its about timeits the time of season of October and its two days from Halloween . i decide to make a road trip to go and meet a woman that I been talking to for nearly a year .its been mostly just talk about meeting up . a week ago she sent me a e mail telling me that she is craveing me and she feels its time to meet .I cant beleave I got that e mail even thoe I wasn't shure how to take it because she is a married I guess I am just gonna go with the flow .its now 8 pm and I get a nether e mail from her that she has everything taken care of I have no need to worrie about anything .so I couldn't help and ask but what about your hubby . she replys to me its coverd don't worrie.. ok I wont worrie .that following morning I get on plane and fly out to her .and the whole time even thoe I should be scared or nervous I was in the state where I was just excited to meet up with her even thoe in the back of my mind I cant help but remember our conversations and they been petty graphic .very sexual and pretty rough with our minds. I fly into the airport and when I get out and I am in the port I noticed there she was .looking amazing and glowing as an angel to me. wow she beautiful and that smile of hers is just breathtaken. she walks up to me and gives me a vey big hug as I can smell the pink Friday on her I could not help but be aroused buy it .so I new I had to keep my excitement to my self . but just as I was about to release my arms from around her .she gently grabs my ass and give me a smile with a wink .oh boy here we go the ice has been canlı bahis broken lol so we head back to her place for some reason and I can smell food as if there was a bbq and we head to the back yard and her husband is standing there cooking at the grill .oh shit ummm .I wasn't shure what to think about that but he was pretty cool. came up to me to shake my hand and she was right I had nothing to worrie about . so I sat down to drink a cold beer with them and we all just talk and other people came over too witch I thought was cool then we had dinner and I had eaten pretty good ,and while we are all out side in the back I was drinking my beer and I keep looking at her but I didn't want to do it to much because I didn't want the hubby to get any ideas .but I just could not stop looking at her .she was sitting there smiling with a glistering smile sexy as legs, perfect lips, and I could not help but think god I love to taste her lips . and every now and then she would tease me (like look at me and lick her lips and open her legs .mmmm just to tease me this is getting a little to exciting for me,, even thoe I new she was sparking my hunger to feed off of her even more, teaseing me . winking at me. licking her lips at me..fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk how is this gonna work I want to take her like now as I new she wanted the same thing . but fuck the hubby is here....time passes by but with the teaseings back and forth all I could wonder is how bad I want to touch her body . kiss her body . taste her body take her body...(now its almost midnight and the hubby bahis siteleri walks up to her and tells her he has to give everyone a ride home and while he was gone to show me around the house to make my self comforble . so she does as she was told and we walk into the house and she shows me each room and she takes me to the guest room where I will be staying and,, I shit you not she closed the door and pushed me against the wall and she begins to kiss me telling she thought he would never leave ..she is kissing me practly riping off my shirt as I am doing the same I am un doing her pants as she is unzipping mine and our pants both drop and I grab her twist her around aginst the wall I lift up her leg .push her hands aginst the wall and and I can feel the heat and wetness of her pussy pushed aginst the head of my cock and she looks at me in my eye and tells me to fuck her right there and mmmmmmm I do , I take her right there slaming my cock deep into her and I feel just how intense it is getting she is scratching my back biteing my lip she is grinding aginst me as well . I wrap both her legs around me carry her to the bed and lay her down looking into her eyes ,I grab both legs and pull them up to her sholders and I begin to power fuck her as she is getting louder and weter I cant beleave this is really happening god she feel so fucking good .she puts her hand on the back of my neck look at me and tell me to devour that pussy mmmm fuck yea and I go just as deep and hard and fast as she can handel it ,then she unwraps her legs twist güvenilir bahis me around she is now on top to ride me . take it deep and hard as I look up at her with my hand on her breast and looks back down on me grabs my hand to hold them down then she begins to ride me as hard as she can I can feel her slam her self repeatly on me . i can feel her hand scratching my chest , as it got more intence between us then she wanted me to doggy style her so I put her in doggy style feeling the wetness and the warmness of her passion and push my self deeply into her as I here her moan, grabing on the sheets and she feels me running my tounge up her spine to the back of her head .she begings to bounce her self on me as I begine to go faster and harder she moans louder telling me she is about to cum I tell her to tell me when is going to and I pull on her hair as hard as she craves It i can feel her getting tighter and wetter she tells me she is about to cum .I get off my knees i get on my feet so I can hit her g spot and I power fuck her so fucking hard when she cums she squirts and her pussy get so tight with pulsing throbs I was gonna cum as well she looks back at me and tell me to cum deep into her and I keep fucking hard and fast and harder and faster and im about to cum .she is screaming in pleasure and I cum so hard I hit her g spot repeatly with my cum that I made her squirt twice right there .omfg it was so amazing breathing sweating together waiting so long to have this moment not thinking it would be this powerful mmmmmm I am still inside her as she feels my cock throb and I kiss the middle of her sholders.and we just layed there like wow that was amazing . she turns over to kiss me and she looks my into my eyes and tell me with a smile on her face ...its about time