my online friend and our journey into a switch subthis story starts with my growing obsession about introducing a man to the pleasures his body can give him. Freeing him from things a stereotypical male should and should not like. Its my belief that the adult human body is there to be enjoyed and between consenting adults explored together respectfully and boundaries gently and safely tested.We met online and we chatted nicely about turn ons and turn offs shared links to movies we liked and chatted about how open we were to trying new our online relationship developed so did my curiosity as whether this hot blooded quite dominant rugby male male really meant what he said about loving sex and all the pleasures it could give him. Or whether what he really meant was .... i will say anything to you just to get you into a hotel room and fuck you all night ...... ... so i made a deal on canlı bahis the umpteenth time he asked if we could meet.......we can meet in a hotel but for two nights ..... the first night is mine, i will plan it, i will do what i want to do and you will not only accept it but embrace it, You will be given a safe word and at anytime you may use it, but should you utter it once the whole deal is off and you will dress and leave the hotel immediately. thereby forfeiting the second night, we will sign a contract for this ........ he agreed and the date was set.... he booked us a nice hotel, half way between our homes and we agreed a time to meet in the hotel bar... the only clue he was given other than the basics that we already knew such as body size/build and age was to look out for a woman entering the hotel bar that looked like she was naughty..and was going to give him the best fuck he had ever had. bahis siteleri we also agreed that we would text each other on the journey and exchanged numbers.....when he saw who he thought the woman was then he was allowed to ring and see if he was correct by listening for her fone to go off.MY fone went off the minute i entered the bar, i smiled to myself and turned to see this big strapping six footer smiling back at the bar, I strode over, pecked his cheek and said sorry im late darling traffic was horrendous, get me a jd and coke and i will find us a table.I chose a table in a quiet little alcove and positioned myself with my back to the room leaving the forward facing seat for him as he carried the drinks over i took out two copys of the contract i ............................ agree to submit myself to the sexual pleasure offered to me by .................... from the date time ................ güvenilir bahis until the date time i trust this person will treat me respectfully even lovingly and help me gently explore areas that i may feel uncomfortable with even a little scared.If at anytime i start to feel uncomfortable i may say the word yellow ... this will open a discussion up as to why i feel uncomfortable and i may take some reassurance from thisif at anytime i want this experience to stop i will say red and get dressed and leave never to resume this relationship in any form whatsoever again.without the words yellow or red spoken...... it is assumed no matter what i say or do that this is consensual and i agree to itsigned datewitnessedWatching his eyebrows rise quizzically as he read the contract and a little bemused smile cross his face, Are you happy with the contract? do you understand it? have you got any questions at all? you now have met me you know what i look like and what is expected of you, you can walk away now with no hard feelings and say it isnt for you and i would never question it.his answer ............... wheres the pen?