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Wife was so happy and pleased after the phone call, we made love for over an hour. We discussed what would be the best time to tell our 5 c***dren (3 already have left, one is away at university) and friends, our c***dren knew about their mom's desire to have a black baby. We decided to just leave it for now, make sure the pregnancy goes well. Day 6 my wife woke up, felt she was going to be sick, told me to be a dear husband, please bring her water and mouthwash. She went sprinting outside, dancing and singing, then threw up. This was our routine for a few more days. I laughed at her, told her I've never seen anyone so thrilled to throw up everyday! Visited the doctor, he used a blood test to confirm her pregnancy. When we left his office she was absolutely beaming, said she wanted to take her clothes off right there on the sidewalk, dance and sing to let the whole world know about her coming black baby! Fortunately, she waited till she was home, stepped out of the car, said it's 2 hours before our 15 year old daughter comes home from school and she wants to frolic around outside in the nude. She removed her clothes, gave them to me, disappeared towards the back of our property, I heard her singing though, some splashes, laughing as she swam in our pond. 30 minutes later I walk to our pond, she was sunning herself, gestured for me to come over. I offered to get her a blanket, she would like that. Came back with a blanket, some sun tan lotion and water. She lied on her back, rubbed her belly and said she doesn't know what us guys see in her as the stubborn extra 10lbs around her waist jiggled. I told her she's a gorgeous, voluptuous "real mature woman", that's what guys really like. She smiled said we're still nuts, but she'll take her black baby!!! I told her I'll look after her as she's 48, so no lifting, I want this pregnancy to be healthy for her to deliver a strong, healthy baby. 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I wake up at 1:15 notice my wife is still awake, we talk, both agree Arthur is a good man, class act. I look at my wife tell her I knew she'd be able to tell if a black man was a great guy who she'd let him impregnate her, asked her if she wanted to go and be with Arthur, she said she's tired, but would love to make love with him several times while he's here, I said fine, go for it!!Wife and I showered in the morning, wife went to put her clothes on, stopped looked at me and said, let me show him my pregnant body, no clothes today!! We went downstairs in the nude and prepared some pancakes, heard Arthur starting to come down the stairs. He saw us naked, my wife spun around to showcase her pregnant belly and big swinging breasts and asked him to be naked as well.He came down, removed his housecoat, he was naked, his penis hung down about 4". My wife looked at him, beamed, did numerous sexy poses, like turning sideways, highlighting her pregnant belly, rubbing it and saying your big balls put this beautiful baby inside me! What do you think? Still think this 50 year old plump white lady looks sexy? Can you resist my big breasts as they've grown even more to feed our baby in just 4 more months when he comes out into this world? It only took a minute, but Arthur's penis grew from 4" to 10" and swelled its girth, when he walked over to my wife it swung from side to side. Wife stared at it, rubbed her pregnant belly with his baby, she clearly approved! Came over to my wife, placed his hands on her growing belly, knelt down and kissed her belly. She hugged him, wow, he was really tall, he's about 6'6", my wife is only 5'3". He didn't have his penis piercings in, but his penis hangs 10" down and he told me he stretched his ball sack over 2 years to be 6" long, impressive. We ate and talked. 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She said he won't let her do anything to him, no massage, anything, he just wants to please my wife and let her know how special she is to carry his c***d.I went back at 5:00 to see if they wanted me to bring dinner. Wife was exhausted, sweating, breathing heavily but beaming from ear to ear. She said no, she's had it, lost count of how many times she came, it's now 5 full body massages, 4 foot massages, 6 sperm deposits and 2 baby massages, gently rubbing and lightly massaging her growing belly. She couldn't stop glowing, exhausted, but glowing. Next day it was the same. My wife said she's been impregnated by only two men, 5 babies with me and now 1 with Arthur, but she's picked the nicest 2 men in the world. Wife slept in until 12:00 noon on Monday, so exhausted from the weekend.Going forward. My wife had a healthy baby black boy! He's a angel, no problems. Wife screamed a lot during delivery, but as she said hey, I was 48 and 11 months old, pretty good for an old lady!!! Natural c***dbirth, no complications. Arthur was involved and we enjoyed his company.When Etienne was 6 months old my wife was back to having periods again. She was thrilled her womb was still fertile. Wife and I were talking in