had various bruises andslightly healed cuts from the games Bob had made him play. When he pulledhis sweat pants down I noted that his dick was hard already. I prayed thathe didn't plan to use my asshole. Jay's dick was about the same size asBob's but I felt like I would die from the pain if I got ass fucked againanytime soon.Jay leaned over the small vanity and picked up something I hadn'tnoticed when I had come in. I recognized it right away though once hebrought my attention to it. It was a leather chastity belt I had made myuncles create. It was one of many leather items I had them create. Working with the leather was a bitch but it gave them something to do whenI didn't have them playing their games.This was one of only two adult size items I had made them create. Mysexual interests these days seemed geared more toward younger slaves but Ifigured it wouldn't hurt to have a couple adult items as well.The design for this particular item was pretty simple. There was a thinbelt that went around the waist. There was then another strap of leatherthat connected to the front and ran downward. This part was only about 5inches long and connected to a large O-ring that the slave's dick and ballswould be pulled through if it is a guy. If it was a girl then the ringwould be over their hole and a dildo could be fucked through it. At thebottom of this O-ring was another leather strap that ran from it, up theperson's ass crack and then connected to the belt around the waist. Thesection going across the ass crack had a slightly wider section on itdesigned to hold a butt plug in place. Once on, the plug couldn't beremoved without removing the belt first."If you are a good girl I might let you wear this for a few days," Jaysmiled.My eyes started to tear up as I looked at the device again. The buttplug connected to the back end looked more like a dildo to me. It wasabout 1.25 inches thick and 8 inches long. There was a 30-degree bend init around the 4-inch mark.What made me really sad was that despite how horrible it would be towear, it would still be 100 times better than being fucked relentlessly byBob. As long as the chastity belt was locked in place my ass would be offlimits to him.The more I thought about it, the more I wanted that belt on me. I justknew Bob would literally fuck me to death if I wasn't given some kind ofprotection from him. Jay must have been reading my facial expressionsbecause he didn't say or do anything until right after I had figured outthe benefit of the belt."So, does my little girl want to wear her new panties?" Jay mocked.I closed my eyes and nodded."I want to hear you ask for it," Jay said."Please can I wear my new panties?" I managed to whisper despite my sorethroat."I think you forgot something at the end of that sentence," Jay growled."Please can I wear my new panties, Master?" I said.Asking to wear the chastity belt was bad enough but having to call himmaster embarrassed me more than anything. I couldn't look him in the eyewhen I said it and could barely say it louder than a whisper. He seemedsatisfied with the response, however, and started putting it on me.He was nice enough to put some lube on the plug but wasn't too gentlewhen it came time to insert it. I started trying to crawl away when he gotabout 5 inches inside. The bend in the plug made it go in a little easierbut it was still pushing hard against something inside me.Jay gave me a hard slap across my ass and then pushed my face downagainst the floor and placed his left foot on top of my head to keep mestill. I tried my best to keep quiet but couldn't help but beg for mercywhen he was forcing the last few inches inside.Fitting my balls and dick through the ring at the front wasn't cakeeither. The ring was rather large but it was still a damn tight fit for myhuge balls and dick. He pulled my balls through first then bent my flacciddick and threaded it through. The fit was so tight that I thought it wasgoing to sc**** the skin off my dick as it squeezed through.Jay then pulled the straps tight and used a small lock to ensure no onecould remove it but him. This was the first time I had ever worn a buttplug of course and it felt rather uncomfortable. I constantly felt likeexpelling it but obviously couldn't. I also felt like I was constantlybeing punched in the gut.As horrible as it was, the plug was still tons better than having Bob'sdick up me every few hours. I wasn't naive though. With my assholeunavailable I knew damned well Bob would use my mouth instead. The pain inmy throat though was way less than my asshole."Do you like your new panties?" Jay smiled."Yes, Master," I said with a blush."Yeah, I thought a naughty girl like you would like those," Jay laughed."Now it's just a question of how bad you want to keep them on."At that Jay stood in front of me and stroked his cock a few times. Igroaned when I realized there was a price attached to my new panties. Itwasn't a major surprise but I had still hoped that I might actually make itout of the bathroom today without any further humiliations."Hmm, maybe I should just give the key to Bob after all," Jay said aftera moment."Please, Master!" I said as he turned to leave the bathroom."Please, what?" Jay said as he turned to look at me again."Please can I suck you, Master," I whispered.I never thought I would ever hear those words come out of my mouth in amillion years. Yet, it had only taken Jay about 4 to 6 weeks to draw themfrom me. I never felt more humiliated in my entire life. At least I knewI didn't really want to perform the task. I was just doing it to preventan even worse fate. But then I guess that is what a slave's life is allabout... compromises."I think Bob might be right," Jay laughed as I opened my mouth andsucked the head of his dick inside. "I think our little girl has growninto a young woman."With everything I was being put through you would think name-callingwouldn't affect me anymore. However, for the life of me I just couldn'tkeep from blushing every time I was referred to as a girl. I think maybepart of the reason it affected me so much was because it was a reminder ofhow I had been used in such an unmanly fashion and how they planned tocontinue to use me that way. To them, I was nothing more than a girl withholes to stick their dicks into.The fucker was lucky my jaw was so stiff and sore from wearing the dildogag for so long. Had it not been then I probably would have tried to bitehis dick off. Just the thought of attempting it, however, scared the shitout of me for some reason. No doubt it was the effects of the d**gscurrently infesting my body. It was easy for me to sit here and claim Iwould do this or that when I had an excuse not to actually follow throughwith it. I tried my best not to remember the fact that I had sucked Jay'sdick before and not taken the opportunity to bite him then... despite myjaw being in good working order.As I suckled at the tip of his dick, Jay used a fist full of my hair toforce me to shuffle backward on the hard bathroom floor. The d**g made ithard to think about more than one thing at a time so I just focused on hisdick and let my body automatically follow his lead. The next time I lookedaround me I realized we were standing in the shower."Time to put your retainer in," Jay smiled as he pulled his dick from mylips.I looked up to see him grab a ring gag from a hook on the wall. I hadmy own supply of ring gags but this one was not one of mine. It was eitherone from Bob's collection or possibly something Jay picked up recently justfor me. It looked much like any other ring gag only it had special groovesfor where the teeth went. The gag was so large that it would be extremelyhard to remove once my teeth were in those grooves. The additional strapthat went around my head would pretty much make it an impossibility toremove without the use of my hands.Resistance was pointless so I just angled my head back and opened mymouth as far as I could. When he placed the gag at my mouth I was shockedto find that my mouth still wasn't open wide enough. He placed the bottomgroove over the lower teeth and then pushed down hard. The ring appearedto be made of a very hard rubber-type material. However, the materialstill had a little bend to it when he pressed hard. This lowered the topof the gag just enough to fit under my upper teeth. He then let go of thegag and stepped back fast so he could watch the show.When he let go the rubber gag tried to retain it's natural shape, thuspushing my mouth further open. The pain built up fast in my jaw and Ishook my head back and forth and jabbed at it with my tongue in a futileeffort to dislodge the ring.When this didn't work I bit down as hard as I could to help relieve someof the pressure. This turned out to be a vital mistake. After a minute myjaw muscles started to tire out. It wasn't long and I couldn't provide anounce of resistance. My jaw made tiny snapping sounds as it was forcedopen until the ring finally reached it's resting state.I kicked myself for providing so much resistance to the ring. Had Iprovided just minor resistance than I could have maintained a semicomfortable state for possibly hours. Instead, I had used up my fullsupply of resistance in a matter of two minutes. I blushed at the factthat a small piece of rubber had not only out powered but also out smartedme.I prayed that Jay didn't plan to keep me in this device all day and allnight like he had with the dildo gag. I could already feel my jaw musclescramping up. If I stayed like this for even an hour I could have permanentdamage. Or at least it felt that way."After today you will know what it really means to be face fucked," Jaylaughed. "Yeah, our little girl is definitely going to be all woman afterthis."I knew he was serious when he closed the shower door. No doubt, thingswere about to get messy and he wanted to make the cleanup job as easy aspossible."I don't suppose you care to tell me now where Karen is?" Jay asked.God did I want to tell him. But I just knew better. I know I say Iwould rather be dead than going through all these things. However, as longas I was still alive there was always hope of escape. So, I just lookeddown at the floor away from him."There is something you should know," Jay said. "I've been going aroundto farms looking for where you might be keeping her."I might have laughed had I not been in so much pain from the gag. Thedumb shit wasn't even looking in the right state. Kansas had to be atleast 75 percent farmland. It would take him years before he could evencome close to ruling the state out as a possible location for her. Myheart sank, however, when he knelt next to me and whispered in my ear."You would be surprised what kind of souvenirs I'm finding on my littletrips to those farms," he said. "I've heard all little girls like horses.I guess you are no exception."I felt like throwing up when I realized what he was saying. He had puthorse cum in my dildo gag earlier today. I tried to convince myself thathe was just playing with my mind. I mean, what farm would just give himhorse cum? Was that actually something farms normally sold? But then, Iwouldn't put it past Jay to just pull up to a barbed wire fence on acountry road, lure a horse over and then jack it off into a jar.I could tell from his voice though that he wasn't bluffing. I workedhard to keep my stomach under control. The last thing I wanted to do wasthrow up and actually taste the cum. Still, it was hard not to visualizeall that horse sperm swimming around in my stomach.As I knelt there crying, Jay stood back up and turned the shower on. Ashe adjusted the temperature I just stared at the water running across thetiles and into the drain. I noted that Jay had not thought to remove thedrain cover. It didn't matter though, I hadn't eaten anything solid forover 24 hours now so everything would fit through the holes if I threw up."God, take me away from here," I thought as Jay grabbed my hair andpulled my head up to meet his dick.The next 30 minutes were probably the longest in my entire life. Jayhad not been exaggerating when he said I would know what it means to beface fucked. He didn't even pretend to be gentle with me. He just stuckhis dick through the ring gag and started fucking me as deep, hard and fastas he could.As bad as this was, it became 10 times worse once I started throwing upthe horse cum. He didn't even bother stopping when this would happen. Hewould just keep drilling my throat as I puked around his dick. With hisdick obstructing the path this meant only a little bit could come up eachtime. Even after 30 minutes I think I still had half the horse cum insideme. During that entire time my mouth was engulfed in the flavor of it.At least a half hour passed before he finally pulled my head hardagainst his pelvis and shot his load down my throat. He then pulled backand ordered me to suck the remainder of it from his dick. I was more thanhappy to oblige; anything to get this all over with."I think I got some down here also," Jay said as he lowered my mouth tohis nuts.I did my best to wash his nuts with my tongue. As I was doing this heturned the shower off and then put his hand back on my head."Wash the back of them also he said as he turned around and had me lickhis nut sack from behind."No..." I tried to protest when Jay suddenly bent forward and pulled mymouth up and to between his ass cheeks.I refused to lick his asshole until he threatened to leave the ring gagin if I didn't. I licked up and down his crack as lightly as I could. Iknew it was clean from