MORE URINAL ENCOUNTERS1-At the gym the other day a guy came out of the shower towelling his hair and I got a really good look at his fat uncut dick. He was a really white guy, no tan but his dick was beat red. Either he was jerking off in the shower or the water was really hot, lol, but then wouldn't the rest of him have been red too? 2-Today at the mall a guy came into the bathroom and stood beside me. He had a wonderful long uncut cock. About average in girth but bloody impressive. He pulled back his foreskin and pissed away and when he was done he flicked his foreskin back and forth over his knob several times. Jeez, I was starting to get a boner. Sadly he didn't stick around. He zipped up and left leaving me holding my semi at the urinal. 3-Valentine's Day, 2011: I followed a guy into the washroom. He was nicely dressed, suit, tie and black topcoat. He was on my right and I could see the tip of his pecker pointing into the urinal. I was holding my dick with my left hand so he wouldn't see it. I started talking to him about the mall and the weather etc and after a few peeks in the direction of his cock and I could see him peeking at mine, I got to see more of his dick as he was pulling and shaking it. Thus, I switched hands and opened up and sure enough he looked openly at my cock as I did to his. There was a guy in the shitter so we could only talk about non-cock things. This went on for say 3 minutes and after all that pulling and stretching we both had semi-erections. He had a very nice cut dick, maybe 6" long and while it wasn't fat, it was nicely thick. Fuck, did I enjoy watching him play with his dick and getting hard. It was FN awesome. Finally, I thought too much time had passed and the guy in the shitter might get suspicious so I turned towards him and reached out towards his cock to see if he'd let me touch him. He put his cock in my hand and reached over and grabbed my cock. Jeez, I was in heaven, we stroked each other for maybe 20 seconds or so and I whispered very low "nice" and he also whispered "you too". Then we zipped up and washed up and left. 4-At the mall washroom, I stood at the 1st urinal and a guy was at the sinks. I pulled out my cock and held it with my left hand. He then came over and stood at the 3rd urinal. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that he was not pissing so I boldly looked over briefly and then back again. He was sort of flicking his dick up and down and then he looked over at me. There were guys in the shitters so we did not speak. So I changed holding my dick to the right hand and sure enough he canlı bahis looked over at my dick. We looked at each other. He was about 40, clean shaven, good looking guy. He started stroking his dick, pulling his foreskin back and forth. He cock was about average size and had a nice smooth shiny knob. So we were both stroking away, looking at each other cocks and getting on some serious wood, when we hear a noise from one the shitter doors. I looked over at him and zipped up and he zipped up too and we both washed up. I left the washroom first and waited outside for him. When he did, I asked him "are you going downstairs". He replied "What's downstairs"? I said "I can watch you jerk off". So he followed me downstairs and because there were guys in the shitters, we were quiet.We stood side by side at adjoining urinals and we each pulled out our cocks. He got hard very quickly and stroked his cock with his fingers verses a fist motion. It didn't take long, maybe 2 or 3 minutes and he started to pant and cum. He had a very nice load, not huge but very nice indeed. He squeezed out all the cum with his right hand and then squeezed some onto his fingers and maybe he was going to eat it but I didn't see as just then a guy came in so I zipped up and went to the sinks. As I'm washing up he joins me and I look over at him, he looks at me and I give him a big shit-eating grin and whisper "thank you". He nods and gives me a big smile. 5-Last Friday I went to the food court's washroom. There are 4 urinals. There are no dividers Three guys are standing next to each other. I go to the empty urinal