bed one night, she asked me how I'd feel if she had one more black baby? I said her delivery was rough, sure you'd like to go through that again? She wasn't sure, but really loved having Etienne and knew her fertility was fast running out. We had Arthur over for a weekend when my wife was due to start ovulating. She started that Friday morning, we picked him up from the airport Friday afternoon. Made arrangements for our youngest to be away that weekend. Over dinner I brought the subject up with Arthur, he choked up, thought it was great having his 5th baby with such a gorgeous white woman to be raised in such a great house. Wife said she's not gorgeous, she has another 3lbs in her waist, can't get rid of. Arthur held her hand, looked her straight in the eye, said she's absolutely gorgeous, only woman better looking was his late wife, my wife choked up. He said my wife's "little extra" weight makes her a super sexy, curvy, mature woman, totally voluptuous, fantastic big and natural breasts, huge very desirable pussy lips, nothing wrong with her. He said he's blessed to have her be the mother of his baby, and at 70 to ask him if he'd father another baby with her was such a compliment!!! He said of course I'll impregnate you again, she smiled said I'm ovulating now, so let's go to bed and get started!My wife and Arthur retired to his guest bedroom. In the morning everyone was a bit unusual, so I asked is there something wrong? Wife said Arthur told her in bed he'll treat her like a goddess, for her to bear another baby he'll be super gentle, kind, whatever she wants, just ask. He gave her a massage, she pulled his foreskin back, lick and sucked his penis head, drove him crazy. He then teased her by rubbing his penis head between her pussy lips, clit and vaginal opening. She came a couple times. He entered her, they tenderly kissed, moved their hips a bit. After 30 minutes Arthur asked my wife what was wrong, he sensed she was tense. She said Etienne's delivery was brutal on her, not certain if she wants to go through that again. He pulled out, hugged her, lied beside her and said lets sleep on it, nothing will happen to you that you don't want to happen. She kissed him and thanked him for his understanding. She chuckled, laughed a bit then looked at Arthur and said, you were inside me for 30 minutes, know you oozed some sperm out of your penis, who knows I might already be pregnant! Both of them laughed, she said seeing as I already have your sperm, how about you slide inside, we can talk and kiss, see if I become comfortable with you impregnating me. Arthur grinned ear to ear, sure, I'd like that, wife opened her legs. Arthur assured her he wouldn't deposit some sperm unless she tells him too, wife told him he's so kind and gentle, so glad he fathered her black baby!Arthur slid inside, they slowly and deeply tongue kissed each other, talked freely. Both repeatedly laughed, so much so that Arthur's penis was moving up and down inside her, wife made fun of her belly jiggling and how can he find her so sexy. After about 45 minutes Arthur is concerned if he can stay inside and not deposit a load of sperm. Wife asks him to pull out, he's between her legs fully erect, all 11" of it, her heart skips a beat just looking at it as his penis' head, shaft and ball sack are glistening with his and her fluids, she's had a couple of orgasms already. His penis twitching, sperm hanging from its head, she gasps. Wife reaches down, with her fingers collects his oozing sperm, rubs it inside her vagina. She reaches inside her vagina, her eyes bug out, she says I'm completely lubricated with your sperm, you've been oozing so much!! She grins and winks at him, tells Arthur to slide back inside, he says I don't know about how long I can last, she says if it happens, it happens, please slide in. He's inside, they laugh, kiss tease each other, nibble on each others nose, ears etc. Arthur bites his lip, I don't know if I can last. Wife says to stay inside, tickles him, his penis is now moving all over inside her. They start to tenderly kiss each other, Arthur breaths heavily says he's trying to control himself and not make a sperm deposit. Wife quickly rotates her hips, laughs at him, does it again, he's saying he won't last for more of those. She stops, they kiss, slowly, deeply, she slides her nails up and down his back. She looks at the clock, is amazed he's been inside for 2 hours now, without firing his load. Asks him to pull out, collects his oozing sperm from his penis head, rubs it deep inside her vagina. They both laugh hysterically, she says I'll tempt fate!!My wife jumps out of bed, dances around the bedroom, teasing Arthur, sexy poses, squeezing her ample breasts, making sure they swing in the air, highlights her big pussy lips, this drives Arthur wild, she notices his penis keeps twitching, he can't stop it. She says I have lots of your sperm inside me now, you've been oozing so much, could already be pregnant, gives him a sexy, sultry grin. She stands straight up, arches herself backwards highlighting her ample breasts as