the shower but that fact didn't make the task anyeasier."You're not that good at that," Jay said as he pulled away and turnedtoward me again. "I'm sure Bob will help train you though."His dick had leaked a bit more cum and he had me slurp it off his dickand suck on the head a little more. He then pushed me away and stared downat me."I see our little girl enjoyed her first real throat fuck," Jay laughed.I wasn't sure what he meant. I just blushed and looked down at thefloor. It was then that I got the shock of my life. My dick was hard as arock. I was completely baffled until I remembered the large metal ringthat was tight around my balls and dick. The fit slowed down the bloodescaping from my dick, which in turn made it hard. Despite the medicalexplanation, I was still embarrassed to be hard after having been throatfucked and made to lick another man's asshole."Maybe we should take care of that before you go back out to your cage,"Jay smiled. "We wouldn't want Bob thinking you are having too much fun inhere."Jay grabbed a towel and for a moment I thought he was going to be kindand dry me off. Instead, he folded it up and tossed it on the shower floorabout 2 feet from one of the corners. He then pushed my head down near thefloor about a foot or two in front of the towel and started lifting mylower body up by the hips. Jay wasn't super strong but I only weighed like125 pounds the last time I check and had probably lost at least 5 to 10pounds of that during these last 6 weeks or so.He kept lifting until I was basically standing on my head. He keptangling me though until my feet and then my butt and lower back came torest on the wall. My neck wasn't strong enough to support my weight and Ihad to angle my head so I was looked up with my shoulders and neck comingto rest on the towel.It was an extremely uncomfortable position. I felt like my neck couldsnap at any moment. Had I lost my balance and slid to the right or left myneck might have actually done just that. Luckily, Jay was there ensuringthat didn't happen.I blushed when I looked up to see Jay's ass hovering above me while hesquatted there in order to help me maintain my balance. I could feel myhard dick squeezed between our two bodies. If I were him I would havenever let my face get that close to a male slave's dick and balls. It wastoo faggy if you asked me. But then, it was Jay we were talking about herewasn't it?I groaned when I seen him slowly lower his ass down to my face. Iprayed that he was just angling back away from my dick so he could suck itor something; that his ass coming closer to my face was just a secondaryeffect of the move. His ass kept lowering much more than necessary thoughand I realized what he wanted from me. He kept dropping down until heburied both my mouth and nose in his ass cheeks."If you want to breath then you will get busy down there," Jay informedme.I remembered watching a video of my father performing a similar trainingsession on Jay. I remembered laughing my ass off as Jay was made to rimout my dad's asshole. I wasn't finding this training session quite asfunny as I had that one.I held out for over a minute before I had to give in and start lickingat Jay's asshole. I knew from the video exactly how this worked. Justlicking at the asshole would get me just a smidgen of air but not quiteenough to live on for very long. Stiffening my tongue and poking lightlyat the hole would get me slightly more air. And finally, actually forcingmy tongue up his ass over and over would get me all the air I desired.That in mind, you would think I, or any slave that knew the rules, wouldjust go straight to the tongue fucking. It wasn't that simple though. Itwas all a matter of dignity. The position as well as the act was one ofthe most undignified things you could think of. It didn't matter if youknew you would end up tongue fucking the asshole eventually anyway. Theleast you could do is salvage at least a tiny piece of your dignity byholding out as long as you could.For me, that was about the 4-minute mark. For the record, I believethat was a full two minutes longer than Jay had with my father... justmore proof how big of a faggot Jay was."That's a good girl," Jay said as he grabbed hold of my dick and startedto masturbate me.The pleasure from the feel of his hand on my dick shocked me. Only afaggot could feel pleasure at a time like this. Either it was the d**gsagain or my body was just so used to pain that even the slightestcomforting touch got amplified 1,000 fold.While he was jacking my dick with one hand I could tell he was using hisother hand to play with his own. He quickly tired of my slow tongue fuckand started to do a small bounce up and down on my face and tongue. Thefag must have really enjoyed having his asshole played with because it tookless than 5 more minutes to get him off.When he was about to cum Jay pulled up off my face and angled his dickdown until the tip was pointed at my wide open mouth. The next thing Iknew I could feel his thick cum falling down on my tongue and filling mymouth. I didn't wait for him to threaten me or anything and just swallowedso I wouldn't have to taste it any longer than necessary.I still blushed as I let the slime slither down my throat. Him kneelingabove me laughing didn't help any either. To make things even worse, I wasstill hard and feeling pleasure from Jay's hand, which had resumedmasturbating me.I didn't want to give him the pleasure of seeing me cum so every time Igot close I would force myself to gain control again. Jay was relentlessthough and kept jacking on my stiff dick."Maybe this will help," Jay said as he reached down with his free handand started rubbing my nipples.This more than anything convinced me that he definitely had a videocamera hidden in the basement. He must have seen my reaction to Bob toyingwith my nipples the night before. If, however, it was just guess work onhis part then it was one hell of a guess because his flicking of my nipplestook my impending climax completely out of my hands.I started crying when I realized I didn't even have control over my ownpleasure now. I knew I had no control but I still kept staring at my dickhanging down above me. I kept trying to will it to get soft or at leastignore the pleasure. It was no use though and the pleasure just keptbuilding."No!" I groaned through the ring gag as I felt my sperm rushing throughthe stem of my dick.Realizing that I was cumming, Jay pulled my waist a few more inches fromthe wall so my hips were almost directly above me. He then pointed my dickdirectly at my open mouth and pushed down. I think he was as surprised asI was when my dick not only reached my mouth but went in about an inch. Iam pretty flexible and have a long dick, but I didn't think it possible forany guy, let alone me, to suck their own dick. Of course, why would anyoneever want to do such a thing?I had more important things to worry about right now though, like thetorrent of cum that was shooting into my mouth. The angle of my neck madeit hard to swallow and the large head of my dick prevented it from escapingout the other direction. My cheeks ballooned up with the cum until thebuilt up pressure forced it to start oozing down my throat. I already knewI came a ton but this unique perspective made it seem even more thannormal.When it was clear I had stopped cumming and that my mouth was prettyempty, Jay lifted me up and got me back into a normal kneeling position. Ifelt dizzy as the blood rushed away from my head finally."Wow, look at all that milk our little girl produced," Jay said as theremaining cum drooled out of my mouth and ran down my chin, neck and chest."Don't tell me your grandpa got you pregnant on the first night."I didn't get the joke but he found it funny. I was just pleased that hekept his word and reached down and removed the ring gag from my mouth. Ittook me over a minute before I could actually shut my mouth though. Once Idid, the flavor of my own cum seemed even stronger. I closed my eyes tightand forced myself to swallow several times in order to get most of theflavor out of my mouth.I would like to say that my time with Jay had been the worst part of myday. Unfortunately, Bob ensured that it wasn't. Bob was anything buthappy about my ass being off limits to him and decided to take it out 10fold on my throat.I lost track of how many hours I ended up deep throating Bob that day.The d**g made it hard to keep track but I had to have drank at least 5loads of Bob's cum that day. He also used my mouth as his own personaltoilet. He made me drink his piss three times in total. The first twotimes he just shot it straight down my throat. However, on the third timehe knelt over my face and pissed in my mouth as slowly as he could so hecould watch me gulp it down.Jay had tossed the dildo gag into our cage before leaving and Bob madesure I was wearing it whenever he wasn't using my throat. Bob depositedall his fluids directly in my mouth now but that didn't mean the bulb onthe gag stayed empty all the time. Whenever Bob would see it running lowhe would remove it and hand it through the bars of our cage to my uncles.He would then order them to fill it with cum and/or piss.The only plus side for the day was that Bob used his bedpan when hedecided to take his daily dump. He even wiped his ass with the few stripsof toilet paper available to him before he made me rim him out. It wasstill disgusting and tasted nasty but could have been much worse. Whoknows how long his mercy in this area would last though.6.That day had been pretty taxing but it seemed like a vacation comparedto the prior one. I even managed to get some sleep here and there when Bobwasn't using me. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but thebasement even warmed up a lot thanks to Jay leaving the bathroom vent open.The only problem with this relaxed day was that by the time most of thed**gs wore off that night I was already fully rested. This made it hardfor me to sleep that night. Bob's snoring didn't help either. I spentmost of my time just staring at the cage bars and crying. I had plenty tocry about but I wasn't so sure why I was crying now. When I was staring atthe bars I wasn't really thinking of anything, I was just letting my minddrift; the tears just seemed to come from nowhere.I hadn't heard anyone upstairs moving around for a good 2 to 3 hours soguessed it was at least midnight. I finally started to get tired myself soI shuffled over to grandpa and cuddled next to him for warmth. With myhands still latched behind my back it was hard to snake in next to himwithout waking him up.He had his huge towel for warmth and seemed to enjoy watching me freeze.Had I woken him up he would just push me away again. It was much warmerthanks to the heat from the bathroom, but Bob's body heat made it even moreacceptable.I was starting to nod off when I heard the basement door at the top ofthe steps crack open. At first I thought Jay had just not shut it all theway and the air was just now pushing it open further. However, as I laythere I heard a light creaking of the stairs. The creaking came in shortbursts every 10 seconds or so as though someone was trying to sneak intothe basement.The noise was so light and subtle that I almost convinced myself that itwas just my imagination. However, about 3 minutes later I seen the shadowof someone peaking around the corner. Our light stayed on 24/7 but it wasonly bright enough to light our area of the room. There was a separatelight for the stairwell and it was currently off.The face stayed there for the longest time as though the person wastrying to either spy on us or decide to enter or not. Considering weweren't doing anything worth spying on, my guess is that it was the latter.I blushed when the person finally stepped into view; it was s*s. I wasembarrassed for her to see me like this. She was supposed to be my slaveafter all. She flushed red as well when she noticed me looking at her. Ithad been against the house rules for her to wear clothes indoors and for aninstant her hands went to her gown as though she was going to remove it. It was good to see that her training had not been completely reversed yet.It didn't surprise me that Jay was letting her wear clothes and tryingto remove her training. She was his daughter. He may have giving up hopeon his brothers but I doubt he would ever give up hope on Linda.s*s was wearing a nightgown, which confirmed it must be night upstairs.The gown was cotton and looked very comfortable and warm. It had longsleeves and was loose fitting as it ran down her body. It came to a haltwith a bunch of ruffles about a foot from the ground. It was white withtons of small pastel flowers imprinted all over it. The gown, inconjunction with her ponytails made her look as virgin as undriven snow.The gown was one Jay clearly bought for her recently. My guess is hepicked the most innocent one he could find in hopes that it might bringmemories back of the little girl that once was. If only Jay had seen someof the tapes of his "innocent" little girl performing. He was her fatherthough; I guess he had no choice but to see only the good in her.I wished I wasn't wearing this damned dildo gag; I would have been ableto order s*s to find the key or us or maybe call the cops. Maybe it wasbest though that I couldn't speak. It would have killed me inside had Igiven her an order and she just ignored me.As she walked through the room I noticed she stayed clear of the cage Iwas in. She looked scared that Bob or I might reach out