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He told me his name he kissed my hand. then told me when my girlfriend was sleep to come downstairs and to call him at a number and he would show me a good time. I felt good, I was enjoying what he was saying to me but I had to be fateful. I took the number and walked back into the room. They both watched me as a slowly walked back into the room and closed the door. She asked who was at the door I told her, and she told me to take off my clothes and lay down. When I laid down my pussy was wet and she noticed it. She licked me and fingered me so good, I was in a dazed thinking about if I let one of those guys fuck me, I came so fast, I grabbed her head squeezed my legs around her head and came in her mouth. We then went to dinner where it was beautiful and I ate well. Yes no complaints at all. Later that night we went to the pool it is open all night. The beach was closed but you can still walk on beach. It was so relaxing. The next morning we went to breakfast I saw the same guy his name is Devon. About 6 foot 2 not muscular but you can tell he has a nice body. He smiled at me canlı bahis and blew a kiss at me. I smiled and kept walking. We had drinks at breakfast some wine and at lunch we had Rum punch it has that hidden taste and she drank too much and she took me upstairs I help take off her clothes and she started to kiss me and feel on me. Sucking on my tits and rubbing my ass but she feel asleep. I knew she couldn't drink that much but she wanted to prove me wrong.She was sleep and I went down to the pool by myself with my towel my book and shades. It was dark but not late a couple of guys were talking to me while I was in the pool. We talked about clubs to go to and drinks. They wanted to take me out that night. I told them maybe another night seeing I was to be there for 5 days. This was only the second night. I had time to party. One of the guys tried extremely hard to get me to show him my tattoo on my lower back. That's when Devon walk up looking like his dick was leading the way to me. I told the guys I was talking to I will be back, Devon stood by the pool with a towel in his hands spread open for me. I guess that meant my time was up. I got out he wrapped the towel around me but not before taking a good look at my body. He asked me in a strong accent Why I was letting those boys talk to me when a real man was waiting on me. He took my hand and lead me to this area where the staff goes to take breaks no one was there just him and I. He was so aggressive but smooth. He sat me down on the couch and gave me a joint and he lit the lighter. I smoked it. It had a nice taste. I passed it to him and he pulled in the joint and looked at me. He asked me where my Girlfriend was. He said it with discuss on his face and voice. I asked him why he said it like that. 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So the next morning I was up dressed and headed to the beach and she was dragging from the drunk stooper she was in. I told her I will meet her down on the beach. We met took a cab to the shops in the local area. Had the local food and she once again got drunk. I left took a cab back to the hotel. I hate when she drinks. She told me she will hang out there until later so I went back to the hotel with all the stuff we bought. The first person I saw was Devon. My pussy twitched when I saw him. I know she would be at the bar until the evening plus she will call so I can pay for the cab. Sooooooooo, I told Devon I was at the hotel alone and I was bored. I told him I'm going to my room. His dick imprint was showing and I wanted more. I told him I needed to talk, but I really just wanted him. He came up about 15 mins later knocking on the door. I complained about my girlfriend drinking. He gave me a joint and we smoked on the balcony. 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