they push out in front of her. Stands up straight, she rubs her belly, those stubborn extra 7lbs or so jiggle, she says you still find me sexy? Turns sideways, squeezes the side of her butt cheeks, asks Arthur even with these few extra pounds you still find me sexy? He looks at her and says with his fully erect 10-11" penis staring directly at my wife that she's the most gorgeous woman he knows, he's thrilled to have fathered her 6th baby, if she wants him to father her 7th baby tonight, he'd be proud and privileged to impregnate such a pleasant, loving, kind, considerate and drop dead gorgeous woman!! I'd love to make your big breasts even bigger to feed your 7th baby, but only if you want!She comes back to their bed, lies on her back, opens her legs. Not sure if I want to endure horrific delivery pains, after all, I'd be 51 when the baby is born, but having another beautiful black baby would be a dream come true, I may not have many more periods either, my womb is shutting down. She gestures for Arthur to move between her opened legs.She tells him to slide back inside, he says he doesn't know, he's ready to unload. She kisses him, says come back inside, he slides in, she says to relax, if he fertilizes her waiting egg then it happens. To have such a wonderful, loving and kind man with an impressive 11" penis willing to father her 7th c***d with this 50 year old plump woman is the most amazing compliment he could give her! She tells him to make sure he's totally inside, balls deep, he gets nervous about coming, starts breathing hard to control himself. Wife holds his face in her hands, stares into his eyes, quietly telling him to explode in her, without actually saying güvenilir bahis it. Arthur says he must pull out, she says no, keeps staring at him. They kiss tenderly, she uses her vaginal muscles and slowly moves them, he starts saying he needs to pull out. She says no, moves his face away from hers, smiles and stares into his eyes. His penis starts twitching, his penis head grows, she grins from ear to ear. Arthur's penis starts jumping in her, he's breathing heavily, trying not to explode. She laughs, quickly moves her hips in a quick rotation. He explodes inside her, Arthur starts shaking, wife says it's okay, I'm still not sure if I want to get pregnant, but I made you come, so pump me as hard as you can for the next hour, she sets the alarm. He started pumping, They made love like two jack rabbits in heat, he made 5 more sperm deposits. When the alarm goes off she tells him to stay inside, smiles sultrily and says he's a breeding machine, WOW, 6 deposits in an hour!! She rotates her hips, they kiss tenderly, slowly and deeply, he couldn't last, made another deposit, he apologized, wife said not too, she wanted his sperm. Arthur pulled out, said he's sorry for coming, she said it was her decision, if she gets pregnant, she gets pregnant, it's her doing, don't worry about it! She said let's see how I feel in the morning about taking any more sperm, kisses him, thanks him for being so kind and gentle. She rubs her belly saying I wonder if there's a baby starting, if there is, it was conceived in love!! Kisses him again, pulls him onto her, pulls him inside, they kiss for another 30 minutes, she asked if he wanted to make another deposit? He said only if you want it, she says sure, he came immediately, was super excited! They fall to sleep. They wake up, wife says she's nervous, Arthur says only if you want a baby. She says, it was her doing, he's great, don't worry, if there's a baby in this old belly, I'll be fine. She said again, what you see in this 50 year old woman is beyond me, he tells her she's gorgeous, she says I'll take those compliments and your baby if it's inside me!!! They left, butt naked, for the pond after breakfast, I said I'll bring them lunch. When I approached he was giving my wife a back massage, they were talking. Wife said she's still nervous, not certain, and that Arthur has been a complete gentleman, they haven't made love yet. Didn't make love all day at the pond, Arthur and my wife slept together Saturday night, wife was still too nervous. Arthur left on Sunday night. Wife felt bad, Arthur told her not to, he meant what he said, if she's not comfortable, nothing will happen.Wife didn't have a period next month, then the next, then a third month. She was nervous, went to the doctor, no pregnancy, he said you're starting to go through menopause. Now my wife is 50 years old and 4 months. She's excited on a Wednesday night, says she's just about to ovulate, knows the feeling, by Friday she'll be ovulating. May be her last chance at a 7th and her 2nd black baby. I tell her to go for it, call Arthur. Arthur cancels his weekend plans, flies in Friday afternoon, we make arrangements for our 16 year old daughter to be away. We have dinner Friday night, wife says she's ovulating, her mucous is coming out, they leave for upstairs. I tell them I'll do all the cooking, anything you need just ask, both of you relax, enjoy each other and on the comical side I tell Arthur to give her a bun in her