and grab her orsomething. She was a smart k** because that is exactly what I probablywould have done had my hands been free. I would have gotten her into adeath grip and then held her like that until Jay let us free. Bob probablywould grab her also but for different reasons.If she wasn't here to help me though then why was she sneaking arounddown here? Curiosity was one thing but she could have fed her curiosityfrom the doorway. No, it had to be more than just that; especiallyconsidering how uncomfortable she seemed to be by being down here with us.It wasn't until she made her way around the room that it became clearwhy she was here. As she made her way around the cage I noticed she waslooking more at Uncle David and Joey than she was Bob and I. She stillglanced at us but it was my uncles she was really interested it."The little slut is horny," I thought.I was too embarrassed to laugh at her, not that the dildo gag would haveallowed that luxury anyway. Joey just sat there but David went right intoaction. David crawled toward her as she approached.When David got near her she took one last glance my direction andblushed when she seen me watching her. She then turned her back to me andraised the front of her nightgown. She raised the front as high as shecould without risking showing me her rump. My guess is that she wasn't somuch hiding her nudity from me but actually from Bob. He was a perfectstranger to her after all.I couldn't see, but apparently she didn't have any underwear on becauseDavid went right to work on her cunt. I could hear him licking and suckingat her pussy. Linda tried to keep quiet but her excitement got the best ofher and she started moaning. It was still low enough that there was norisk of waking Jay upstairs, but it was enough to wake Bob up."What a slut," Bob giggled when he seen what was going on.I couldn't believe the idiot. Here is our one possible ticket out ofhere and he's calling her names! I tried to get Bob's attention by moaningand jerking my head and stuff but he just pushed me out of the way so hecould get a better view of the show.Linda must have been well primed already because she climaxed in lessthan 5 minutes. She quivered for a minute and almost lost her balance afew times. She then tried to step back away from David and his persistenttongue.I could see David's hands under her gown holding her ass cheeks. Everytime she would try to pull away he would just grip her ass tighter and pullher back to his face."I got to go," Linda said as she tried to push him away again.Instead of letting her go David actually pulled her down to the floorand started trying to get her gown off."No," she said as loud as she dared. "Please stop.""What a cock tease," Bob laughed. "Give it to her boy."David didn't need Bob's encouragement. He clearly already had plans fors*s. As he finally managed to pull the gown over her head she actually gotfree of his grasp for a moment. She tried scurrying away out of reach buthe got hold of her again just before running out of chain.You could hear her knees and feet sliding against the concrete floor asshe tried to pull free. I was surprised she was putting up such a fight.It's not like she hadn't been with David several times in the past anyway.Either she was scared of being caught down here or she just didn't likedoing it in front of Bob and I.David wasn't gentle with her either; he just flipped her over on herstomach and crawled up on her. Linda let out a loud grunt a second later.I couldn't see but I think the faggot stuck it up her asshole. She keptgrunting on each thrust so I was pretty sure I had guessed right.Joey had been watching from the sidelines during all of this. At firsthe looked too scared to participate. However, once David got her undercontrol Joey got the nerve up to join in. He went in front of her and fedher his dick. She tried sucking it for him but David was yanking her backand forth on his dick too much."Lay on your back," David told his brother.Joey complied and David then guided Linda till she was on her hands andknees above him. David pulled out just long enough to get Linda to sit onJoey's dick. He then climbed up behind her again and sunk balls deep upher ass.Linda kept looking our way and blushing, but I could tell she wasgetting off on the double penetration. It wasn't long and she gave up herfalse modesty and started moaning in pleasure. This is what she reallysnuck down here to get and she knew it.I have to admit that s*s looked pretty hot with the 2 of them abusingher like this. She looked like a delicate flower being bashed between twoboulders. It was amazing that she would get any pleasure out of the act. Iguess I trained her well.They went at it like this for about 30 minutes before my uncles pumpeds*s full of cum. God only knows how many times s*s came during that time.She looked like she was cumming almost the entire time."Wait," Bob said when my uncles started helping s*s get dressed. "Fillthis up first."Bob then grabbed a hand full of my hair with one hand and used the otherto unscrew the bulb on my gag. He then tossed the empty bulb to David. David looked puzzled for a moment and then smiled when it dawned on himwhat Bob wanted.David pulled Linda back down into a squatting position and held the bulbunder her. She blushed as the cum began to ooze from her cunt and asshole.The cum from her cunt slithered down her cunt lips and to her asshole whereit mixed with the cum leaking from there as well. The mixture then drippeddown and into the bulb David was now holding.I know Linda already knew what the bulb was for but I was grateful shedidn't acknowledge the fact by staring at me or protesting. I don't thinkI could have survived the embarrassment had she made a scene about it.Once she started to run dry, Linda stood up without prompting andstarted to get dressed again. The bulb was about half full when Davidhanded it back to Bob. Bob then jacked off into it as he watched Lindadressing herself. I was surprised he didn't even try to talk her intoapproaching the cage. I could tell he wanted her, but I think he realizedJay had a camera hidden somewhere in the basement. The last thing hewanted to do was screw up the star treatment he had been receiving lately.I didn't even groan when Bob finally came in the bulb and reattached itto my gag. I had eaten so much cum in the past few days that it barelyeven grossed me out anymore. Well, I guess it did but you can only make abig deal out of it so many times.Once she got her gown on Linda made her way to the stairs and thendisappeared into the night. The entire ordeal with her and my uncles hadbeen a nice distraction, but hardly anything that exciting. As a minimum,I had hoped that I could get some kind of feel as to whether Linda mightplan to help us escape. I really couldn't tell one way or the otherthough.On the bright side, I did hear Linda and Jay fighting the next day aboutthe incident. This not only further confirmed the existence of the hiddencamera but gave me some hope s*s might assist in our escape.From the sounds of their argument, Jay had his hands full trying to waneLinda off dick. I couldn't make it all out through the floor butapparently David and Joey had been brought downstairs because s*s wascaught sneaking into their room a couple times. On top of that she wascaught once sneaking out at night. If Jay actually managed to keep herhigh and dry for too long she probably would help me escape just so I woulddick her again.As the days went on, however, what little hope I had of her help quicklydiminished. In fact, hope for escape period soon vanished. Oh, I kepttelling myself that escape was still a real possibility, but deep down Iknew I was just k**ding myself.Last year I asked my mom for help on learning how to type. She musthave researched it on the internet or something because every day afterdinner she always had a 20 to 30 minute training session for me tocomplete. It only took me a couple weeks to get to the point where I couldtype without looking at the keys. However, I never seemed to be able tobreak the 20 words per minute mark. Day after day and week after week Ihovered around 20 wpm. Then, almost overnight a switch somewhere in myhead got flipped on and I shot up from 20 wpm to 45 wpm. I then graduallyincreased from there until I was around the 70 wpm mark.Anyway, that seemed to be the exact same way my slave trainingprogressed. For the longest time I hovered around that "20 wpm" mark in myslave training. In that, I mean I did what I was told without beingwhipped all the time. However, sucking the dicks, licking the assholes,eating the cum, drinking the piss, etc., still disgusted and angered me.Then one day, just like with my typing, a switch inside me just flippedon. It happened about 2 weeks after Linda's visit to the basement. I canonly guess it happened because my last hope of escape had finallydisappeared. Whatever had caused it, I now found that I was no longerdisgusted by all the things they made me do. Or at least the level ofdisgust was significantly lower... to the point they seemed just likeeveryday chores and not really punishments or anything like that. Itwasn't that I enjoyed doing them now or anything like that; I just didn'tcare as much anymore. It was a lot like going to school, it wasn'tnecessarily something you enjoyed doing, it was just something you had todo and something you knew you couldn't really get out of doing.Every day, though, Jay would ask me where Karen was being held and everyday I would withhold the information. The only difference now, however,was that I wasn't really sure why I was withholding the information. Apart of me just knew I had too despite the fact that every time I refusedto answer, life in the cage got even worse.I only got to wear the chastity belt for a week before Jay removed it.My asshole still hurt a little but it was much better now than before. While it had been constantly uncomfortable, the belt's long, thick plug hadsignificantly improved my ability to take both Bob and Jay's dick up myass. Not only were they now able to get their entire dick up me but itdidn't even hurt that much anymore. Bob used my asshole several times aday so I still got sore but seldom got any serious cuts inside me like Ihad the day he took my cherry.To make things worse, Jay started giving Bob dildos. Bob would usethese on me whenever his dick wasn't hard. Actually, it was normally himmaking me use them on myself. Sometimes he would grab the current dildoand use it on me as a sort of foreplay. However, usually if it had asuction cup on the bottom of it he would stick it to the floor and justmake me ride it.Not all of the toys Jay provided actually fell in the "dildo" category.Some were vibrators and others a mix of both dildo and vibrator. Whilenothing seemed to bother me a lot anymore, I would have to say thevibrators were the worst. I hated them the most because they actually gaveme pleasure. I know that might not make sense to you but I felt sohumiliated and helpless whenever I was made to ride one of these and mydick would get hard and often climax on it's own.It was especially horrible when this would happen while I was riding thevibrators and using my mouth on my grandfather. You don't know truehumiliation until you paint the floor with your cum while rimming yourgrandfather's asshole.To make things even worse, I noticed a gradual decline in the effects ofthe enema d**g. At first I thought I was building immunity to it. However, after a week of the steady decline I realized that the effectswere so low that Jay must have been cutting back my dosage. The effectswere so minor now that it was entirely possible that they were just myimagination and that he wasn't using it at all now.A few weeks back, a reduction in the d**g would have been a cause forcelebration since it would significantly improve my chances of escape. However, I had reached the point where escape didn't really enter my mindanymore. It was as though the cage was and had always been my life. Mymind focused just on getting through my daily chores of taking care of Boband Jay. Those chores often even included David and Joey who would sticktheir dicks through the bars of our cage when ordered by Bob to do so.So, instead of making me happy, all the removal of the d**g seemed to dowas make life in the cage harder. Time went by at a snails pace and therewas never any d**g induced escape from my life in hell.7.Life went on in the cage one painful day after another until one daysomething significant happened. I had given up all bother of trying totrack the days anymore. Knowing how long I had been caged just didn't seemto matter that much anymore. If I had to guess though, I would say it wasabout the 4th or 5th month when life in the cage took a drastic turn.The day started out like any other. I got up early so I could start mymorning "workout". This was something Bob began making me do several weeksback when Jay first started giving us the dildos and vibrators.In addition to using the current dildo or vibrator throughout the day,Bob liked to go to sleep to the sound of me humping up and down on them. He also liked to wake up to the same sound. Bob got pretty brutal with meif he woke up in the morning and I wasn't already riding the artificialdicks. He wouldn't punish me if he happened to wake up in the middle ofthe night but if I knew what was good for me then that damned thing betterstill be up my ass while I slept.Every few days Jay would replace my existing toy with yet a bigger one.What he was doing was very similar to how I stretched Pupsiie out. Well,how I had s*s stretch her anyway. However, Jay was proceeding much fasterthan s*s. Hell, he started me out with a 1.5-inch dildo. Each new one wasalways at least a quarter inch thicker.The one I was using today was absolutely huge. It was easily as roundas a soda can. It was long also. Stack 3 soda cans on top of each otherand you will have a good feel for the size of this damn thing. I thought Iwas going to rip in half the first time Bob forced it up my ass. But ofcourse, I thought that every time Jay gave us a slightly larger toy to playwith.To make things worse, this was a vibrator and not a dildo. The thickerdildos were easier to get used too because they were made of a softerrubber type material and would squeeze in a lot easier. You could feel therubber constantly pushing out at the side of your asshole but it was verypatient about waiting until your ass got used to the size and stretched onit's own.The vibrators, however, were always rock hard. If you had a 2 to 3 inchthick vibrator shoved up your ass then that is exactly how far your ass wasopened up. No more, no less.I was going into my third day with this particular vibrator. Therefore,I was getting kind of used to it. Or at least I was getting used to thesize. But size was not always the only thing I had to adjust too. Everytoy seemed to have it's own little hurdles you had to overcome. Some hadodd bends and other weird shape related aspects.While the dildos looked similar to dicks with veins and shit, all of thevibrators I had used so far had no such features. They looked like dicksin only the most basic of aspects. They resembled large bullets more thanthey did dicks. The one I was using today, however, actually had whatresembled a penis head.It was this head that was the major hurdle for this vibrator. While theshaft was only about a quarter inch thicker than the prior one I used, thehead on this vibrator was over a half inch thicker. Once through my analring the larger head wasn't too bad, but fuck did it hurt getting past thathurdle. I thought for sure Bob was going to rip me in half the first timehe forced that damn thing up my ass.Even after 2 days it still hurt like hell whenever I forced it insidemyself. The hard ridge under the head somehow hurt 5 times worse wheneverI pulled it out. This definitely was not a vibrator Bob had to worry aboutme removing during the night.The b**st was like 15 inches tall. But I think the size was mainly forshow. I can't imagine anyone could possibly shove a vibrator this largethat far up their ass. A dildo might fit that deep since it is flexibleand would bend inside a little. But a vibrator like this one wouldprobably stretch your guts to the point that they ripped or something ifyou shoved it in too deep. Thankfully for me, both Bob and Jay realizedthis. That still didn't keep Bob from making me take as much of the thingas humanly possible.The humiliation factor on this vibrator was pretty high. By that, Imean it made me cum like crazy. In the last few weeks, cumming actuallyhad started to feel like a reward to me. It was still humiliating tomasturbate in front of my uncles and grandfather, but without the d**g inmy system anymore these brief moments of climax became my only mentalescape from reality. This of course only worked for the self-inducedclimaxes. The unwilling climaxes brought on by the dildos and vibratorswere the exact opposite.With masturbation you got that intense pleasure that seemed to overrideyour entire neural network. Cumming at the hands of the toys, however, wasnothing like that. Sometimes I would feel what seemed like an impendingpleasurable climax, but when it actually hit the intense pleasure justwasn't there. It was only slightly more intense than if I had been takinga piss. Sometimes I didn't even get the prelude to the climax. I wouldjust be humping at the toy and I would feel something inside me convulseand the next thing I knew semen was shooting or drooling out the end of mydick.This vibrator made me cum like that a ton. Part of it was because ofthe huge head on it, but another part was the shaft itself. The shaft wascovered with dozens of raised round bumps. Every time I slid up or down onit those bumps would send shivers from my ass ring directly to my dick.When Bob woke up I had been riding the vibe for less than 20 minutes butalready had a sizable pool of cum in front of me on the metal floor of ourcage. That pool got much bigger when Bob reached over and turned it on. Unlike some of the other vibes, you couldn't leave this one on all night orit would keep everyone in the house awake.The motors in it were so strong that it didn't even run off batteries.It had to be plugged into the wall outlet. The switch for the vibe wasactually on the cord itself. When Bob hit the switch it vibrated so hardthat it felt like it actually grew in width. My guess is that it wasbecause it was actually bouncing back and forth so hard and fast that itwas literally taking up more space in me.It vibrated so hard against the floor that it sounded like we were usinga jackhammer or something. Bob nicknamed the vibrator the "jumping bean"because every time it made contact with the floor the strong vibrationwould cause the dildo to bounce 1 to 3 inches back up into my ass. My assof course couldn't handle the extra depth and would shoot it back down tothe floor where the vibration would just punch it back up again.Bob didn't dare leave the thing running for more than a minute or two ata time out of risk of pissing Jay off too much with the noise. However,that was all that was needed each time to drain all the cum out of me. Within seconds of it being turned on my dick lurched and started shootingcum all over the floor.Bob got a huge laugh out of it every time he turned it on. Bob waspretty gay but I don't think he actually liked watching me cum. I think hejust liked knowing I didn't get any please out of it when I came this way.On top of that, he knew that by draining me this way I wouldn't be able tomasturbate my dick against the floor or anything like that for over an houror two. Of course, before then he would have me riding the vibe and itwould start all over again. This vibe was definitely his favorite so farand he had already asked Jay a few times if he could keep it in the cagewith us even after introducing me to the next size.A few minutes later I heard Jay walking down the steps. The vibe wasturned off but was still deep in my ass. Bob had temporarily unhooked mymitted hands from behind me so I could better kneel over and slurp my cumfrom the floor. I was almost done with the slop by the time Jay enteredthe room."I heard our little alarm clock go off this morning," Jay said inreference to the noise from the vibrator earlier."I was just making sure she stayed a proper lady," Bob laughed.This was one of Bob's ongoing little jokes. Bob constantly commentedthat it was unladylike for a girl my age to be constantly playing withherself. He used that as his justification for all the forced climaxes viathe dildos and vibrators. Yeah, I didn't see much logic or humor in iteither.Jay always chuckled when Bob said stupid shit like that but I don'tthink he actually found the comments funny. If anything, the commentsthemselves probably pissed him off since Bob used to say similar thingsabout him. However, I think Jay enjoyed the fact that the comments alwaysmade me blush."You know the drill," Jay said as he walked over with a pair ofhandcuffs.Every morning was almost always the same these days. He would cuffBob's hands around one of the cage bars and then open the cage for me tocrawl or hobble to the bathroom for my daily enema.I let out a short scream as Jay pulled on the vibrator and the huge headpopped through my anal ring. The head on that damn thing was so big that Iseldom could remove it on my own. It didn't matter though because I hadyet to have it removed without causing me to let out involuntary screams;thus, if I ever tried to remove it without permission during the night Iwould have surely woken up Bob and gotten a punishment.Jay locked my hands behind my back and then marched me into the bathroomon my knees. I'm not sure which Jay enjoyed more, giving me the enemas orjust having me alone in the bathroom for 30 minutes to an hour each day. If I had to choose I would say it was the alone time. He seldom ever didanything sexual to me in front of the others. I don't know if it was somekind of power thing or if he was just shy. All I do know is that I came todread that bathroom more than even my cage.Jay was seldom as brutal as Bob but he knew a lot more about how tohumiliate a slave. He didn't just repeat shit that had been done to himeither. He often came up with his own twists to these things and eveninvented completely new stuff."Time to take your shower," Jay said as he waited for me to crawl intothe shower.My "shower" was normally one of the most humiliating activities for meeach day. After my hands were latched behind me again, I'm required tohobble into the shower and then lay on my back. I then use my feet to pushmy lower body way into the air until I'm looking almost straight up at mydick high above me. I then have to piss down on myself. If I take toolong to start pissing then Jay always starts hitting me with a belt orwhip.The main objective of course is for me to get as much of the piss intomy mouth as possible and drink it. The more I got into my stomach the lessof a whipping I get later. Of course, there is always a whipping of somesort since aiming without the use of my hands in this position is nearimpossible. I always get at least a few mouths full but never fail todrench my chest and the rest of my face as well.It must have been a bad winter because a couple weeks back Jay stoppedrisking freezing us to death. Now, he left the basement heat vents open24/7. So, if one were to have to find a plus side to my morning "showers"then I guess it would be that I didn't suffer from the cold air hitting meafter I was soaked in piss. It wasn't much compensation though consideringhow utterly humiliating and degrading the activity was.Physically, my showers were one of the least painful things in my lifethese days. Yet, it was the showers that filled my nightmares every time Imanaged to get some sleep. The dreams were always the same too. Theyalways started with me looking up at my dick high above me. I would juststare up like that for what seemed like hours waiting for my piss to start.The entire time a belt would be bouncing off my ass cheeks but it was thewait, not the belt, that always bothered me in my dreams.I think this was the case because every time I "took a shower" in or outof my dreams, my mind was a vast mix of conflicting thoughts and emotions.I would be looking up praying for my piss to start so the whipping wouldstop. Yet, at the same time I was dreading when it would actually start.On one hand I wanted to drink as much of the piss as güvenilir bahis possible and on theother I didn't want a drop of it to even touch my skin. My mind went backand forth like this during my dreams until eventually my piss would shootout of my dick and start splashing down on my face. When this would happenthe feel of the piss on my face felt ultra real. Often I could even smelland taste it. Seconds later I often woke up.Some mornings I was so tired from riding the dildo and lack of sleepthat I wasn't 100 percent sure I wasn't dreaming as I waited there for mypiss to start. Of course I figured out the truth once the piss shot downat me and I didn't wake up from my nightmare.This day, however, I thought for sure I was dreaming because it was theonly possible explanation my weakened mind could come up with for whathappened. After almost 7 minutes of the belt I finally got my pissstarted. While I was busy gulping it down I heard a very loud ruckus.I forced myself to stop pissing and opened my eyes. When I looked up Iseen Bob smiling down at me. Bob often woke me up during the night bypissing on me, so for a moment I thought for sure I was back in my cage andwaking from a dream. However, I realized that we weren't in the cage butin the bathroom.Bob laughed as I lost my temporary hold on my bladder and the pissstarted raining down on me again. I almost opened my mouth to drink itwhen I realized I probably didn't have to do that now. So, I unflexed mylegs and let my body slowly drop back down to the floor of the showerstall. It didn't make much difference though. My stream of piss was stillstrong enough that it arched over my lower body and landed on my face. Thestream waved around on my face for about 5 seconds before I got the senseto use my feet to angle me onto my side.Once on my side I looked out the shower entrance to see Jay lying on thefloor holding his head. Bob was standing above him holding the very largeand very hard vibrator I had been using earlier. When Jay looked like hewas about to get up, Bob angled back with the vibrator in order to deliveryet another blow on the head. Bob stopped himself though and instead leftthe room. He returned less than 20 seconds later holding some handcuffswhich he put on Jay.Bob then left yet again only to return with some rope. He thenproceeded to hogtie Jay. During all of this I had managed to get into akneeling position, but was too confused to do anything beyond that. Evenafter I managed to work out that Bob was escaping, I was still confused whyhe hadn't untied me yet.Bob did look awfully busy