oven. Wife stands up, rubs her belly, looks disgusted at the jiggle, Arthur tells her she's gorgeous, she rubs her belly again and says okay you crazy guys who like a plump, old woman, let's put a "bun in my oven"!!! Can't wait any longer as I'll be 51 when I deliver my precious 2nd beautiful black baby! She runs upstairs. Arthur follows.Wife said he treated her with class, massages, teased her, then slid inside. They kissed, he felt his penis head start to expand to explode, wife became tense. Arthur pulled out, wife asked how come he didn't breed her? He said you're nervous again, she admitted she is. He told her, only if you want me to impregnate you will I make numerous sperm deposits. She kissed him, thanked him for his understanding, they feel asleep in each others arms.Wife woke up at 2:00am, Arthur was lying on his back, no covers on, he had a full 11" massive erection. She slid her nails up and down his uncut penis shaft, his penis twitched, she pulled his foreskin apart, licked and kissed his penis head. Arthur woke up, wife turned the light on, looked into his eyes and said she wants his baby!! She lied down, opened her legs. Arthur mounted her, she came instantly, he pumped her, they moved their hips, he could tell she was really into it. They made love like two jack rabbits, until 5:00am, Arthur made 3 large sperm deposits. Wife told him he's an incredible breeding machine, not too shabby for a 71 year old! They laughed, she smiled at him saying she definitely wants his baby and can tell her waiting egg is already swimming in a sea of his sperm. They fell asleep in each others arms. They woke up at 9:30am. I served them breakfast, the were going to spend the day at the pond, wife stood up, had her glow again, said she'll endure the painful delivery, it's worth having her 2nd beautiful black baby. She rubbed her belly and said she can feel she's already pregnant, just knows it and it feels great! But, let's make sure big boy (looking at Arthur) I want many more sperm deposits mister!!Arthur stayed the whole next week, we made arrangements for our 16 year old daughter. Arthur went home on Friday, wife said he made over their 7 days together at least 80 sperm deposits, she said he had extra stamina, treated her like a goddess, so gentle, kind, considerate, fantastic man to have her 6th and 7th baby with.Shortly after my wife was thrilled to have morning sickness again. She ran outside jumping, dancing, singing, unbelievable how someone could be so happy to vomit every morning. But she was! Every time she looked at Etienne, she almost cried feeling how great it will be to give him a sibling! Arthur was ecstatic when told of my wife's pregnancy. My wife was as well, she kept saying how can a 50 year old, plump woman be attractive to such an amazing black man so he'd want to impregnate her? At 3 months she started to show, Arthur came to visit, he tenderly felt and kissed her belly, was overcome with her carrying their baby. Visited the lawyers office, he signed over parental rights to me, gave us another $250,000 check. Arthur and my wife made love like jack rabbits again over the weekend.When my wife was 5 months pregnant she was beaming carrying Etienne around and his sibling inside her! Received a call one night from one of Arthur's c***dren, Arthur died from a massive heart attack that morning. When I walked into the room where my wife was, she took one look at me while playing with Etienne and asked what's wrong. I told her. She came over, hugged me, started to cry. She lifted her maternity top up exposing her growing belly, said she's glad she's carrying his baby and will cherish little Etienne and his sibling even more.Her delivery was rough, screamed and screamed, but was able to endure and have a natural birth. Pretty good for a 51 year old gorgeous woman. Between Etienne and his sister she's carrying another 10lbs on top of the 10lbs she couldn't get rid of before. She'd stand in front on me completely naked and rub her belly, frustrated because she couldn't lose the 15-20lbs she wanted. But did several sexy poses, gave me a sultry look and said I still don't understand what Arthur and you see in my plump body, but clearly you can't resist my curves so I'll be ecstatic receiving as many deposits of sperm you want to give me! I hugged her, told her she's absolutely the most gorgeous, curvy, mature woman I know, who happens to be my wife! Don't you forget it! And Arthur felt the same because it's true!! She did a sexy pose, highlighted her assets, big breasts, curvy hips, large pussy lips, hairy bush, even the veins showing in her breasts and said "not bad for a 51 year old who just delivered her 7th baby!! We made love every day, from then on, she could no longer get pregnant, but she'd look at Etienne and Mikayla and felt super blessed to have a husband who thought she's still the most drop dead gorgeous woman on the planet!Sitting at our pond with our 7 k**s and Arthur's 4 other grown c***dren and grandc***dren a couple years after Mikayla's birth we all realized how fortunate we all were!!!!