though tying and gagging Jay so I just waitedpatiently. But then he left the bathroom for a very long time. I seenDavid walking around in the basement a few minutes later and wanted tospeak up for assistance. I decided to keep my mouth shut, but did standand walk out of the bathroom.I looked at our cage to see that one of the bars had been somehowdisconnected at the top and bent all the way inward... just enough for Bobto squeeze his fat ass through. I later found out that Bob knew a littlebit about welding and had noticed a bar with a bad weld on it. Unnoticedby Jay and I, Bob had been sticking his hands around this particular barevery morning when Jay cuffed him.Bob guessed correctly that the hidden camera was turned off every timeJay came into the basement. So, my little bathroom adventures with Jaygave Bob anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes every morning to shake back andforth on the bar. Eventually all this stress was too much for the poorlydone weld and it came loose.While all of this was pretty impressive; how Bob managed to bend the barwas even more so. That morning of his escape he had used all his strengthto bend the bar just enough to squeeze the chain from his cuffs over thetop. He then soaked his long towel in his water dish and rolled it into along thick rope. He then removed the electrical cable from the hardvibrator and placed the vibrator across the center of that rope and tied ahalf-knot. Then he tied one end of that towel rope to the loose bar andthe other end to a bar about 3.5 feet away on the opposite side of thecage. Then, all he had to do was rotate the dildo. As the towel ropecoiled it bent the loose bar further and further until he was home free.I made a mental note to immediately send Sandra an email to ensure allthe welds were good on Vee's cage. (See prior stories if you don't knowwho Sandra or Vee is.)To send that email, however, I would have to be free. But I was stillstanding there with my hands latched behind my back and Bob seemed to feelit was more important to talk to David than to consider removing my mitts.As I stood there I started to get a very bad feeling that he might not planto release me at all.They were half facing me but didn't seem to be paying me much mind. Asthey continued to talk I slowly sidestepped toward the stairwell. I hadjust taken a long piss, but I was so nervous and scared that I started toleak a thin stream of piss down my leg. I didn't get but a couple feetbefore Bob noticed what I was doing."Get that little girl over here," Bob said as he motioned my direction.I turned and started to run toward the stairs but David was on me longbefore I reached them."Let me go!" I said in my best commanding voice.For an instant I felt David's grasp loosen but then he reconsidered thecommand and held on tight again. It wasn't until he put his hand over mymouth that I realized Linda was still upstairs and could run for help. Orat least she could had I been smart enough to actually yell that Jay hadbeen taken prisoner. It was too late now though. Even as I was thinkingwhat I should have done, Bob was sliding my dildo gag down my throat.After hogtying me like Uncle Jay, Bob ordered David to stay downstairswhile he "got things under control" upstairs. It must have been dirt earlyin the morning because I didn't hear the cartoons running on the TVupstairs when Bob went up the stairs and opened the door. I could hear thefloorboards creaking as he snuck across the living room and into Linda'sbedroom.Bob must have gotten her completely by surprise because there was noscreams and barely even a struggle. I could hear Bob barking at her but itwasn't loud enough for me to make out much of what he was saying. However,I could tell he was threatening her not to scream and stuff. There was abrief moment when I heard her starting to beg but it was quickly halted bya loud slap.Then, for the longest time it was quiet. I could still hear noises butthey were very low. David must have been curious also at what was going onbecause he tiptoed to the stairwell and then quietly went up. Bob had toldhim to stay in the basement so he didn't dare go through the door. He juststayed at the top of the stairs just inside the basement.The silence lasted for about 10 minutes. I can only guess that Bob hadbeen involved in some kind of foreplay because the next sounds I heard wereof Bob mounting s*s. They were still quiet enough that you probablycouldn't hear them from outside unless you were standing right next to thehouse. However, their noise was significantly louder than it had been justmoments earlier. I could distinctly hear Linda's small bed squeaking asBob viciously humped into her. Bob was being just as hard on her as healways was with me. Every squeak was followed by a loud grunt from Lindaas Bob thrust into her.I knew Bob wasn't 100 percent gay, but it surprised me that he likedtaking his granddaughter this much. He fucked her for over 30 minutesbefore he finally came to a stop. About 20 minutes later, however, thesqueaking started all over again. This time, however, Linda's squeals weremuch louder. It was pretty obvious that he was taking her anally thistime.The anal fuck lasted a very long time before Bob finished. He hadn'thad his fill yet though and was back on her about an hour later. Thispattern went on for half the day. I'm pretty sure that Bob took s*s up theass every time after that first fuck. Not that I paid that much attentionafter the 3rd time. She was my sister and I worried a little about her butafter awhile it just got, well, boring to listen to them.Even David got bored and came back down the steps. To break the boredomDavid decided to fuck his brother a few times. He was still too scared totouch me though. While he might be too chicken shit to fuck me, I wasstill pretty certain he wouldn't go out of his way to help me.David's lack of obedience to me was upsetting. However, I fullyunderstood it and didn't really hold it against him. He was a slave andBob had clearly taken on the role as master. After having seen all thenasty things Bob had done to me, I didn't blame David in the slightest forhis inability to consider me a master anymore. In fact, while Bob would nodoubt always remain his master, it probably wouldn't be long before Davidconsidered himself the master over me.I laid there most of the day crying at the fact that freedom had seemedso close only to be snatched away. No, I had not been freed; there hadjust been a management restructuring is all.8.The following few days were, well, exciting. I know that sounds bad butwhen you are in isolation so long then even the slightest change in yourdaily routine is exciting.Bob spent that entire first day playing with Linda upstairs. However,the following day he spent working. First, he and David fixed the cage. With the amount of work they put into bending the bar back into place Ithink it would have been easier to just cut it off and go buy a new one.Something told me, however, that money was running short. Whenever theyhappened to be eating something downstairs or I heard them talking aboutpreparing something, it always seemed to be no better than what Bob hadbeen eating while living in the cage with me.In fact, one of the first things I heard them discuss was about Davidgoing out and finding a job. After being a captive for well over a halfyear, David was more than willing to comply. He must have succeededbecause it wasn't but a couple days later and the house filled with thearoma of home cooked meals. While this was good for them, it was torturefor me since they were still feeding me dog food. The dog food neverseemed to agree with my stomach but I was already pretty used to that. Though, the smells from upstairs did bring back memories of better times.That is not to say that life in the cage didn't improve for me. Itactually improved 1,000 fold. First off, my mitts were finally removed. While wearing the mitts I constantly tried to wiggle my fingers a little sothe blood would circulate and the muscles would not get too weak. However,when the mitts were finally removed it took me over 2 days before I couldfinally extend my fingers flat out again. My hands had been kept in a fistso long that the joints and muscles had tightened up in that state. It wasa very painful couple days but I finally managed to get my full use of themagain.Another exciting change was that my status in the cage took a full 180.The mitts were put on Jay and now he was the slave and I was the one incontrol. Bob didn't have to threaten me to get me to play my role either.I punished Jay every chance I got and fucked his asshole and throatwhenever I could get hard. I'm not gay but I have to admit that I enjoyedfucking Jay since I knew he hated it so much. It was also very sweetrevenge.I was very tempted to kill Jay as part of that revenge. However, I justcouldn't bring myself to do it. I hated him but I also understood why hedid what he did. He was just trying to get his sister and lover back. Iwould have done no less had someone hidden Linda from me. Besides, if Ikilled him then Joey and I would be the only two left to entertain Bob. Atleast this way Jay took the brunt of our daily activities.While life had gotten significantly easier for me, there were stillshitty things I had to put up with. For example, Bob often came downstairsand made me suck him off. Sometimes he would make me ride the dildos andvibrators also. While he seemed to like sticking his dick up s*s and Jay,I think Bob still liked fucking me the most. I was much younger than Jayand unlike s*s, I was a boy which Bob clearly preferred.Bob fucked Joey a few times but for the most part left him to his otherson David. I think Bob only fucked Joey so he could claim he did it. Well, I doubt he was bragging about it to anyone other than himself. Iknew that some nights Bob would fuck David upstairs. So, once he got upDavid's asshole then Joey became a sort of milestone for Bob. Once he tookJoey it meant he had fucked all his sons. This was something only someonelike Bob would get pride from.Believe it or not, after a week of this I actually started to feelcontent in my new life in the cage. As long as Jay continued to take mostof the harsher treatments then I honestly felt I could be somewhat happyliving the rest of my life caged up like this. A part of me had clearlybroken and I had not even noticed. Even then I didn't even realize therewas something wrong with my new acceptance of the cage.Of course I still thought about escape sometimes. I mean you couldn'thelp but think of that and a thousand other things. I know sometimes Imake it sound like a ton of sex and stuff was going on in the basement,however, all of that really only occupied maybe 3 to 5 hours a day at most.That is a shit load of sex but that still left 12 to 14 fucking long hoursin between when we were awake and just sitting there doing nothing. Go sitin your fucking basement for just 1 hour and see if your mind doesn'twonder also.When I did think of escape I normally did so more for Linda's behalf andnot just my own. Had they brought s*s to the basement and tossed her inthe cage with me then I probably would have tossed out all thoughts ofescape since I would be able to look out for her a little better then. However, that is not what they did. They kept her upstairs all the time.Bob and David used her at least twice as often as they did Jay, Joey and Icombined.The first week I think they had her tied or chained to her bed becauseyou never heard her roaming around the house and whenever they had sex withher it was always in her bed.I guess Bob got tired of feeding her and emptying her bedpan all thetime when David was at work; because around the 2nd week they obtained along chain. I could hear it sliding across the hard wood floors, as shewould make her way from room to room.Bob must have figured she was significantly broken in now because he hadher cooking their food, cleaning the house, washing the dishes, etc. Broken in or not, they still gave her more than her share of dick.It was almost funny in a sick sort of way. While Jay was in chargeLinda was so desperate for dick that she had to sneak around to get it. Now with Bob in charge she had cum running out her ears practically.During all of this s*s and I had a birthday. I was both shocked anddepressed when Bob informed me of this. This meant I had been in the cagesignificantly longer than I had previously calculated.This meant that I was now 15 and s*s was 12. I remember thinking ons*s's last birthday that I would fuck her cunt for the first time when sheturned 12. As it turned out, that is exactly what I got to do; though, thecircumstances were nothing like I would have ever imagined at the time.I first knew something was up when Linda's mattress came sliding downthe basement stairwell. Bob and David then pulled it into the room andlaid it on the ground a few feet away from the cage.The mattress was riddled with stains and reeked of cum. It wouldn'tsurprise me if they decided to just leave it down here so it wouldn't stinkup the house anymore upstairs. From what I could tell, all three of themnow slept in the master bedroom together anyway. That in mind, it's morelikely the mattress would end up staying down here simply because they weretoo lazy to get it back up the steps.Bob went back upstairs for a moment and returned with s*s. He was alsocarrying a paper bag with something in it but that was not out of theordinary at the time. I often seen David or Bob bring something downstairs or take something up. They were so fucking unorganized that youwould sometimes see one of them take something upstairs only to see thembring it back down 30 minutes later, then take it back upstairs 30 minutesafter that. The record to date was a bag of old clothes that took 5 tripsto and from the basement in less than a 2-hour span.My focus now, though was on s*s and not the bag. This was the firsttime I had seen her since the night she had snuck down stairs so long ago.She looked a lot better than I had expected. As harsh as they had beentreating her upstairs I expected her to be half dead. However, she lookedrather healthy with all things considered. A part of me actually feltthankful toward Bob for ensuring Linda stayed in better shape than the nowratty mattress he so frequently fucked her on.She was naked of course and I could tell her breasts had developed alittle bit since the last time I had seen her. They were still prettysmall but at least now they looked like girl tits. She had small bruiseson her here and there but nothing too serious. It looked like most of themwere just from Bob being a little rough while fucking her.Her ass cheeks and chest were pretty red. This was no surprise thoughsince I had heard Bob using a belt on her earlier. Still, I couldn't helpbut feel a little sorry for her. Bob seemed to use any excuse to whip thepoor girl. At least the daily spankings I used to give her were forsomething she knew she actually deserved to be punished for.It just wasn't right for him to hand out such harsh frequent punishmentsto her just because he felt like it. Even a submissive like Linda needs tobe given a legit reason for such vast punishments or it confuses them andmesses up their training. But then, I doubt Bob was worrying too muchabout training her. He had food and beer in the fridge now and plenty ofass, that was about the extent of his worries."So you're 12 now," Bob said as he pushed her onto the mattress. "Ithink it's time you got your birthday spanking. I think 10 for each yearshould be about right.""No!" Jay and I said in unison.I don't know about Jay but my outburst had been completely instinctive.She was going to get the belt regardless of what I said and I knew speakingout like that would only make things worse for both her and I. Jay and Iboth coward back from the cage bars when we seen Bob scowl our direction."Don't worry, I'll save enough for you," Bob laughed.A part of me prayed he was talking to Jay. But considering it was mybirthday I was pretty certain the comment was for my benefit."You know what happens when you don't assume the proper position," Bobcalmly said to Linda who was currently in the fetal position on themattress.I had no idea what would happen if she failed to get into position butit must have been pretty bad because Linda frantically got up on her handsand knees and then lowered her face to the mattress.I tried to control my body but I couldn't help but get hard when I seens*s posed like that. Even with the impending doom of the belt hanging overmy head I couldn't help but get horny. This was the first time I had seena naked girl in a very long time and even then I was too humiliated to getany enjoyment out of it.s*s was facing away from the cage so I seen no problem in having alittle fun with Jay. I grabbed a hand full of his hair and turned himaround so he could take care of my "little" problem. Before shoving hisface down to my dick I noticed that his dick was hard as well. His moralstandings might have prevented him from fucking his daughter but it wasclear at least one part of him wanted too.Jay was an extremely accomplished cock sucker and I only had to give thegentlest of pressure on his head to get him to start deep throating me. Ialmost came down Jay's throat when Bob landed the first blow with the belt.Linda let out the most adorable yelp that made my dick lurch. My dickseemed to get harder every time the belt landed and Linda screamed out. Bob was only on the 19 or 20th blow when I came.I have to admit that after my climax ended I did feel a little guiltyfor getting such pleasure from Linda's torment. Giving her 120 hits with abelt could only be considered torture in my book. Doing it so soon after aprevious whipping was totally unacceptable. Not that Bob cared what Iconsidered unacceptable.Still, I had Jay continue to suck on my dick in hopes that it might cutsome of the edge off what I was being made to watch. I just wished someonecould do the same for Linda. She was crying up a storm after the firsthit. She peed herself by the 50th hit. By the time Bob reached 75 shelooked like she was about to pass out. I think her ass went numb orsomething because from 80 to 100 she barely screamed at all.Bob stopped at 100 though. At first I thought he had lost count or wasthinking of giving her mercy. However, he had other plans."Next position," Bob ordered.It took Linda a moment to comply in her woozy condition but she managedto get up on her knees. She groaned in pain as she let her sore ass cheekssettle down on the backs of her legs and feet."I want a puppy," Linda said as she sat there trying to hide her breastswith her hands."Oh no, that ship has already sailed," Bob laughed in response. "Youhad your chance for that earlier today. If you are a good girl though Imight open that option back up to you another day."The conversation was obviously about something I was not privy too. Icouldn't tell if "puppy" was a code word for something or if she meant anactual dog. She was trying to barter with it though so it's possible Bobpunished her earlier in the day because she would not willingly ask to havesex with a dog. I was just grabbing at strings though.Whatever Linda was trying to offer, it didn't work. She started cryingeven harder as she forced herself to move her hands away from her breasts.She had barely gotten them out of range when the belt whistled through theair and landed hard against both of her tits. Her hands instinctively shotback to her breasts to protect them.She knew better though so she quickly moved them away again. This timeshe put them behind her back and locked her hands together to help keepfrom trying to protect her breasts again."That one doesn't count," Bob informed her.Linda didn't look a bit surprised so my guess is that moving her handsto her breasts like that always resulted in a penalty.I cringed each time the belt landed on her breasts and nipples. Bob washitting her almost twice as hard as I ever did while whipping her breasts.She was feeling every one of them too. Most of the hits seemed to hurt somuch that when they landed she would open her mouth but was in too muchpain to even scream. Her eyes would be wide and her mouth would be openbut the next blow was landing before she could get any sound to come out.Jay managed to keep me hard but I was too shocked by the severity of theblows to actually cum again. On the final blow Bob reared back like he wasgoing to swing hard enough to rip her tits off. However, the actuallyswing turned out to be even lighter than the ones prior. I think he wasjust trying to see if he could get Linda to flinch away and earn additionalhits.After he was done Bob just looked down at s*s and stared at her tinybreasts. The belt had made her chest such a bright red that it looked likethe blood would start oozing out of her pores at any moment.When he was finally bored at looking at her he pushed her to the sidewith his foot. I did the same with Jay when I seen Bob head toward ourcage door. I was surprised when he didn't bother cuffing me before lettingme out. With my hands and feet free I knew this was my greatest chance atescape.It's probably impossible to calculate such a thing, but if I had to puta number on it I would say I had about a 5 percent chance of escaping. Boblooked a little drunk but both David and he were much bigger than me anddefinitely better nourished. Still, 5 percent was better than zero, whichis what my odds had been in the past months.Still, I just couldn't get the balls to make a break for it. I feltlike such a pussy. Not only was this my best chance at escape but Bob wasabout to viciously whip me with a belt if I stayed. I guess I am a glassis 95 percent empty kind of guy. Instead of looking at the 5 percentchance of freedom I was considering the 95 percent chance of not making itand having life in my cage get significantly worse for the foreseeablefuture. All I could will myself to do was obey Bob's orders and crawl upon the mattress and get into my first position.s*s was still too busy crying to look my way, but I still made sure Iwas facing away from her when I put the side of my face to the mattress. This spanking was going to be bad enough without the embarrassment oflooking her in the eye.Like s*s, Bob didn't hold back when he brought the belt down on me. Jaywhipped me a lot but this was the first time Bob took a belt to me. If Igot to choose I would pick Jay any day.It wasn't just how hard Bob whipped me but the manner in which he didit. Sometimes he would land it across both cheeks and others he would bringit down on just one to ensure I felt the full power of the swing. Othertimes, however, he would angle the swing so the end of the belt would wrapdown around my ass cheek and slam against my balls. These swings were theabsolute worst pain imaginable. The end of the belt hit my nuts so hardthat it made me feel like puking.I prayed that someone was keeping count because my brain was too busydealing with the pain to worry about numbers. I'm ashamed to say that bythe time Bob stopped I was crying like a baby and begging for mercy."That was just 130, you still have 20 more," Bob informed me. "Time fora new position."I tried to stop my tears and look strong as I got up and turned theirdirection. Like s*s, I moaned in pain as I knelt and settled back on myass cheeks. This apparently wasn't the position Bob wanted me in becausehe reached out with his foot and pushed me backward. I was confused butlaid down on my back like he apparently wanted me."Tie him down," Bob told David.The two must have preplanned this part because David already had alength of twine in his hands. I was even more confused when David didn'tgo to my feet or hands. Instead, he wrapped the twine around my waisttight and tied the two ends together. I was having a really hard timetrying to figure out what he was doing until he pulled up on the twine andangled my still hard dick under it. The twine was about half way down thelength of my dick when David let go of it. With my dick now pinned downagainst my stomach I knew what Bob had planned for me."No," I begged as Bob raised the belt and took careful aim.I looked on in disbelief as the belt flew through the air and then downacross my dick and stomach. I was still screaming when he brought it downa 2nd time. The blows came down so fast that I went into one continuousscream. Bob slowly moved around me as he brought the belt down. Thisensured he hit every inch of my private parts to include a few more hits onmy balls.Thankfully, David had mercy on me and held my hands down during all ofthis. Otherwise I am positive I would have earned myself extra hits fromtrying to protect myself.When Bob finally finished and David let go of me I looked down expectingto see a bloody mess. I was certain Bob had whipped the skin off my dick.Surprisingly, everything seemed intact. Though, my dick was rather red andswollen.It was still stinging so bad that my first instinct was to grab it. Don't ask me what I planned to do once I got hold of it though. I guessthe logical thing would have been to rub it but that would just keep mehard which would prolong the pain since being hard stretched the skin.When I grabbed my dick, however, the pain got twice as bad. It was oneof those pains you felt you had to do something to sooth, but every time Itried to do that it just made it worse. It was like trying to put a fireout with a bucket of gasoline.Finally, I realized that Linda probably had the best idea, so I justcurled up on the mattress and cried. Bob joked with David for a minute atmy expense and then decided to proceed with the party. I thought for surewe were done but as it turns out we were nowhere near finished."Mount the bitch," Bob ordered.I looked back at Bob in confusion. I couldn't tell if he meant forDavid to fuck me; or him to fuck s*s; or for me to fuck s*s. David wasn'tmoving and Bob was staring at me, so I guessed he wanted me to fuck Linda.I didn't have that many good dreams these days but when they did come tome in the night they were almost always of s*s. However, I knew this fuckwould involve a lot more pain than pleasure. I was starting to wish Ihadn't used Jay's throat earlier. It would take me twice as long to cumnow.Though, if I knew then what I did now I probably still would have fuckedhis throat. It would be worth the extra pain just to knock that bastarddown another peg. This was the first time Linda had a chance to see Jaybeing used as a slave. As her father I knew this had to have had a majorimpact on him; even if he knew Linda was a little preoccupied at the time.Linda and I both groaned as we moved into position. There was nocomfortable way to do this for either of us so I decided to just take herin the missionary position. I made sure that I had her angled so when Imounted her I could look directly at Jay. The pain on his face while hewatched me pump his daughter would help make me cum faster.After thinking about it, taking her doggy style probably would have beena little less painful and would have added to Jay's humiliation even moresince she would be looking at him as well. Still, this position would morethan suffice.When I was about to line up my dick I noticed something I hadn'tearlier. The mound around her pussy was red and swollen just like my dick.The fucking sadistic asshole had made the end of the belt land on her pussyseveral times. I had seen a couple hit there but he had apparently landedat least 20 on her groin.I've never really eaten a pussy before. The thought doesn't disgust me,it's just not something I feel is appropriate for a master to do to aslave. Yet, right now I would have gladly kissed and licked Linda's cunt ifI thought it might sooth her pain. I knew it wouldn't though so I justcrawled up over her and lined my dick up with her hole.I have this little habit when I'm about to fuck a girl. I like to rubthe head of my dick up and down her slit a few times. I started doing itway back as a means to ensure the girl was wet and ready. Of course, evenif the girl isn't ready I still shove my dick up her. But at least I havean idea of how fast to go without taking the skin off my dick.While I was pretty certain Linda wasn't that wet, I decided to forgothis little procedure to save her and I at least a little discomfort. Shestill groaned in pain and gripped my shoulders hard when I forced the headof my dick in her. I could tell she was loose enough to take me now, butit was still a pretty tight fit.Up until this point, the pain had been pretty minimal for me since thebelt had only struck the head of my dick once. An inch past that, however,I found myself groaning even louder than s*s. I could hear Bob laughingand joking about our predicament. I could hear David chuckle from time totime but I could tell he was only laughing to please Bob.I don't know if it was the heat or her body or possibly salt from hersweat, but my dick seemed to sting even more as I slid into her. I knewthe friction would hurt but it just seemed to hurt way more than Iexpected.Bob wasn't yelling at us to hurry up so I took my time. However, when Iwas about half way in I suddenly felt what seemed to be liquid fire splashonto my already aching left ass cheek. The pain was extreme and it causedme to shoot forward. This only caused more pain to come from my front. Iwas buried all the way up Linda's cunt though before I could stop myself.Linda and I both let out a short scream of pain. I quickly glanced backto see what had happened to my ass. I couldn't see it all, but it lookedlike something shiny red had been thickly painted on part of my ass cheek.Even as I was trying to work out what was going on I seen something reddrop down from above me and paint the other cheek. I screamed again as theliquid fire stabbed into my ass. I looked up above me to see Bob holding alarge red candle. The fucker was pouring candle wax on me!"You can't have a birthday party without candles," Bob laughed. "Thesooner you blow your wad the sooner I'll let you blow out the candle."The next splash went between my ass cheeks and ran across my asshole. The pain was so intense that for a second I was so close to passing outthat my vision even dimmed. My dick still hurt like hell but I forcedmyself to start sliding in and out of s*s. I hoped that if I startedpumping her good that he would at least stop pouring wax on me. He didn'tthough. If anything he seemed to pour even more on me.He didn't just drip it on my sore ass either. He was dripping it almosteverywhere. He kind of worked his way up my body until he reached myshoulders and then went downward again. One of the worst was when hereached my feet. I never realized how sensitive the soles of your feetare. With all the walking we do you would think they would be practicallyinvulnerable. The pain from the wax there, however, was very extreme.I think he got tired of hearing me scream because he started working ons*s instead. Luckily for her she didn't have very many targets he couldreach. The first splash on her happened out of my sight but there was nodoubt it had happened. She let out a loud scream and her cunt squeezed mydick like a vice. This was followed by several more screams before Irealized he was pouring it on her raised feet and toes.I heard him walk away and thought he was done torturing us. He cameback though a minute later carrying the candle and a spoon. I washorrified at the thought of him trying to make us eat the hot wax. Thatisn't what the spoon was for though. With me hovering over her he justdidn't have a clear shot at her chest. So, he spooned the hot wax out ofthe top of the candle and brought it quickly below me and poured it on herchest. I have no idea how she managed to keep from passing out when he didthis. The pain had to be twice as bad as anything he had done to me.He didn't stop with just one spoon full either. He kept spooning itonto her tits until they were one big red mass of wax. As she screamed shekept looking from Bob to me for mercy. She wanted Bob to stop and knew mycumming was the only way for that to happen.After her tits were covered with wax he put the candle down for a momentand started slapping the wax off from us with a belt. The hits werenothing compared to before but they still hurt like hell. He even had mekneel back for a moment so he could use the belt a few times on Linda'schest.Once most of the wax was off from us he picked up the candle and startedall over again. He was working on Linda's tits again when I finallymanaged to cum. I felt bad for s*s but I am ashamed to admit that it washer screams of pain more than anything else that made me climax.Bob must have been bored with us because after he verified Lindaactually had cum leaking out of her, he ordered me back into my cage. Tomy surprise, he then ordered Linda to crawl in with me."She's your gift till morning," Bob informed me. "You better get asmuch use out of her as you can because it will probably be another yearbefore you get the chance again."It was all one big joke to Bob though. He knew I wouldn't make itthrough the night without fucking her at least once or twice more. He gotoff on the idea of me trying to force my sore dick up her.9.s*s and I cuddled in the cage for the longest time after David and Bobwent back upstairs. Bob kept the basement warm 24/7 so our cuddling wasn'tfor warmth. I think it just felt good for both of us to be held by someonewe cared about for a change.I got the feeling that Jay and Linda were not on the best terms becauseLinda didn't try to talk to him or encourage him to cuddle with us. I knowJay still loved her with all his heart, but I think Linda wasn't too happyto find out her uncle was also her father.As slutty as she is, you would never guess that my mom was actuallypretty religious. Like most parents she tried to force it onto us as well.It clearly never took on me but some of it had with Linda. She wasn't aborn again or anything that drastic but she knew that having sex with yourbrother or sister was a very bad thing.She may cum on my dick but you could always tell she was disgustedwhenever I forced her to have sex with me. Of course, it wouldn't havebeen half as fun if she wasn't like this. So, I could only imagine howupsetting it was for her to find out that she was the product of an i****trelationship. In time I'm sure she could come to forgive Jay and mom butthat time wasn't coming any time soon.At first I think s*s and I were too embarrassed to speak. After aboutan hour, however, we started chatting like crazy. We kept ourconversations in whispers though. My reason for the whispers was that Ifigured Bob was still listening via the hidden camera. I think Linda'sreasons centered more around not letting Jay hear us.It had been months since we spoke last. She did most of the talkingthough. I had plenty of shit that had happened to me during that time butnone of it was anything I would ever talk about to her. I did get her totalk about some of her sexual escapades though.She confirmed that she had indeed snuck into Uncle David and Joey's roomseveral times before Jay found out and brought them downstairs. She hadalso snuck out of the house three times to have sex with some of theneighborhood boys that had used her in the past.I didn't want to spoil the time we had together so I didn't harp on herfor not going to the police or asking others for help. I knew that nomatter what her answer was it would end up upsetting both her and I. So,we stuck to the safer areas of conversation.I asked her a little bit about her more recent activities upstairs butshe was very uncomfortable with speaking about it. I did find out herchain did give her access to many areas of the house. However, Bob seldomlet her go long without supervision."You owe all of this to your old man there," I said when Linda startedcrying about some of the things Bob had done to her.This comment I said loud enough for Jay to hear and he looked over atus. I could tell he was itching to debate the fault with me but didn'tdare. I decided to punish him anyway just for looking at me with such anasty expression on his face.I leaned back against the bars of our cage and then pulled Linda up soshe was sitting in my lap, facing away from me, with my dick angling up andover her stomach. She stiffened up in my arms as I positioned her likethis. Part of her fear I think was the possible pain we had felt earlier.However, it had been well over an hour and most of the soreness was leavingour bodies. So, I think she was even more scared that it might feel toogood. The last thing she wanted was for Jay to witness her cumming on mydick after so harshly judging him and mom for their i****tuous activities."What are you looking at faggot?" I told Jay. "Get down there and cleanthat mess up."There was a large pool of cum and cunt juice where Linda had beensitting just seconds prior. Jay looked down at it and then back at me withtears in his eyes. Despite his vast background, I'm sure this was going tobe one of the hardest things he had ever done. He knew that if he obeyedme that he would no doubt loose his daughter forever. He had already losther love, now he would loose what little respect she had for him as well.Despite all the things he had done to me, I actually felt a little sorryfor him. I knew this had to be done though so I didn't cancel the order.For a moment I thought he might actually disobey me. He knew he wouldend up doing it anyway, but by disobeying he could at least save some facein front of his daughter. At the same time he also knew that thepunishment would be severe. He started crying like a little baby as hemade up his decision and crawled forward and started slurping his daughterand I off the floor."Ew," I heard s*s whisper as she watched him sucking our juices up.She had sucked up similar juices in the past but I think it grossed herout more knowing that it was her father now doing it.Jay must have heard her because he blushed profusely. He didn't stopthough until the floor was spotless. He knelt up in his standard slaveposition once he was done but he couldn't bring himself to look up at ourfaces."There's more where that came from," I informed him.I don't think this command surprised him any. He just crawled over tous without saying a word. I grabbed a fist full of his hair and guided histongue and lips up and down my sore dick. It actually felt pretty soothingwith him gently licking at it.Linda stayed quiet as she watched Jay clean my dick off. Who knows whatthoughts were actually running through her head. I think one of themthough must have related to how good it would feel for daddy to lick herlove button because when it looked like he was about done with me she slidea little to the right in my lap and spread her legs further so Jay couldget easier access to her cunt.Linda tried to hold back but it wasn't long and she was making littlecooing sounds as Jay licked up and down her slit. I noticed he kept hislips tight around his tongue so he wouldn't get any more of her flavor inhis mouth than was necessary. I let him get away with this for a minutebefore I told him to ensure he got all my cum out of her.It was after this command that he finally looked up into my eyes inprotest. He quickly looked down again though when he was met with Linda'sface staring down at him. The wimp started crying again as he lowered hisface to her cunt once more and sealed his lips to it."Oh!" Linda let out when Jay applied suction to her cunt.I was glad to hear that her outburst was closer to pleasure than pain. Ieven noted she made a few very minor pelvic thrusts as her dad drank fromher cunt. This told me that she wouldn't be in too much agony as I fuckedher.I knew that any cum that had not leaked out of s*s already was probablydeep inside her. So, I made Jay suck at her cunt for a good 2 minutes. During that time I saw him take several swallows. The first swallow lookedto be of reasonable size. However, I think the rest were mainly just smallswallows of his spit and Linda's cunt juice."That's good enough," I told him. "Now line me up."I almost came when I looked down and seen the look on Jay's face. Therewas something about the sad look in his eyes that told me that I had justbroken him. I had been working on him for days now but I was still a bitdisappointed that he had broken so soon. I hoped that he would last atleast a couple months. He has been broken several times in his life thoughand I guess it just gets easier every time.Still, playing with him from this point further just wouldn't be as funnow that he has pretty much given in to his fate. Sure, he will keep mydick wet but it just won't be as exciting. Maybe I will keep him in thisstate for a month or so and then start treating him like an equal. Youknow, let him come back to reality. Then, right when he's getting his manhood back I can dunk him under again. I could make a bit of a game out ofit, see how far I can dunk him under each time. Each cycle would probablytake 6 months or more but what was time in the cage? If anything, it wouldhelp keep me entertained.s*s reached up and grabbed the bars above us. She then pulled herselfup and waited for Jay to line my dick up with her cunt. Jay's leathermitts felt very sensual as he struggled to line me up without the use ofhis fingers.Linda was getting a bit impatient as her father fumbled around with mydick. She kept trying to move her hips in order to capture my dick head asit would slide too far to the left or right across her cunt mound."Hurry up," Linda told Jay.I don't think she meant to say it out loud though because she blushedright afterward. s*s really was starting to take after her mother. Justlike mom, if you made s*s do something sexual she always acted at firstlike it was going to kill her. However, part way into it and she startedleaking more oil than Uncle David's car. Once that happened youpractically had to throw a bucket of cold water on her to get her to stop.I'm sure it was more her training taking hold than it was genetics, but itwas still fun to watch every time."Mmm," Linda moaned when she finally managed to capture my dick with hercunt.She must have had a serious itch deep insider her because it took her notime at all to sink most of the way down on my dick. I was very impressedwhen I seen 3/4ths of my dick sticking inside her. I then remembered allof her time with grandpa. Unlike me, Bob wasn't the sensitive type. Ihadn't actually seen him fuck her yet but I knew from her yells that he wasalways pounding her as deep and hard as he could.While it was a little bit of a turn on thinking about how much Bob hadstretched her out, I couldn't help but be concerned he might have donedamage to her insides. She didn't seem to be in any pain now though, so ifthere was damage I doubt it was anything life threatening.My dick felt a little raw from the belt earlier, but Linda's cunt stillfelt like heaven. She was moaning like crazy as she fucked herself up anddown on my dick. She started to get too carried away so I put my hands onher hips to slow her down. I think she was nearing a climax, because shelet out a small whine when I made her slow down.I could feel her cunt juice starting to run down my dick and across myballs. I motioned for Jay to crawl back between our legs. He may bebroken, but it didn't mean I couldn't push him under a little bit further.He started crying again so I was pretty sure I was making some additionalprogress with him. Once he got into place I grabbed his hair and pulledhis face to my balls so he could lick his daughter off me.To throw some salt on the wound I reached up and grabbed one of Linda'shands. Once I got her to let go of the bar above, I guided it to the backof Jay's head. She latched onto him right away. I let go of Jay andwatched as best as I could as Linda guided his mouth up the length of mydick until he reached her cunt.Linda and I froze mid fuck as we savored the feel of Jay's tongueslithering back and forth around our juncture. My father must have madeJay do this before because he definitely knew what he was doing. He wouldrun his tongue back and forth from the bottom of my dick all the way up toLinda's clit. The best part was when he would push his face in tightagainst us and fuck his tongue into Linda's cunt tight against the side ofmy dick.He was doing an outstanding job but you could tell he hated every minuteof it. Of course, that is what made it even better. I did notice thoughthat he continued to perform even after Linda removed her hand from hishead and grabbed the bar again.We let Jay feed at our juncture for 15 minutes at least. During thattime Linda would sometimes interrupt his efforts so she could hump up anddown on my dick a few times. I couldn't tell if she was doing this for herown pleasure of if she was just trying to give her father some fresh juiceto lick up.All good things must come to an end though. So, I used my grip onLinda's hips to get her to go back into a full humping motion on my dick.Once she started humping Jay just held his head pretty still against theside of my dick so that it would swipe against his daughter's clit eachtime she humped down on me. Needless to say, she went pretty wild once sherealized she got this little treat every time she sunk down on me. I hadto wonder how many times Jay had performed this very act while my fatherfucked his sister."Shit!" Linda cried out when her climax finally hit.You could just tell this was one of the best climaxes Linda hadexperienced. She sounded almost like an a****l as it washed over her. Right when it seemed like she had peaked she seemed to shoot up evenhigher. I think this even surprised her because she let out a stream ofpiss. I couldn't see it, but I could tell she was pissing on her father'sface as he continued to try to lick at us. I went over the edge myselfwhen I heard Jay gagging as he tried to swallow the piss."What a slut," I grunted as I shot my load up Linda's cunt.To be honest, my brain was such a whirlwind of pleasure at the time thatI don't even know for sure who I was talking too when I said it. Was Icalling s*s a slut for pissing on her father or was I calling Jay one fordrinking it? I guess it was a little of both.As Linda and I settled down she let go of the bars above her and Ipulled her back against me and held her in my arms. I gave her a lightkiss on the cheek but we didn't say anything. We just leaned back likethat and listened to Jay cry as he waited for me to take my dick out ofLinda so he could get the rest of his meal for the day.10.Bob didn't seem too happy when he came down to the basement thefollowing day. He must have watched the tape from the hidden camera andseen all the fun Linda and I had. I don't think he expected the pain fromthe belt to wear off so fast. He probably expected to see 7 hours ofvideo of Linda and I in agony as we tried to fuck each other with our soregenitals.He tried to act like he didn't have a care in the world but you couldtell that he was disappointed that his plan had failed. Little did heknow, his little plan backfiring was the least of his mistakes when he puts*s in the cage with me.Linda gave me a quick kiss on the lips after Bob handcuffed my handsaround one of the bars and started to open our cage. Linda willinglycrawled out of the cage but it wasn't fast enough for Bob and he grabbedher by the hair and pulled her out. After locking our cage and removing mycuffs he grabbed Linda by the hair again and started walking as fast as hecould. She stumbled behind him as best she could as he led her up thestairs.Bob barely got her up the steps before he started r****g her. He evenleft the basement door open so I could clearly hear him humping in and outof her. She was groaning pretty loud so I think he was taking her in theasshole dry.This lasted for only 10 minutes before he came. He shut the door afterthat but I could hear him getting the chain on Linda's ankle again. Shortly after that I heard the chain rattling around as she went about herdaily chores of cleaning and cooking.Then, about 4 hours after he had dragged s*s back upstairs, life in thecage ended for me. It ended just as fast as it had started, andironically, by the same means.The night before while I held s*s tight in my arms I whispered more thanjust sweet nothings into her ear. I told her of my hidden stash of pills.I didn't have that many d**gs in the house, but the ones I did have werenot something I would want Linda or my uncles to get their hands on. Theywere pills Mike, my doctor friend, had provided. I doubt a d**g dog wouldrecognize them but that didn't mean they were legal. There was a bottle ofsick pills; one bottle had the antidote; one bottle had an enhanced versionof a popular **** d**g; and the final, and most important bottle for ourplan, contained a strong sleep agent.You would be surprised how hard it is to find a good hiding place inyour house. I actually kept the pill bottles in several places before Ifound one that I was certain Linda wouldn't intentionally or accidentallyfind. David's main bathroom had one of those metal toilet paper holdersimbedded in the wall. Believe it or not, those metal things are held inplace by just two screws. Or at least this one was. What I did was removeit from the wall and screwed a tiny eyebolt in the wall stud just insidethe hole off to the side. I then put the pill bottles in a small clothdrawstring bag and tied the drawstring to the eyebolt. It was pretty damnlow tech but it did the job.I was pretty impressed that Linda had managed to pull our plan off sofast. She looked rather skeptical about the plan when I had told it toher. The plan was simple but did have a few risks. First she had tosmuggle a dull butter knife or something into the bathroom. She had twoadequate holes to smuggle something like that with, but with Bob constantlywatching her it was still a high risk. Plus, what would happen if hedecided to fuck one of those holes before letting her use the restroom?Bob also liked to watch her piss and shit sometimes. It wasn't oftenbut she would be fucked if he insisted on watching her shit the knife out.She got lucky this day, however, and Bob just stuck his dick in her mouthand made her drink his piss. He then turned and left the room so hewouldn't have to watch her puke if she got sick.David was at work for another 3 hours so she had a little privacy onceBob got out of site. The chain prevented the door from being shut thoughso she had to work fast once she recovered the butter knife.She said she almost pissed herself when she heard Bob walking backtoward the bathroom only 2 minutes later. She still had the toilet rollholder and the pill bottles lying on the floor and knew she was caught. She quickly grabbed two of the sleeping pills and walked out of thebathroom to meet him. Luckily, he didn't decide to go any further towardthe bathroom to look around. He also didn't notice that Linda kept herfist closed as she walked back to the living room.From there it was just a matter of time before he had her go get him afresh beer. She opened it as she walked back and in dropped the two pills.They were very strong and even uncrushed it didn't take but a few minutesfor them to dissolve enough to knock him out.Getting loose was cake since Bob kept the key for the cage and Linda'schain on a necklace he made from a thin strip of leather. Jay looked uphopefully as Linda opened the cage and I crawled out. I just smiled backat him and shut the door in his face. He looked disappointed but notoverly surprised.Even if I knew how long the d**gs worked, I had no way of knowing howmuch of it Bob had actually drank. So, I cuffed his hands as soon as I gotto his sleeping fat body. A part of me wanted to slit the fucker's throat.But, all things considered, he really didn't treat me all that bad once hegot free of the cage. So, I was pretty sure that most of the poortreatment I got from him while we were both in the cage was in order togain Jay's trust. Of course, it is possible that by the time he got freeof the cage Bob was just tired of abusing me and that is why he taperedback. Regardless, I just didn't think I had it in me to kill him. Therewas only one person in my life that I think I had the willpower to kill,but that wasn't anyone involved in this story.I almost ended up killing Bob anyway as I struggled to drag his fat assback down the basement stairs. I lost my grip toward the bottom and heslid the last 5 steps and then banged his head on the cement floor. Hedidn't hit that hard though and there wasn't any blood or even a bump onhis head.I couldn't help but laugh as I pushed him back in the cage with Jay. Itwas funny how often management restructuring seemed to happen in thishousehold. I had no ambition to hold the management position for longthough. I just needed a little time to get my head straight before I tookoff.I ended up staying in the house only a week before I left. Despite hisunwillingness to help me in days past, I knew I could still trust David tofollow orders now that I was the one in charge. So, I let him roamrelatively free for that week. Even though I wanted to choke the shit outof him, I made sure I treated Bob very well during that time. I even toldhim in advance that I would be letting him go free within a week or two.When I felt it was time to leave I bundled Jay up nice and good andstuffed him in the trunk of my car. I then gave David the key to the cagewith orders to let Bob go. Believe it or not, David was actually happyabout this. David was a well-trained slave that now craved the attentionof a master. With me gone, Bob would provide him with that attention. Bobwould treat him like shit and abuse him in many degrading and veryundignified manners.Yeah, they were a match made in heaven. David would provide the foodand beer and Bob would provide the treatment both David and Joey had becomeaccustomed too.Jay, well he had a completely different future in front of him. Idecided I would give him the one thing he wanted most in this world. I wasgoing to reunite him with his sister.